Friday, August 22, 2014

Ding Ding Ding! And the Winners Are!

I’m home from Quilt Villa…and it about a bazillion degrees out with 1000$ humidity!

And lucky me…we’ve got tickets to the Winston Salem Open ---and it’s OUTDOORS.  And I was asked to “dress up” for this event.

My hair is already plastered to my forehead, and makeup will soon be sliding its way south – but what’s a girl to do?

Focus on something else other than the fact that hexies are probably NOT allowed or at least frowned upon at public tennis events.

Let’s draw for the 2 lucky winners of Quilt Now, Britain’s new premier quilting magazine!

Can you believe there was 1,027 comments?



The random number generator is going to be rolling high tonight!

And our first winner is:

# 271!


DONNA BREDT!!  Whoowhooo!

Winner #2, come on down!
# 922!



Congratulations ladies.  I have left you both emails.  I only had to redraw once because the first person I drew didn’t have their email address visible with their blogger profile so there was no way to contact them.

I would LOVE it if my blogger users would DOUBLE CHECK their preferences.  Many don’t know that the default for Blogger Profiles is to NOT show your email address.  You have to tell it to.  And if you don’t, and I draw you, and you haven’t left an email address, and I can’t find it in your profile, I have to draw again..which means you didn’t win!

I’m off to the Winston Salem OPEN!

((Still considering smuggling in hexies!))

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  1. Bonnie, hope you enjoy your outing with hubby for the Open, even with hexie withdrawl.

  2. And you check blog preferences how? Thanks....

  3. Can you send some of your heat and humidity back over the pond please. Since you left the weather has been getting colder...but tonight we have had to light a fire :( Have a good time at the tennis

  4. Yes please. Help with blog preferences


  5. Didn't realize I had a blog preference -- how to change, plz?

  6. I went into my blog to edit my profile. There is a box that should be checked that says something about sharing email address. I checked that box, so hopefully I might win next time, lol.

  7. You make me laugh hard! Let us know how dressed up you got and if any smuggling happened. ��

  8. Thanks for the reminder to check email. Sometimes it resets to default.

  9. enjoy your magazine, I am expecting issue 2 to drop through the letter box any day now.

  10. Enjoy the tennis! I took hand sewing, diamonds, to the car racing a couple of months ago. Was great to combine my hobbies :). Julie

  11. Great idea! I will write a post showing how to make SURE you are not a "no-reply-blogger!"


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