Thursday, January 23, 2014

Out and About, Antiquing!

After spending quite a LOT of time at A& E in Pensacola, we ran over to McGuires pub for a luscious lunch, with plans to hit a couple of antique malls once we were fortified and well fed!

McGuires is also a very unique place, it made me feel like I was right back in Dublin!  Except those were dollar bills hanging from the ceiling, not euros! (There are over a million dollar bills hanging from the ceiling….I kid you not….


Ceilings lined with money, honey!

Antiquing with a group is a lot of fun –it’s interesting to see what each of the five of us were drawn to and found unique,  of course, I was after quilts and sewing machines…..and we weren't disappointed!

AL_Jan2014 029

8 pointed stars in early indigoes!

AL_Jan2014 030

A great 1940’s model 66 in a very cool curved case!  I’d buy this one just for that case….love it…..I’ve got decoupage dreams! 

The machine didn’t go home with anyone, but would be a great one for someone just getting into vintage machines.  I think the price was around $50 ---and the wiring looked good on it.

AL_Jan2014 031

Lovely Album Block Quilt!

AL_Jan2014 032

Gorgeous 1930s green – and what about that striped sashing?!

AL_Jan2014 033

This is a badged treadle, made by National and badged “Richmond Special”

AL_Jan2014 034

Cabinet in beautiful shape, priced about $350 – a bit on the high side.

AL_Jan2014 037

LOVED this idea!

Hang an old wooden ironing board on the wall and mount hooks on it….fun display!

AL_Jan2014 038

This Singer 127  treadle was the steal of the century. 

On sale for $129, the finish is very worn, decals gone….but that hand wheel turns like silk.  It’s got a wooden pitman rod, the rod that moves the pedal – and this thing will sew SO silently ---it was well loved…imagine all the sewing it would take to wear a finish down to bare metal? I hope someone adopts this one quickly – and gets years of good use out of it.

AL_Jan2014 039

Sweet hand quilted 9 pointed stars in red stripe!

AL_Jan2014 040

Close up!

AL_Jan2014 043

Bright and lovely!

AL_Jan2014 044

Full of 1950s and 1960s fabrics…this quilt has seen years of good use and I love the colors!

AL_Jan2014 047

Another treadle – beautiful MAPLE cabinet….
This one is a class 15 machine

AL_Jan2014 051

Sweet string stars with yellow sashing!

AL_Jan2014 052

This was my favorite of all…well maybe, at least up to this point!

AL_Jan2014 053

These scraps are from around 1900 ---but that yellow gold sashing – did it come later?

AL_Jan2014 056

And then I saw it…folded upon a dresser, just PART of it…And I knew this was something special!

AL_Jan2014 058

Oh my goodness!  These squares are less than 1” --The whole quilt is hand sewn in 1930s prints and solids!

AL_Jan2014 057

THIS was my favorite of the day!

Can you imagine the time, the patience, the skill it took to cut out each of these squares by hand, to piece them one at a time by hand, to hand quilt inside each little square by hand…to bind it by hand….THIS is a masterpiece!

We all stood around gawking and oohing and ahhing and feeling the texture of the quilting against these beautiful 1930s fabrics….speculating about the maker ---

Who was she?  Did she make other quilts?  How much time did she spend on this one?  Did she piece in the evenings, or during the day time on her veranda?
We will never know.  Somehow this family heirloom has ended up in an antique mall via an estate sale ---and its history is now lost.

LABEL LABEL LABEL!!  How many of you have that ringing through your heads?

It was a wonderful day out with new-found friends.  We are off to retreat this morning where I will be teaching through the weekend, but have plenty of time sewing for myself too!  I’m borrowing a machine and will be playing with the ladies when class time is officially over.

Great way to spend my birthday, don’t you think?


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  1. We love McGuire's Pub. We ate there for the first time on a vacation in 1995. It's been several years since we've visited Pensacola so I'm glad to hear it's still up and running. Sounds as though you are having a grand time!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Did you buy that 1930's beauty for your birthday????

  3. So did you buy the last quilt? How much was it anyway?
    We have a condo along the ocean about 40 min from Penscola. And when we go, we take time to go and eat at MacGuires. They have awesome food and it is amazing to see all the dollars on the walls and ceilings. Have fun, and bring back some warm temps will ya!!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Hope its a great day!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Bonnie! Enjoy your day.

  6. Happy Birthday! Glad you got to do something you love on your birthday. Did it come home with you?

  7. Happiest of birthdays to you Bonnie! Such a great way to spend your special day with other quilters. That 30's quilt was truly spectacular . . . like you!! Hugs, Allison

  8. Anonymous10:00 AM EST

    Happy birthday, Bonnie!

