Saturday, August 09, 2014

Kaffe Fassett Exhibit!

The American Museum in Bath is a great spot…even for those of us from America who didn’t really want to be seeing AMERICAN OLD STUFF on our tour of ENGLAND!

This was a bonus for me.  I don’t sew with a lot of “Kaffe”  or really from any one particular designer.  I love them ALL!

I want my quilts to be recognizable as mine…..not have someone look at them and say “oh that’s a Kaffe quilt”  NO…it’s a BONNIE quilt, which means I have used Kaffe fabric, but not solely Kaffe fabric and you’d really have to look hard to distinguish it from all the other fabrics in my mix…but this was fun!

This photo is Brenda and I posing in front of the wall outside of the entrance to the exhibit hall.


Yarn Bombed Lamp Post!

But believe me, you will know you are in the right place the moment you get CLOSE to the entrance to the museum…the lamp posts AND the trees have been completely yarn and fabric bombed!




The bells are flower pots covered in Kaffe’s fabric hung upside down along with yarn pompoms!


Can you please direct me to the Kaffee Fassett Exhibit? I can’t seem to find it! LOL!


Bright enough to knock your socks off!!

The walls were all painted brilliant colors to match the feel of each quilt, of each needle point or knitted display ---which made for really BAD photography.  But it was great for viewing the quilts…


Hung on a bright pink wall with one light bulb in the middle.


From pink wall to turquoise wall.


More subtle on a copper colored wall.  There were garments on display too.


This is all needlepoint on this bight green wall.


Look who I ran into!  Anne Bebbington!

She and her hubby Nigel came out to see us while we were at the museum.  We’ve known each other for years and years online but had never met in person!  I think the highlight of this day was sitting in the cafĂ© and chatting over tea.  What a lovely lovely woman she is!

The lighting was so hard for photography in the gallery ((and you were not allowed to use flash, understandable)) that I gave up photographing quilts, needlepoint and knitting and focused on the quotes on the wall.  These are fun!


I need to remember this!


I so agree with this!


Well, of COURSE!!


Look, I blend in!

It was a fun exhibit, and I am glad it was part of what we saw at the American Museum in Bath! 

More photos to come of what else we saw in another post…..this morning we are off to the Birmingham Festival of Quilts!


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  1. I am also going to the Festival Of Quilts today. See you there!

  2. Sue Sewell3:00 AM EDT

    Hi,I will be at the Festival of Quilts Sat and Sun. Hope to see you there.

  3. Had a little chat with Kaffe at the Festival of Quilts on Thursday. He's on The Cotton Patch stall. I am going again on Sunday and I do hope I bump into you - it would make my day!

  4. Love Kaffe fabrics, mostly I like to pet them and most have not been cut!
    I'll have to slip them in here and there like you do :0).

    Happy Travels

  5. I have a quilt top named "Bonnie and Kaffe"! I took your "Jared Takes A Wife" class 2 summers ago. Made it all with Kaffe fabrics - hence the name! Still in the "To be quilted" pile! Purple sashings - I love it!

  6. Love being on vacation with you from my home - thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Holy moley! I thought Kaffe's work was bright individually! So vibrant! So much color!

  8. Wow colour overload! It looks like you are all enjoying yourselves. Have fun at the Festival of Quilts.

  9. Thanks so much for all your efforts to take us with you to England. I am throughly enjoying the tour esp. Kaffe Fasset. I love his prints and vibrant colors. I enjoy including him I your patterns.

  10. Bonnie: THANK YOU SO MUCH for the pictures from this exhibit!! IF ever there was a textile exhibit I wanted to go to . . that was it !! Kaffe, Brandon and Philip are my fabric designers of choice !! I have difficulty putting Kaffe fabric into Bonnie patterns as I don't want to cut them into small pieces !! If I am not playing with KFC, I doing a Bonnie Quilt.
    I would love to meet him and take a class - See you in Mineola!
    Marti (Walkupmy@yahoo.com)

  11. must check this out, see when it finishes so I can pop down from Leeds to Bath looks amazing


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