Saturday, August 16, 2014

Morning Walks where Sadie Loves Best!

This is the vew of my beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains this morning.

We headed up to the mountains yesterday afternoon around 4pm ---and you should have seen how excited Sadie was to go for this car ride.


She knows when bags go in the car and the cooler goes in the back that we are headed to her favorite place, as well as mine.

We are mountain girls, the two of us, and there are trails waiting to be explored, and woods to walk through, and smells to smell ---

It was too late for a hike by the time dinner was done.  We did a walk up and down our road in the near darkness….


Blue Ridge Mountains by the glow of the citronella candle!

Just rocking on the front porch as the night got darker brought about such a comforting peace!

No stitching happened last night.  It was barely all I could do to keep my eyes open.  I actually sat there in front of the TV in some kind of dazed stupor watching a couple episodes of Leverage on Netflix.  LOVE that show!  Such fun and quirky characters and the plots are so intriguing.  Check it out if you haven’t had a chance.

After a good long sleep, we were up and ready to go with the sun this morning.


Hiking boots on!

Yes, I was in such a hurry to get here that I forgot to pack my running shoes.  Note to self.  LEAVE a pair up here!


Hiking boots and roll up capris may not be the best fashion statement, but we don’t care!


Sadie in her element!

You can feel the seasons getting ready to change.  The morning was blissfully cool, but it is headed up to 90 today and I know I’ll be holing up in the basement sewing nook to the hum of my machine.


Busy Bag Tutorial! Click HERE!

Here’s a freebie goodie for you!  Make your own Busy Bag!  Perfect for traveling with hexies or other small take-along projects.  Use the heavy duty freezer bags and they should last quite a while!

Wouldn’t this be cute with string piecing or orphan blocks as the cover?  If you make one, send me a photo I’d love to share it!

Have a great day, everyone!

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  1. Bonnie, we are quilters and the first rule is that fashion stops at the ankles, so you are just fine. Enjoy the quiet and the peace of not having to run hither and yon for a couple of days.
    You have earned it!
    Anna in IL

  2. Glad you are enjoy some days with family, good food, sweet Sadie and your sewing machine. Really the way to recharge with that lovely view.

  3. thanks for the freebie I'm gonna start one today I need this for my hexie travel kit. But think i'll make some for my grandkids for Christmas filled with some goodies.

    thanks bonnie!

  4. Yes--Fall is a-comin'! The mums replaced the sad looking petunias at the store yesterday and the fiberglass poles were being attached to the hydrants for easy marking during snow drifts. Sheesh! I haven't even found homes for all my zucchini and the corn isn't ripe yet! Enjoy the mountains! Last year at this time we were headed to Alaska--remember? Janet in WA

  5. Our Sadie Anne also knows when she gets in the car that we're traveling to one of her most favorite spots. She loves the different "smells" there and sometimes it's hard to get her back in the car to come home! Thanks for the pattern ~ might just have to give that a try with a couple of "orphan" blocks I have kicking around. Enjoy your mountain stay ... you deserve it!

  6. Anonymous4:17 PM EDT

    Love the Busy Bag idea...but what about making your own sturdy inner pockets with clear vinyl & a zipper? Or half vinyl/half fabric? Or a peek-a-boo vinyl panel in fabric? Lots of possibilities.

  7. Anonymous4:35 PM EDT

    I made a slightly larger busy bag ages ago using a reversible placemat and those zipper pencil cases that hooked into the 3-ring binders. Attach some handles and a bit of Velcro to keep it closed and away you go!

  8. So glad you are getting some family time. We had 2 dogs like that. Tiffany and Patch would be sleeping and as soon as we turned off the highway headed to the lake they would be up and watching the road..

  9. Love the mountains and the peace it brings. We have a place in Glade Valley and it is wonderful! Enjoy your stay.

  10. We made similar sewing kits in our quilt group over 15 years ago, and mine is still doing quite well, though some of the closures are not holding. They didn't have the handles though and I'm thinking of making a new one, Helen


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