Saturday, January 25, 2014

Let the Stars Shine!

AL_Jan2014 165
Our retreat was in full swing yesterday ---as two rooms of quilters began their journey of making Smith Mountain Morning from my book Scraps & Shirttails II using specialty rulers including Easy Angle, Companion Angle, and Tri Recs!

I’ve never taught this as a two day class before –and I must say that I like this!

Yesterday we tackled the stars -- today we will move on to the log cabin alternate blocks!

I like slowing down and really giving everyone a chance to master these tools ---to fix their seam allowance so that all units are turning out the same correct size ---to take the time to get to know the ladies and where they are on their quilting journey!

Their colors are varied and so wonderful--

Of course there is quite a bit of silliness going on because after all this IS retreat!  And they have made me feel so much at home even presenting me with a birthday cake last night while everyone sang.  You know what? I think EVERYONE should celebrate their birthday at Quilt Retreat ---it’s the best thing ever!

AL_Jan2014 090

Many of my cohorts in Quilt Crime in Room 1!

The pile of scraps I posted about on facebook the other day has been dug through – and it is somehow expanding!

AL_Jan2014 070

It went from this….

AL_Jan2014 122

To this….

AL_Jan2014 168

TO THIS as ladies dug for precious bits to include in their projects!

AL_Jan2014 139

AHA!  I’ve found the culprits!

So far I am showing great restraint though I have  had people bringing me snippits of this and snippits of that as I continue to work on my paper piecing:

This is how you KNOW it’s time to call it quits and go to bed:


Well DANG!!  LOL!

At least I anchored one corner?? :cP

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Smith Mountain Morning, Day 1, Camp Beckwith, AL 2014

Breakfast is in a few minutes and I'll be joining the ladies -- the food has been AMAZING and the company of course, un-beatable!
Class will start at 9:30!  So any of you reading this who are here with me....do NOT be late! :c)

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  1. What a great group -- I see those large black 'trash' bags filled with scraps!!! What a dream to dive into lol.

    One of these days Bonnie, I will conquer the Tri-Recs. That might not be a bad idea to try them in this winter shut-in weather we are having.

    Now you do completely understand the phrase "Sweet Home Alabama" ;)
    Smiles, JulieinTN

  2. OOOH love to look at the ladies and the blocks and the SCRAPS! That's what they do at my house..reproduce. Second look is always to enjoy the sewing machines used. Never get tired of that. And I saw a LOVELY PURPLE cutting mat. Need one too.

  3. Your classes always look like so much fun! I've got to get to one. The star blocks are fantastic! I love stars.

  4. I love to see the ladies digging through the scraps. I hesitate to put mine in a Trash bag. I might mistake it for Garbage... The Retail Tote Business is secure with me, I have bought quite a few getting my Strips and squares contained for my Scrap Users System. My Quilt Buddy has challenged me to make our pattern in SCRAPS. I linked to your System on my Blog. Thanks for sharing as always. What a Great way to spend your Birthday! Was the cake decorated as a quilt? Guess I better go look at pictures.

  5. Love all the blocks ! What a fun time, didn't realize the piecing is similar to the mystery maybe on my to do List. Need more practice on some of those pieces.

  6. That pile of scraps is turning out some beautiful quilts! Can't wait to see them when the next block is added! Think I will go sew on one of my projects-private retreat, I guess! Stay warm and enjoy!

  7. My room looks like the scrap pile at the moment. Yesterday's post inspired me to sort, iron, trim all the bags, boxes, baskets, etc never ending fabric scraps. I start a group tomorrow Quilts of Valor here in Canada, and on Monday I start a scrap buster club. Thanks Bonnie for all the inspiration you give me.

    Wendy Alliston Ontario, Canada.

  8. What a great way to celebrate your birthday......Happy Birthday!

    Digging through the scraps fluffs them so the pile grows....or they breed during the night. LOL


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