Thursday, August 28, 2014

Leader & Ender Lozenge Challenge Update!

There is a lot of Leader & Ender Lozenge-ing happening in between the seams at Quilt Villa!

It occurred to me that we haven’t had an update for a while…how are yours coming?

I know several fell so head over heels with this project that they dove right in and finished it within weeks.

((That is NOT a Leader & Ender project at that point, so I hope they had something ELSE they were using on the side!))

You will find all the details of the Leader & Ender Lozenges challenge under the Free Patterns tab at the top of the blog.  Just scroll down to L!


These come together quickly with each Box Kite block I sew!

I picked up a couple of the gelly roll pens I wanted to try from the local Michael’s store in Boone.  You’ll find them in the scrapbooking aisle.  The white and the silver both work on dark fabrics!  Can you see my line?  I’m sold on these for marking!

And yes, I am a marker ---I get the best results if I just draw a line though I know there are a gazillion other methods out there for sewing diagonals.  I draw a line MOSTLY because the drawn line is my fold line, not my stitching line.  If I sew ON that line, the triangle I fold over comes out too short every time.  I just sew NEXT to the line….into the seam allowance side ((the cut off corner side)) So the drawn line ends up on top of my thread and the edges of my square meet the edges of my rectangle perfectly.


Yesterday's Lozenge Line up!

It’s about even count for yesterday – 22 Box Kite blocks assembled, and 28 Lozenge blocks made in the process.  Who says Leaders & Enders are a waste of time?


My haul to date!

I am doing all the ones with black corners first.  This way I can evenly distribute the colors between which ones get light corners and which get dark.  I pin them in stacks of 10 so it is easy to keep count. I have 108 black ones done!  About half what I need, and that makes me about 25% done!

I’ll be cutting more black 2” squares – I’m almost out of my variety.

I’d love to know if you are working on this project too – is it done? Have you stalled out on it?  I love that the units are LARGE at 3.5” X 6.5” and cleared out oodles of stuff from my 3.5” strip drawer!

It’s a no-sew morning for me.  It’s time to break away from the machine a bit.  Mona ((Beanie’s Mom!)) and I are headed to town for a girl-friend lunch date and plan to spend some time getting pedicures and perhaps a bit of antiquing.  Sounds fun!

Have a great Thursday, everyone!

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  1. I didn't start the lozenge challenge; I'm still working on the previous split 9-patch(?). Looking forward to seeing how your lozenges turn out.

  2. I am still working on mine. I sew several units (1 rectangle with 4 squares on corners) and then sew two units together. I have 40-2 unit ones finished with 80-2 units ones to go. The reason I am only sewing in 2 unit sections so far is that I am slowly going through my scrap bin (sadly it is not organized yet) and this way I can make sure that when I put the top together the fabrics will be all mixed up. I really like this L/E project! I, too, do a stack with two dark fabrics opposite and then go through same stack and add to light fabrics to remaining opposite corners. Thanks a bunch, Bonnie.. for another neat project!

  3. I didn't start the lozenge challenge either, and now I'm figuring out how to assemble the pieces to start. And yesterday I was also thinking about the split 9-patch one. Too many projects bouncing around in my head! I don't have a pile of 3.5 in strips, so it would make a wonderful dent in the stash. So thanks for bringing it up. Have a relaxing day and sleep better tonight.

  4. I have all of my lozenges made (for a twin size), but they are not sewn together into a top yet. Too many projects in line before that will happen. Now, I need a new leader/ender block. I didn't do the split 9-patch last year, so maybe I'll cut a few squares to begin that.

  5. I cut my rectangles while cutting for three other quilts. I'll be turning them into lozenges as my leaders and enders. Thanks for the idea of doing all the dark corners first. That will help me figure out how I want them to be arranged.

  6. I started this challenge but since packing and moving all my stuff into storage I haven't done any sewing on this. Once i fibd a house to buy and move in I'll be back at it with gusto

  7. I am working on mine, a little at a time now that the split nine patch was finished in June, haven't had time to sew lately but I am sure as christmas gets closer and I sew a lot of small things my leader ender will grow. I am doing black and white corner squares, with bright centers.

  8. I have started cutting a rectangle and two squares out of every fabric I use in other projects, so a leader/ender for cutting I suppose. None sewn yet as I do l/e on another project right now.

  9. My lozenges have been all cut out since shortly after you posted the challenge. However, I've been using the blocks in my quilts as their own leaders/enders instead of using the lozenges, so that I can finish the quilts more quickly. So the lozenges are just sitting there!!!

  10. Mine are adding up little by little. I love them a lot; if it weren't for all the other projects that I have to get done, I'd have finished them already. But it is a L/E challenge after all, so that's what I'm doing.

