Sunday, January 19, 2014

No Purchase Necessary!

 I came back to my “Home Sweet Hotel” after dinner to find an amazing and inspiring email with photos from Susan H!

Not only is her Celtic Solstice TERRIFIC….but I want to share with you what she did with the left overs ---

To quote her….”NO PURCHASE NECESSARY” for these two projects…..fabric was already in the stash!

She writes:

Hi Bonnie,
This “Wonky Stars” quilt top (35 x 35) was pieced using the “trash” from Celtic Solstice! I used all those yellow/green and white/green triangles from the chevrons and pieced the stars while waiting for the next clue.
I also tried your crumb method to fill some of the centers. I am just amazed that this quilt and my celtic solstice quilt were made completely from my stash! No purchase necessary!!
Thanks for the fun mystery.
Susan H

Susan’s Wonky Stars 35” X 35”
Isn’t this the happiest, cutest little wonky stars quilt EVER?!?
Thanks so much for sharing, Susan!
I’m ready to relax and do some piecing while watching Downton Abbey on PBS ---I asked some local ladies in class today just what channel I’d find it on…I’m ready!
FL_Jan2014 217
Sewing Away this morning!
I had a few hours to sew this morning because my class wasn’t until 1pm today ---and I was catching up on season 5 of Damages with Glenn Close…I am so grateful to quilters who loan machines for my use while here!  It helps me get things done, and enjoy the room time while I am here!
I’ve had questions on the clip on light you see on the machine bed….It’s from IKEA!  You can find more about it in the post I wrote HERE.
Time for jammies and a couple hours of mindless paper piecing!
Have a good night, everyone!

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  1. Thanks again Bonnie for sharing , enjoy your evening in your jammies. :) just ordered your leaders and enders book. Wendy

  2. Anonymous9:05 PM EST

    I see by the picture that you using your paper pieced flying geese. What size triangle do you use for the geese. I tried using the triangle left from a 2-1/2 strip (it usually measures 2-1/2 inches on the short side of the triangle) but it does not seem to cover the area. It might just be operator error and just need to be more careful. Can you tell me the smallest triangle you use and does it extend at least a quarter inch? Thank you for your input.


  3. Sounds like a fun time in Sarasota! I'll be there a t the end of the month. Sorry I didn't plan better!56

  4. Oh, Susan, I love your Wonky Stars! What a clever idea.

  5. FABULOUS WONKY STARS...thanks for sharing!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

  6. Yay! Susan they both look great!
    Diane H

  7. Anonymous1:19 AM EST

    How many beautiful works! Compliments for the recovery of the fabric. I still can not do it, do patchwork work for only a year and I have so many residues. But the ideas are wonderful.
    Even more I love these antique Singer sewing machines. They are beautiful and how much I would love to sew with them. But here in Italy if they are not easy. They are looking for.
    Again, thank you for letting us see these works ..... Silvana

  8. Great to see that you are watching the wonderful Downtown Abbey, one of our favourites in the UK. Love your blog and read it every day and get lots of insp0iration! Thanks Bonnie.

  9. BRILLIANT job on the Wonky Stars quilt. I love that quilters can be so inventive :)

  10. WOW...Susan ROCKS! Isn't it great to get a freebie quilt from scraps? I love it!

    I wanted to order the Ikea lamp you have - but they are available only in the store. No mail Orders.

    OH DEAR, this call for an IKEA trip ;).
    Smiles, Julie

  11. Anonymous5:56 AM EST

    Of course I had to go to IKEA to buy a lamp like Bonnie's.
    Here in Australia they are $30!!
    And no pink.
    I bought a white one, if Bonnie has one I want one too..
    Sharon Hansen

  12. Anonymous6:35 AM EST

    anI absolutely LOVE the Whonky Stars. Susan you did GREAT and I wish I could see the filler part a bit better of crumbs. just a great little quilt.

  13. Hats off to Susan! What a wonderful design!

  14. Wow, Susan! I like the addition of the yellow and blue in the borders of Susan's Celtic Solstice, but how wonderful and cheerful the Wonky Stars is! I thought Celtic Solstice was happy, but the Wonky Stars she made is even happier! I'm using the little leftover triangles from the chevron pieces to make itty bitty 9-patches. They all have a green triangle with either whites (neutrals) or yellows. I intend to add the orange and blue somewhere (maybe sashing and borders). It will be just as table topper as I really don't want to cut any more 1/2 square triangles that small. It is so refreshing to challenge one's self to make something out of the pieces that would normally be thrown away because they are so small. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  15. Anonymous11:40 AM EST

    Julie, My daughter ordered a clip on Ikea lamp from Amazon and
    had it mailed to me as we have no
    Ikea stores anywhere near here.

  16. Bonnie, I went to Ikea today on your recommendation! I bought the little light, the one with the stand. Tried it when I got home and I LOVE it.
    Thanks for recommending it!


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