Wednesday, January 01, 2014

iPhone-o-Gram! Smith Mountain Lunch

It's time for our lunchtime update from fabric fanatics in Plano Texas!

I hope everybody was pleasantly surprised with the release of Celtic solstice at midnight last night.

It was a lot of fun to do it that way and it really made my holiday special, I hope it did yours!

It's also fun today using some of the same units in Smith Mountain morning class as we used in the Celtic solstice mystery – I am a traditional quilter, and my favorite units keep popping up in quilts again and again and again.

Today we are using the same tri-recs unit and the same size of small half square triangle down to a pinwheel.

When designing any quilt – there are always other options and other layouts that come as test runs, and Celtic solstice was actually a cousinto Smith Mountain morning And has spent years saved in my EQ files :-)

We've got a great group of ladies today, several who have been here for three days straight already – and their energy is just as Viber today as it was on Monday with our first class.

Check out the very cool blue two-tone machine and read what it says on the upper arm – life long! We are forming life long friendships with every stitch we take.

Hoping that your first day of 2014 is wonderful wherever you are –


  1. Bonnie, I just love you and your quilting knowledge and ideas. You are so sweet to give us quilters so much. Happy New Year.

  2. Since taking the mystery class on Monday I've got 7 completed blocks. You don't know how hard it is to not share with my FB friends, some of whom also follow Quiltville. Your midnight surprise was the BEST!! I want to get some more Wanderlust blocks done before I assemble the pieces to Celtic Solstice. Hope you've had a good visit with family. Oh, I am using your webbing method of stringing block sections together and it is great. I learned so much from you since November 29. Thank you!!

  3. Got all my yellow & orange pinwheels made for Celtic Solstice but still have to make more HSTs because (ahem) apparently I can't count or read directions.....it's ME, it's not your directions!!!

  4. Bonnie - I really have enjoyed participating in this mystery even though I am still on clue #1. I have learned alot on this one especially since I am "self-taught". Are you sure you don't want to come to my house for one on one lessons?

  5. Getting the reveal was such a surprise. I was expecting another clue. Sure wish I was with you in Plano, but isn't it a beautiful day in Texas. Just a few miles away and sewing with you on the mystery. Happy New Year Bonnie to you and family.

  6. Bonnie, I've wanted to make this quilt forever...and now I have. Great Mystery, thank you!

  7. what a lovely quilt Bonnie, I can't wait to finish it, I'm doing a lap size one, Deb M

  8. Thank you so much! It's a beautiful quilt Bonnie! I so greatly appreciate all you do! Happy New Year and God Bless you!

  9. I always adore your vintage machine pics. Thanks so much for sharing. I hope I can get to one of your classes someday. Have a super day!

  10. I so much enjoyed the holiday surprise reveal. Even though I am hopelessly behind right now, I've made enough of each step to feel like I am playing along. I DID make smith mtn when the book first came out though, and I loved how it turned out. Thanks for another great mystery!!!

  11. Smith Mtn ias a fabulous quilt! Those tri-rex pieces scare me to bits ;). Think I would rather try walking on UNFROZEN water than make them. Friend tells me she can teach me. Will try.

    Have a GREAT New Year

  12. It was a great surprise to get on FB and see the announcement for the reveal!! I was totally shocked, I thought we would have another clue! Made for a great holiday! I love the design, I love the mystery, I want to do smith mountain sometime soon...gotta finish this one first. Thanks Bonnie!!! :-)

  13. What a surprise to see the big reveal this morning before the Smith Mountain class! Wow I do have all of my clues made but now have 3 Bonnie Quilts in progress! Love it, class was wonderful today. Thank you so much for sharing your day with us! Your the best!!!

  14. The class was great. You are such an inspiration and a great teacher. Thanks A LOT for the New Year's Day pep talk!

  15. Bonnie
    I want to thank you for your beautiful reveal, I have all my blocks done--just need to put them in rows now and add the border. It is as pretty as I imagined it would be.
    I can,t wait till your next one is out.
    I have done every one of your mystery quilts since I started quilting 5 yrs ago, and love them all.
    I can,t thank you enough for all you do for us.

  16. Bonnie, Thank you for all you do for us. I absolutely love the reveal and am working on my 54-70 star blocks and can't wait to make the other block. I was concerned about my colors,but now am pleased with them as I see where they will play out. Thank you again for everything!

  17. What a great class! I enjoyed hands on working with the tri-recs rulers and listening to you give pointers to other students. Now I know what I need to do to "fix" some of my units from Celtic Solstice. You are the BEST teacher!! Hugs, Allison


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