  11. Mine is finished, quilted and labeled... I just don't know how to post photos.
    Margie Akers, Surprise AZ

  12. Anonymous3:31 PM EDT

    I have started the Lozenge leader/ender project but because life gets in the way I haven't done any sewing period for awhile. I hope to get back to sewing this weekend. I know I'm going to love this quilt when it's done.

  13. So many challenges, so little time! The Block Swappers swapped lozenge "bodies" several months ago. I admit that I have dipped into those that I've received to cut up for other projects.

    Those Box Kite block are calling to me, though....

  14. Mine are coming along nicely. I was thinking the other day when do I stop and start sewing them together? I still have plenty that can be sewn into lozenge blocks but I thought I might start sewing them in the pairs and see what happens.

  15. I so appreciated your post about the drawn line being the fold line when we were doing Celtic Solstice. It made so much sense and now my fold over pieces are the right size and not short anymore. A million thank you's for all that you offer to us.

  16. I didn't start the lozenge project. I fell in love with your wonky stars and have been doing those, they're so much fun; like M&Ms you can't have just one. I'm up to 14!!!

  17. Oh, and I wanted to add that your 1/2 square -- the split 9 patch is on my to do list also. Thanks Bonnie for all your patterns and everything.

  18. Anonymous9:23 PM EDT

    I made some lozenges, but just did a table runner as I needed something bright for spring. I am doing the string spiderweb as my l/e now. Thanks for all the inspiration you give us. There just isn't enough time to do all I want to do!

  19. I started it and have stalled because I've been working on Strip Twist this summer. I love that pattern and it's helping me make serious inroads on my 2 1/2 inch strips! I plan to place the units besides my sewing machine and work on it some more after I finish 18 more Strip Twist blocks.

  20. The lozenges are looking so interesting with all black print corners... I do my corner squares like you with the line and sewing just inside of it... only I don't cut off corner of the original piece, just of the small corner square. Having the original corner still intact gives the block stability and gives me a corner to line up with for pressing, and that one extra fabric thickness isn't even noticable. Try it and see what you think.

  21. Mine is still in the idea stage, but I am almost done with my current leader/ender and will need a new one. I plan to use charm squares cut in half, as I have a pile of charms I cut from scraps and culls last winter, and no pile of 3 1/2 inch strips. Or even 2 1/2 inch strips.

  22. No lozzies for me. I am still working on the split nine patch. I am about 2/3 finished. I love it! Plus I am organizing my scraps...cut a little, sew a little! Great fun!

  23. I think I have 40 but can't sew right now due to a shoulder replacement. I try every couple days and it yells at me so I quit!😁😁

  24. lol Carolina Chain is tonight the leader ender for my leader ender lozenges! Trying to catch up a bit while in "thinking" stage on other projects n watching a movie tonight!
    I did a blog post tho so you can see
    here: http://feefifofarah.blogspot.com/2014/08/leaders-and-enders.html

    : )

  25. I was iffey about doing this challenge, but this past week a friend gifted me some large chunks of her scraps and I decided to got for the 3.5" cut. Normally I've only been cutting 1.5, 2 and 2.5" strips from my scraps. I have been cutting like mad each evening this week, finishing the gifted scraps and moving into mine. I thought I'd be able to go to my 2" strip bucket to cut the needed squares, but alas, I didn't have enough of what I wanted to use, so had to cut more of those too. It's turned into a big project, but I've loved every minute of it. Has been my fabric therapy and treat after a rough day at work. Now tonight I have been drawing the lines on the 2" squares and maybe tomorrow I'll sew my first lozenges! Have a quilt top to get assembled and will be sewing the lozenges as the leaders and enders.

    Not sure what size this will be yet. Probably twin size as it will be a donation quilt. Thanks so much Bonnie for a fun project!

  26. Anonymous9:10 AM EDT

    Bonnie I have a question - may be silly to some, but I am new to this leaders/enders thing. At what point do you mark your 2" sqs (like in Lonzenge challenge)when you cut them and store them or when you gather them to sew? Learning the science behind the scrap system, but it is the machine-side organization that kinda stupefies me...have a lot to learn! Anne famarsaw@aol.com

  27. I did participate in the lozenges challenge - the quilt is just back from the longarmer and waiting for binding. Reveal later this month if all goes well.

  28. I am (as usual) a late starter in this Lozenge quilt--I ordered the Accuquilt rectangle cutter and have been cutting my 2" sqs. in dark and light for a while now with my cutter (dang ol' LH thumb in a brace again!!) I can't wait to start sewing these. I love this antique quilt that got you inspired. Still deciding if i will totally scrappy it or semi-control lozzie colors...thanks for the inspiration, Hugs, Julierose

  29. I'm working on mine too, but ever so slowly. Got several done this morning while putting a border on. YIPPEE!


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