Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It’s Snowing at the Cabin!

Cabin_Jan2014 005
 It's just barely started, but it is supposed to continue.
I’m headed here today!

There is a lot of hustle and bustle happening up at our little place.

On Sunday, The Hubster’s brother Bruce arrived in Charlotte, coming to spend a couple of days up at the cabin doing 4-wheeler guy stuff. 

I knew that I had a lot of catching up here at home to do before I could come up, but I’ll be ready by noon today –and I’ll stay through the weekend.

Relaxing?  THINK AGAIN!

Wednesday morning, Bruce gets dropped back to the airport in Charlotte, and DH heads from there to Hickory where he has meetings for the day, returning to Quilt Villa in the evening.  I'll stay and sew with Sadie at my side.

THURSDAY morning, weather permitting…I have plans to head down to Gastonia to meet up with some friends for a Mary-Jo’s fix!  And I'll head right back up to the cabin when we are done.

Jason and a couple of his buds are coming up on Thursday Eve to stay at the cabin ---they are going snowboarding up at Sugar Mountain…there will be mouths to feed!  I will happily be playing the role of chief cook and bottle washer.

The gas company is coming on Friday to hook up the gas fireplaces ---

When I get to the cabin this afternoon, a birthday gift is waiting for me…..

What does a quilter who sews in a dark basement need more than anything?


The electrical guys came yesterday to install the fluorescent lights in the drop ceiling of the basement family room and my sewing nook.

Take a look!

Cabin_Jan2014 001


I had been sewing with those light poles you see still up against the design wall.  And when that wasn’t enough light, I used a garage type halogen light to really light the place up..but this is SO MUCH BETTER!

The door you see open goes to the storage room, the furnace, hot water heater and other “man tool” stuff is in there.  There was not a switch to the light in that room either, you had to work the lights by a switch on a surge strip….now THAT is fixed.

Cabin_Jan2014 002

Directly opposite the sewing nook

Can you tell where the previous owners hung their photos? LOL!  It’s just a knotty pine paneling and we’d like to change that out for the same split log interior siding that is upstairs at some point…but for now, this works.  Maybe I’ll hang a quilt there?  But see the two lights?  There was a dropped light fixture at the one closest to the door…and it’s not that high of a ceiling anyway, so that thing was hanging down RIGHT THERE all the time…this is better.

Cabin_Jan2014 003

Men At Work!

More lights are going in here…we will leave the fan, but remove the light fixture…this is my favorite place to curl up with hand stitching.

I started unpacking my suitcase last night…and since so many have asked….”SHOW us what you got at A & E!!” I’m almost embarrassed to say it isn't much!

Cabin_Jan2014 004


I am always looking for fun ones to use as backgrounds, and these I couldn't resist.  I had to keep the purchases small though, my suitcase was already full, and quilt luggage was at weight limits.  I showed MUCH restraint, don’t you think?

Speaking of neutrals – I wrote more about what I like to use and how I discern what is what HERE.  Take a read!  I hope it helps you look at your fabric stash a bit differently.

And with that…I’m off to unpack, so I can repack, I'm cabin bound!

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  1. Bonnie, when you buy your neutrals, how much do you typically purchase of one fabric?

  2. Anonymous9:39 AM EST

    Gee Bonnie, do I see a circle pattern with those neutrals???? I find I have a lot of fabrics with circles or dots on them, don't know why. Have fun at the cabin. We're supposed to get 4-8" of snow tomorrow and Thursday. Oh well, more sewing time.
    Jill O in Montana

  3. Anonymous9:54 AM EST

    It sounds like you have a great string of days ahead of you! I hope your Gastonia trip is not snowed out. I LOVE to go to Mary Jo's! We live in Virginia, but we have family in Charlotte, so I get to go once in a while. This shopping trip you won't have to worry about weight limits! Enjoy!

    Brenda B.

  4. I love it when you go to your cabin. It was amazing when I had my cabin the boys did all their homework, cleaned their room, packed their suitcases and we had such wonderful drives and conversations in the car. I had the boys all in one space for 3 hours. Then when we got to the mountain they were off to go skiing and on their 4 wheelers.

  5. Anne Marsaw10:09 AM EST

    Glad to know Mary Jo's is still there. Was there once and if I am ever within 50 miles of it I am going again!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful week with quilting, family and friends! Hope you have a fantabulous time :-)


  7. I want to know what that block is up on your cabin design wall. It looks interesting! Have fun in the snow. We're expecting it here this afternoon. The kiddos are getting out of school early. Have a super day!

  8. Mary Boyd10:37 AM EST

    Wow Bonnie....you are one busy person! Have a great weekend!

  9. So glad you are getting away for yourself! You'll have a great time taking care of your son and friends! Empty nesters so appreciate those things that pop back up in life don't we? For a weekend anyway! Lol

  10. Bonnie: something to consider since you plan to replace the paneling eventually anyway. I painted paneled walls a light color, and the increase in the light reflection was amazing. The grooves just added texture to the walls. Susan Jost

  11. OK, room for one more? Mary Jos...wowowowow... double wowowow
    Smiles, JulieinTN

  12. Have fun at the cabin, hope you'll get there safe! While I'm watching last night's quiltcam! :)

  13. Hey! I like the new font! I guess you finally figured that out! Have fun and enjoy the snow at the cabin. We are due for a big dose down here in Eastern NC also.

  14. I knew you would get snow. Take care and drive safe. Most people down south don't know how to drive in the white stuff.

  15. Yay for the light! The fabric on the left is in both my Orca/Green Bay quilt and my Packer/Celtic Solstice quilt...will be fun to see it turn up in your quilts too! Happy Tuesday!

  16. you are indeed blessed to have such a lovely sewing space....drooling big time here...nice to see snow elsewhere for a change...LOL

  17. better get there soon because there are a lot of wrecks in Ga.

  18. It's great that you got new lighting in your basement. That was a wonderful birthday present! I think hanging a quilt there on the knotty pine paneling, it will look right at home! I think you showed great restraint in fabric shopping. I figured it would be neutrals! A girl can never have enough neutrals. :-) Hope you have a wonderful time at the cabin!

  19. I so enjoyed Quilt Cam last night! Its the 1st time I have been able to log in in my SEWING room and sew along. Next time I will attempt a comment during the sew in. One thing at a time!

  20. Yay for lighting! What a beautiful sewing area!


  21. I had 1/2 of a wooden bed frame fade from being in the stream of sunlight from a window. I got some of that Old English oil with a hint of stain in it and wiped down the faded part and it now perfectly matches the unfaded part of the wood. You might try some of that oil to re-invigorate the paneling so it no longer looks faded. :)


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