Monday, January 13, 2014

Why Quilts Matter WINNER!!!

I completely forgot about drawing for our winner, and posting it on tonight’s quilt cam!

So here I am before turning in to bed – drawing a winner and sending this notification.

I still have a suitcase to pack!

Pdudgeon, come on down!  the random number generator drew your number and you are a winner!

We had 524 comments at the time of the drawing, and it pulled up your number…195!


I really appreciate her thoughtful comment too:


I love the last line!  Gifts of food, clothes, or money are all transient comodities, but a quilt endures to nurture over and over again.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

I’ve sent you an email.  Please get back to me with your snail mail address and I’ll get this packaged up and off to you.  If I don’t hear from you before I head to the airport, I’ll have to mail it upon my return.

But I must confess -- I had to draw THREE times.  The first winner was ANONYMOUS with no name and no email address listed.  The second person was just listed as LAURA with no blog, and no email address listed. Not even a last name.  Please be sure you leave a way to contact you if you enter.

If I can't contact you ---I have to draw again.  And I finally found someone who had an email address linked to her profile!

Now to finish packing!

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  1. Just a brief not to say a very heartfelt 'thanks' for picking me to win the DVD set and companion book.
    I've been quilting now for many years and i still haven't made all the quilts i want to make (hubby shudders at the thought!) I plan to keep on quilting for a long time yet, and make quilts that hug and comfort lots of people. Thank you again Bonnie, for this gift of inspiration and for all you do for us quilters to keep us energized and inspired.

  2. well I just want to thank pam for her wonderful response to why quilts matter. she expresses my thoughts better than I could! my quilts made by my great aunts are my constant link to them (long since deceased....and I wasn't interested in quilts when they were alive...one died when I was an infant and the other died when I was 20ish). I think of them all the time and use their treadle machine.I will probably quote pam on her thought.....yess quilts provide an endearing and enduring comfort that food and shelter cannot.


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