Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Back to Roll Roll Cotton Boll!

Plano_TX2013 002
I’m a day off in sharing class photos because of today’s Celtic Solstice mystery reveal that went live at midnight as the ball dropped!

Class is done for today, and I have  some time to upload the photos as an evening post.

But before I do that ---many of you may have noticed a format change on the blog.

If you click to the blog home address, http://quiltville.blogspot.com you will notice that instead of there being one big, most recent post – there is a chronology of short post summaries, looking much like a mobile app ---I want to try this so it is easier for people to choose which post they want insteads of paging back and paging back and paging back to get to a post a few days previous.  There are 6 recent posts on the HOME page so you can just click the READ MORE option to go to the post you want.

The only thing that is happening is that with the code I inserted, the first picture of each post on the home page is a bit stretched and weird.  I do NOT know how to fix it.  I’m thinking it’s because of the large photo format I use in Windows Live Writer, but never fear, when you click the READ MORE link and actually get to the REAL POST – there is no circus mirror look to the photos.

In other words, you don't have to email me or comment asking "Is it just me?"  or "did I do something wrong?" because you didn't -- it just is, and it doesn't matter.  :)

Back to our CLASS!

Roll Roll Cotton boll was our mystery FOUR Mysteries ago.  How can time go by so quickly?

It is also one of my favorite classes to teach, because the string piecing segment is so fun.  We get to really break out of our boxes and find what really DOES qualify as a neutral, share strips with each other to increase the variety, and play stress free.  And we get to play with the Easy Angle Ruler for triangles in two sizes --- starting big to get a bit of experience under our belts, and moving to small ones that frame the center church dash in each pieced block.

Plano_TX2013 009

I loved all the different color combos that made an appearance – you’ll see them in the slide show below!

I also hope you can tell by the photos what a great time everyone was having –what a perfect way to spend New Year’s Eve Day!

Click the image below if you can’t view the slide show on your mobile device.  You’ll be taken directly to the photo album.

Roll Roll Cotton Boll, Plano 2013

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  1. The first picture in this post looks perfect...of course, it could just be me. ;-) I really enjoy seeing the pics of your classes. Looks like lots of fun!!

  2. Thank you for trying this new format; I personally prefer it. I have missed posts before not always thinking to look at older posts. I missed live quiltcam before because I missed an "in between" post. I caught up with the archived quiltcam, though! We can always count on you to think of us and try new ways to improve, thank you and Happy New Year!

  3. I like the chronology of short post summaries better. I too sometimes missed some of your posts. Leave it up to you to always think of better ways to take care of us! Thank you so much Bonnie! BTW, I like the numbers much better than those wild letters to prove I'm not a robot!

  4. I like the short post summaries, too. The mystery quilt is beautiful and one I would love to make in the future. The components are some of my favorites, also.

  5. In case you're wanting to keep track of what people think of the new format... I am not a fan. Clicking back and forth between the list and the posts makes me inclined to not read the entire post. Just sayin'.

  6. I also do not care for the new format. When I click "read more" I have an extended wait for the "full" version to load. Please pardon my impatience because I'm always excited to read what you have to say....Guess I'm still a kid.

  7. I love the new format! Always love the pictures from your quilting "parties". ;-) Hope to be a part of one someday.

  8. I like the new format - the short post summaries are a good "new thing". I always like checking out all the different sewing machines at your classes! I like the numbers in the prove-you're-not-a-robot verification. Sometimes the letters were run together or stretched out and I would guess wrong and have to do it over 2 or 3 times!

  9. I love the new format, works for me!
    Love the class pics, would love to take a class from you some day!

  10. I know that not EVERYTHING is going to please anyone..but this pleases ME and I've got to stick with what works for not only the ease of maintaining this blog, but the ease of the majority.

    Like all changes that happen in this world of computers---we'll get used to it. Or not.

  11. That's so funny you are doing a RRCB class right now - RRCB became one of my UFO's and over the last few days I have gotten back to it, determined to finish the top at least! I finished the 30 pieced blocks and just cut in half all my string blocks. It will be smooth sailing from here!

  12. Bonnie, I love these short introductions to posts. Can you please tell me what setting you changed in Blogger to get them this way?

  13. I love the new format, Bonnie! Like others, I often miss posts or quilt cams the way it was laid out before. Thank you for the changes. The mystery quilt are always breath taking.

    And thank you for the updates on your brother(s). I wept towards the end of the youtube video. What an awesome group of guys.

  14. Bonnie,I do not care what you change,I'll follow you everywhere girlfriend. Love your attitude and sharing soul.Keep on stitching.

  15. Looks fine from here on my laptop and Android tablet.

  16. IMHO, this format is more cumbersome and time consuming. It is much simpler to do a fast scroll when looking for an earlier blog, but whatever works for you is fine. It is your blog.

  17. Super smiles with super fabrics! I personally am not a pink fan, but this quilt just might make me one ;).

    As always I get so inspired when I see the class photos. Thank you for posting them.

    Will the weather keep you stranded in TX?

  18. I like the old blog format better. It is faster for me to load and view one page rather than two or more. I do like the numeric word verification rather than letters as they are easier to read. Whatever you choose, I will still love reading your blogs!

  19. I have read over the comments and the main objection seems to be waiting for the rest of the post to load after clicking on "more". I have a fast connection and don't have this problem. I like the new format because although I check your blog multiple times a day, I still miss a post sometimes. Not any more! The numeric captcha is much easier to decipher as well.

  20. Hi Bonnie
    I will read everything you write no matter what it looks like. I just keep saying "older" til I get to one I read yesterday... that said, on my 'puter at least, once I tell it "more" I get that entire post, by itself, and with all of its comments. "more" also seems to put me straight into the "old style" where each post shows individually and in its entirety. No problem for me, just thought it might help for those who prefer the "old style" - just say "more" !
    (We say that anyway, you know, "more Bonnie, more Bonnie!!!")
    -Maria in Tucson

  21. I like the new format. I do get impatient with pages taking their own sweet time to load ... but I like being able to see where I left off, and pick up each post in chronological order to get up to date. I also LOVE the slide shows!! And I concur with the numbers for I'm-not-a-robot.


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