Monday, August 11, 2014


Welcome to Shakespeare’s Stratford-upon-Avon!

Charming charming charming and lovely!

I can’t say enough about how lucky we were to have the best week of summer weather ever.  And our hotels were all WONDERFUL!

While in Stratford-upon-Avon we stayed at the Alveston Manor!  The original hotel comprises a beautiful Tudor building with many authentic features such as an Elizabethan staircase, wood panelling, leaded windows and open fireplace.


Can you imagine this as a manor??


Check out the brickwork and the chimney!


It was just regal!

We arrived early enough to make good use out of the afternoon and we set off on foot to explore the town.  Here you will find tudor buildings centuries old!




Street scene



I love how the buildings tilt and lean!


while walking we happened upon a memorial garden.

It was quite humbling really, as England is commemorating 100 years since the day world war I was declared, and there are remembrances everywhere.  This felt like such a humble place.


In memory of those who served from Stratford-upon-Avon


The town remembers, the town never forgets!




Everywhere you look….it’s beautiful!


And don’t be surprised to find men in black velvet walking the streets!


Walking bridge!

The best deal of the day?  You can hop a long boat for a leisurely 45 minute ride upon the Avon!


We sat at the way back…so we could have this view:


Shakespeare’s Avon!


Others out rowing!


The bridge behind us after passing under



It was just a lovely day.  There were musicians in the park, yummy food to be found on every corner….such a great little town, I only wish we had more time there!

We are packing it up and heading home today…..I’ll be in New York by night time, and on my way home to North Carolina the morning after!

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  1. Stratford Upon Avon with theater was part of my trip 51 years ago!! Your post brings back memories I had not visited in a while. It has been a grand trip Bonnie. Thanks.

  2. Anonymous7:01 AM EDT

    Ah, it has been a lovely trip from my armchair. Thank you for the wonderful travelogue. If you can't make the trip, the next best thing is having you as our guide. Safe travels across the pond! Dotti

  3. What a lovely time I had with you from my home! Safe travels and see you on the next quilt cam!!!

  4. Your photos stirred up so many happy memories, heartfelt thanks

  5. Wonderful town...as much like you imagine England to be.
    I have read they think (read think) Shakespeare himself was not the author, but someone paid him to use his name? Whoever wrote the Works of William Shakespeare was a remarkable insightful man for all ages to come.

    Thanks for posting your photos...such great memories you stir up. HUGS
    Smilesm JulieinTN

  6. So pleased you enjoyed Stratford and on such a lovely day too. You have taken such gorgeous photos. As Stratford is only 12 miles away from where I live I am there a lot - funnily enough I was there today meeting a girlfriend for coffee and then lunch. Non-stop chatting!

  7. Anonymous7:53 PM EDT

    Is Brenda wearing a South Dakota tshirt? Sure looks like it. That's my state. Looks like you have had a great time in the UK. If I ever get to London I have to go to Kew Gardens and shop the antique shops on Portobello Road. I've enjoyed your posts.
    Barb E

  8. It's funny the black and whites look so straight in the pictures but they are so NOT straight at all! Beautiful all the same.

    Love, love, love England, Scotland and Wales. Been there twice and would go back in a heartbeat.



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