Thursday, August 07, 2014

A Night at the Savoy!

London’s West End.

Where those who love a good musical, a comedy, a classic drama play, a night of symphony or opera flock to lose themselves amid a flux of like minded patrons of the arts who have traveled in from near and far to create a global mix of audience.

We love having our emotions tapped and directed by the plots and the music, to forget who we are for a period of just a couple of hours, living the lives of the characters portrayed, to become part of this experience we know as theater.

I met Brenda from Canada the day we arrived in London, her flight coming directly from Calgary, Alberta to London, while I was on a flight with several other group members flying from JFK, NY.  We met at our hotel on the afternoon of our arrival and we hit it off like wild on fire.

You think that *I* am the energizer bunny?  Brenda leaves me feeling like I am running through quick sand!  And we have laughed and laughed and talked and giggled and when everyone else had groups and friends to walk around with, we two who are traveling solo partnered up to keep ourselves and each other buddy-system safe.


She told me that she had a ticket to Dirty Rotten Scoundrels playing at the Savoy Theatre, and did I want to see if I could get a ticket too, and we could go together?


And of course, if we are going to the theatre at the Savoy, we should have dinner at the Savoy Grill too!  And an evening was instantly and spontaneously planned.


Our cab dropped us off here!

We hopped a cute little London cab, sharing the fare to the theatre.  We were helped out of the cab by valets in long tails and tall top hats.  Oh this is fun!


Brenda inside the Savoy Hotel lobby.


Fabulous meal!

We did the all inclusive dinner that includes your appetizer, main meal and a dessert for one price.  Our shared dessert was strawberries flambĂ©!


I’m going to need more walking to work THIS off!


We cut ALL of these in half to share!


And THEN we went to see the show….so fabulous!

We did take the iconic double decker red bus back to the Tower of London when the show was over, saving cab fare. By this time we felt confident that we knew where to go and how to get there.  

Good old bus #15 dropped us off at Tower of London, and we walked the rest of the way, back across the Tower bridge and through Potters Field, finally winding up  back at our hotel.  The perfect way to end a perfect evening.

And there is no photo of me here because the one that we took was so blurry it just didn’t do to post it.

We had the BEST time in London and there are more photos to come!

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  1. So glad you were able to take in a show and have a little luxury dinner. You seem to have fit a lot in during your time in London. Hope the rest of the trip is as enjoyable.

  2. Oh Bonnie what fun! So nice to see you enjoying yourself and NOT working the whole time, lol! Glad you are recharging the creative energies! I know *we* will all be benifiting from that in the future!

  3. I pinched myself everytime I saw or did something in London or the UK. I felt so comfortable there and in awe.

  4. On one one visit to London (my hubs is a Scots guy), we took in the Blue Man Group and la few days later, Mary Poppins - before it hit B-way. Mary Poppins was incredible - but my warmest memory of that night was during intermission, when we heard young English girls singing some of the songs from the show from their seats. Only in London...truly lovely!

  5. I saw "The Mousetrap" the last time I was in London. I think it was performance 26, 245 or something like that. Glad you got to go to a show. Loving travelling through you.

  6. I saw "The Mousetrap" way back in 1974, along with the original "Jesus Christ Superstar". I will never forget it! Hope you got to go to Harrod's. Debbie in WV

  7. Anonymous9:52 PM EDT

    Sweet Brenda, take good care of our Bonnie! i know you are in good hands with her friendship!! Carolyn Barnett


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