Saturday, August 16, 2014

When Bonnie Sews!

I'm sewing in black and white today!
Can you guess what I'm working on!? :-)

I wish I could show you in life and living color, but that will come soon enough.

I've gotten quite a few hours in today and it feels wonderful.
We had to break around noon to make a run to town for some things that we needed at Lowes, & I took pictures of this awesome vintage short bus we found in the parking lot.

Everything is better in chatter! So happy I painted my singer featherweight the same color!

We have friends coming for dinner tonight there will be pork chops on the grill and baked sweet potatoes and all other manner of yumminess and a whole lot of chatter and laughter around the dining table.

Who knows? I might even be able to persuade everyone into a game or two of Farkle tonight!

I hope you are enjoying your Saturday evening wherever you are!

Love from buck mountain,



  1. Looks like a mystery quilt coming together to me :0)

    Happy Sewing, love the bus.....

  2. Oh I thought you meant the fabric was black and white! Lol I can hardly wait!

  3. Basting my CS tonight. Your post makes me anxious for the next one! I must be patient. lol

  4. Bonnie you have been sewing with me for three days now...have been watching all the archived quilt-cams and it's been so fun! I took a break from the sashings on my wonky wishes star quilt and made a few Sisters Choice blocks since that is what you happened to be working on on the episode I was watching...so fun, I love them. Seemed so fast after working on the wonky wishes blocks! Have fun at the cabin...Oh and bought me a little cutie today...only 45 bucks...I found out after I got home it was a Singer 15-91...very clean conditon and is a lot like the one I was taught on as a little girl. I can't wait to show Mom. So I've been combing through your vintage machine info...have another that I am fixing. Singer 99-13 , 1924ish. I rescued it at an auction for 15 bucks. Needs a tension knob, new belt and maybe some new wiring...will see. :) Thanks for all the info!

  5. Oh I totally forgot...you so need that bus!!! It was awesome, you can make it a camperr and travel the US! You can park in my drive anyday...LOL!

  6. Patiently waiting for the mystery. I am using it as a deadline to help me get some things done. Deadlines always motivate me.

  7. That is one cute bus. It even has a big smile!

  8. We're in the NC mountains, too! On the river near Waynesville in a little community called Cruso. Very cool & peaceful here, but I don't have my quilting things. Gonna have to work on that!

  9. Well, the bus is cute , but I also see half square triangles, maybe the beginning of some 4 patches, hmmmm this could be (insert static here) quilt. Look forward to what is to come!

  10. That is a neat shaped bus! I get a little giddy inside when, you post black and white photos.

  11. Now that is a short bus that I would love to ride! I am going on a mini-retreat and my Celtic Solstice is my project to finish. just in time for the new Mystery, Yipee!
    Thank you you so,

  12. Looks like a team bus. AND I see HSTs! Ha, a clue!

  13. Oh I do hope that is a black and white Mystery Quilt. I want to do one so badly.

  14. I'm betting those half square triangle blocks are together, so they will become quarter square triangle blocks...I'm curious but not quite ready for the new mystery...still on step one of the last one!
    Anna in IL


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