    Brenda B. In Virginia

  9. Feliz CumpleaƱos Bonnie! y muchos mas! What a great birthday present to you, tomorrow I am heading back to the retreat Center for a weekend of Smith Mountain unit sewing! Ana in East Texas

  10. Happy Birthday! Did you get the quilt with 30's fabric for your birthday gift to yourself???

  11. Happy birthday, Bonnie! Enjoy the weather in the south. We in the midwest have it so cold now. Enjoy!

  12. Happy Birthday, Bonnie!
    It's always a good day when you can spend it with friends, doing things you like.
    I really hope you did get yourself something for your birthday.

  13. Anonymous10:54 AM EST

    Happy Birthday. Love the photos...

  14. How does one label? Just finished my first quilt and it is being raffled off for a non profit organization. Would love to label it. But how?

    Thanks Bonnie. And Happy Belated Birthday!


  15. Great Birthday wishes - albeit usually a lurker, I really enjoy reading your "quips" each day.

  16. Happy Birthday Bonnie!
    Sounds like your day will be wonderful. Thanks for all that you do ;-)

  17. Anonymous12:03 PM EST

    Happy Birthday Bonnie

    Sandy Royal

  18. Anonymous12:04 PM EST

    Happy Birthday Bonnie

    Sandy Royal

  19. Oh my! How could you resist all those treasures? ! Rental car home! Lol

  20. Happy Birthday to one of the sweetest ladies! Hope that lovely quilt left the store with you.

  21. Label label label indeed! It's such a shame that the history of that quilt is lost. If someone spent that much time and patience and precision and hard work over that quilt it must have meant a lot to them.

  22. Do you shop for others in all your travels? ;-) Just kidding, but I would have loved to own a couple of those quilts!

  23. happy Birthday Bonnie. Wishing you a wonderful Day!!

  24. Happy Birthday Bonnie! Sounds like you had a wonderful day! We went to McGuire's in Dec. for the first time and it was WONDERFUL! What a unique place.

  25. Happy Birthday, Bonnie! There were a LOT of machines and quilts that you left in the stores. The Tiny Squares Trip Around the world-- Amazing! All done without a design wall, I bet, Too! I'm Labeling!!! Gotta get my tops all Quilted so they are labeled though. Tackling the quilt zone again today. Moving and re-arranging.

  26. Anonymous3:42 PM EST

    Happy Birthday Bonnie!!! I hope you're having a wonderful day.

  27. Many happy returns of the day, Bonnie.

  28. I go through Pensacola at least once a year, and I have never been to A G Drug store, the Pub, or the antique mall. Can't wait to go through there again. Enjoyed all the quilts and 2963233machines. Happy birthday!

  29. i'd say that ironing board found the right task....

  30. Yes Ma'am I WILL LABEL (my quilts that is). ;) So important. Did you bring home a machine?
    Smiles, JulieinTN

  31. Anonymous7:27 PM EST

    Happy Birthday Bonnie! Did the last quilt go home with you?

  32. Happy Birthday. Have a special day! Hugs

  33. Happy Birthday, Bonnie!
    Sounds like you are having a wonderful day.
    But, did you buy yourself a quilt? Who would love and cherish it more than you?

  34. Happy Birthday Bonnie!! Hope you have a wonderful time! Huggles!!

  35. I've been to McGuires, its such a quirky place!! The only thing that was weird for me were the bathroom doors, I never could figure out which one to into!!! I almost went into the mens when a guy walked out!

    LOVE all your quilt pics!!

  36. Happy Birthday glad you had the day off and got to enjoy it with friends and doing something you love.

  37. i have one of those old wooden ironing boards in storage, guess what i will do with it as soon as the weather warms up.

    would love to have that 129.00 machine!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Happy, Happy Birthday Bonnie. Know you have had a glorious day with your new friends and bet there was more to come before the day ended.

    Hugs and quilts,

  39. McGuire is an all time favorite of ours also. Love Pensacola, visited there several times while our son in law was in flight school at the naval base there.
    i admit I'm one of those that doesn't label my quilts. I have over in my house - i should get busy and at least put my name and on them.

  40. Happy birthday Bonnie. I think you did ok for your birthday looking at all the machines and quilts. Love the pictures you send. Did you get the hand made quilt? After all it's your birthday. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

  41. Happy Birthday, Bonnie!

  42. Yeah! happy birthday from this side of the Atlantic! :)

  43. Bonnie I have a quilt with 1900s prints and shirtings in the blocks and the alternate setting blocks is a similar gold color as the sashing in the quilt you posted. Also the quilting is the Baptist fan quilt as shown here.I believe that color is of the same time period as the prints/shirtings.

  44. Happy birthday Bonnie.
    You had a really good time so to see.
    Since I read your posts, I label my quilts. So it helps when you remind us. Thank you.

  45. Sweet finds in your antiquing fun!
    Happy Birthday, Bonnie! You are a joy!

  46. Happy Birthday! Love McGuire....miss the coast since we moved away this past summer! Antique shops everywhere!!


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