Sunday, August 10, 2014


We left Bath on a beautiful Thursday morning, heading toward the Cotswolds and enjoying the scenery.

A perfect spot along our way was Bourton-on-the-Water, a place to park the coach, and walking paths to take us into the cutest little town ever with a river running through its center.

Something that I have never realized about Britain before…..Folks feel free to pretty much PICNIC ANYWHERE!

Nice day? Public area with grass?  Pull out your blanket  ((or picnic quilt as the case may be!)) and just plop it down where you want to be.  Pull out your Tupperware and zip lock baggies full of goodies from home, and relax to enjoy the day.

Picnicking happens ALL OVER!


And by all means, let your kids splash in the water!

That’s what being a kid is about, isn’t it? I loved to hear the children on this trip. Feed the ducks the bread crumbs and the left over crisps and bask in the sunshine of a glorious day.


Lovely stone houses!


The grass is NOT greener on the other side!

There were loads of shops and places to browse.  Brenda and I decided this was the perfect morning for a “Cream Tea”!


A proper cream tea!

Two scones with raisins, jam and clotted cream.  Yes, I used my “Get-Out-of-Gluten-Free” card this day ----there are some things you just have to experience, and since my gluten sensitivity isn’t intestinal, I gave in this once on the scones, and I gave in one other time on the fish n chips….because life is too short to be too good all the time.



We spent the rest of our time wandering!


I loved the little stream/river at every turn!


And so did everyone else that flocked to its stony banks!


And the ducks sunning themselves and waiting for crumbs to be tossed in ---


Peacefully green!


Nothing beats a flowering English garden.


Ages old.


Oh yes, EVERYONE is out – see the picnic blankets!


The other direction.

Can I picnic like this at home?  Not without a quart of bug spray and mosquito netting!  I would love to…..but I’d be eaten alive!  There are no mosquitoes here that I have found.  No biting black flies, no fire ants.  No ticks. NO CHIGGERS!!  

But I wish I could….just take the time, pack a small lunch, and enjoy the grass and the outdoors the way the British seem to do.


But while I can’t always picnic…there is ALWAYS TEA!


Exactly!  Make more time for Tea!


Bourton-on-the-water, you are adorable!

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  1. Boy do I enjoy your trip too!

  2. Hi Bonnie, good to meet you today on Petra's stand with Mary. I'm Loris freind Sue and see you were very near where I live. The Cotswolds is a fabulous place to live which I never tire of and my picnic blanket is a quilt!
    Safe journey home.

  3. What lovely views! How kind of you to share these parts of your trip so we can go on a mini holiday as well :-)

  4. What a beautiful little town! So fun to share it with you. The scones look heavenly!

  5. Thanks for sharing your lovely trip! Love the mug! Did one come home with you? Safe and uneventful travel. May all your connections be perfect!


  6. Bourton-On-The-Water is a real chocolate box village. When we went, we ended the day the same way as you- Devonshire scones and tea at a quaint tea shop. I think it may have been the same one as you went to.

  7. I have really enjoyed tagging along on your trip through England via your photos. Thanks for sharing with us!

  8. Is the miniature village still there. It's a miniature village of Bourton on the Water in another miniature village. It was fun to see when I was there. There is one similar near Canberra Australia too. Fascinating...

  9. Glad I live in the pacific northwest where we can and do picnic outside many places without fear of many bugs. I'm loving the posts about your trip since it's one I'll never be able to take. I've vacationing vicariously through you.

  10. Thank you, Bonnie for sharing such great pictures ~ I have enjoyed traveling along via your pictures so much. Just now I could just picture myself enjoying a picnic on the river in the Cotswolds such a delightful town! What a wonderful trip "we've" had and I thank you!
    Penny in So CAL

  11. Beautiful area, Bourton-On-The-Water, back about 32-33 years ago, my wife and I visited relatives in England and we took a day bus trip up there. Another day trip was up to the Pottery area (Wedgewood, Spode, etc.) Wish I could be with you. Thanks for the memories. From northern Iowa . . . .

  12. What a beautiful and charming town!!! How I wish I could have been there with you! And your tea with scones and clotted cream looked amazing! What fun! Thank you so much for sharing all of these wonderful days with us… such fun!!

  13. Yes, Jo, the miniature village is still there, the hymn singing still coming out from the church windows. I took our little granddaughter last summer, although as we don't live too far from Bourton on the Water we visit quite often. Never tire of the Cotwolds and we are so lucky to have this beautiful area on our doorstep. Thanks for your lovely photos, Bonnie. Safe journey home.

  14. Told you England would never disappoint! I could stay there forever... I really mean that. It is the ONLY place we have ever been that I would/could live outside USA. Been there so any times...thanks for the return visit. Photos are so good it is like being there once more.

    Have a special time Bonnie
    Smiles, JuleinTN

  15. My dad used to live in bourbon on the water as a child! I've loved reading your blog about England tried to find you at festival of quilts but didn't see you. Hope you' enjoyed your trip and safe journey home.

  16. Thanks for a re-visit to Bourton! I was there with my daughter just over a year ago and it still looks just the same! We got hooked on the cream teas everywhere we went. I pretty much did a British tour of tea rooms! Every evening we looked for a place to get cream teas... and we were walking so much that I didn't gain a pound. Another fun thing to do on you visit is to go into some "Sweets shops". You'll find candies you remember from your childhood but haven't seen in decades! The British are really big on their sweets. Enjoy your trip!

  17. You were only just up the road from where I lived! Bourton-on-the-Water was a regular stop for me when visitors were in town...good excuse for cream tea too!

  18. Bonnie, I am so glad that you did not leave England without having scones and clotted cream! It would be a shame to miss out on the quintessential British experience because of gluten. I've actually been concerned you wouldn't have a proper tea as I have been reading your posts. Years ago in London, I remember eating scones with cream and jam while listening to harp music, and saying , please don't pinch me, I don't want to wake up!

  19. Tea and scones in England, what an experience--not to be missed I agree!


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