Monday, January 13, 2014

New in the Quiltville Bookstore!

I’m very excited!

One of the things I plan to do in 2014 is expand my offerings in my Quiltville Bookstore to include more titles ---works from some of MY favorite authors, and there is great stuff in the works in the quilt book department!

So much is coming off the presses as we roll into spring!

And of course, your order of 3 or more books qualifies for free shipping within the US of A!

I am happy to be adding Judy Martin’s Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts to my line up!

Remember we did a preview and Give-Away for it HERE?

So many of you have written and said you’d wished that you could order it along with MY books – and now you can!

Within the 128 pages of EXTRAORDINARY Log Cabin Quilts you will find:

  • 15 quilt patterns, each in queen or king and wall sizes.
  • 200 illustrations of color and set variations for these quilts, each quilt a new Log Cabin variation with a pieced border designed to enhance it.
  • big color photos of the quilt plus detail shots
  • easy-to-use block diagrams, with pressing arrows
  • a whole quilt diagram for each quilt size in the patterns
  • quilting suggestions
  • pattern ratings
  • a chart to help you plan these quilts in other sizes, with fat quarter requirements
  • a chart listing Log Cabin quilts from basic Log Cabin blocks, in 24 sizes, with yardage
  • a chart listing practical quilt sizes for various mattress sizes
  • tips covering every aspect of making a Log Cabin quilt, from rotary cutting to organizing logs, to chain piecing, opposing joints, to checking your block layout.
  • links to free videos, such as Judy Martin’s “Tips for Successful Log Cabin Quilts.”
  • a ten-page, lavishly illustrated chapter on value and color to help you choose your favorite pattern based on the design instead of the color, and to help you apply your favorite color scheme to the pattern (Most of the color schemes are mix-and-match!)

Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts by Judy Martin is in the Quiltville Bookstore for $27.00

Have you checked out what is available in the book store lately?  Click HERE.  You can also click any of the book images in the left hand side bar of the blog, and you will be taken directly to the book store.

You can also add a seam guide single to any book order for $4.00, or purchase a 6 pack for $24.00 without needing to order a book at all!  ((Seam guides are fragile and require the sturdiness of a book to be shipped singly.))

In the upcoming months I’ll be adding NEW titles to inspire you to make more scrap quilts!

My own next book is deep in re-edits right now, and I can promise it’s going to be a great one, so look forward to that very soon!

In other news – Quilt-Cam tonight!  9pm EST!  Be here, and bring a project, I’m ready to spend the evening with you!

I’m spending the day packing up for a trip to two groups in Florida, one in Punta Gorda, and the other in Sarasota!  From there, I’m hoping another plane and flying to Mobile Alabama to teach for a guild retreat, which I know will be a ton of fun ---I get to spend my birthday with them while I am there!

Oh, and this evening we will also have our drawing for the 2 DVD set of Why Quilts Matter!  There is still time to enter, leave your comment on THAT post HERE to be entered!

Have a great Monday, Everyone!

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  1. Thank goodness for Quiltcam archives, because I cannot be here to join you live tonight. Archives are great, because I can back it up the hear the wonderful tips and gems over again. Thanks for Quiltcam, Bonnie, and for expanding your bookstore and our horizons with special, select books by others.

  2. You are so welcome, Valerie! :) Catch you in the archives!

  3. I have this book and I LOVE IT! There isn't a pattern in the book I wouldn't make. It is amazing what you can do with a Log Cabin block when you allow your creativity to run free. I strongly recommend this book to everyone.

  4. Good Morning Bonnie. YIPPY Quilt cam tonight!!!! See you at 9. Thanks for all you do. I'm having a great time with the Celtic Mystery, many do overs, but that's how we learn . lol. The facebook group that started with the Mystery has been such a helpful place for us all. Thanks again for all you do. My first Mystery! Wendy Bradley Alliston Ontario.

  5. I agree with Kitty. Its very well written, one can either make the patterns as written, there are so many to choose from, or use them as starting point.

  6. Yahoo! Great news.

    Gonna be an even better day now - quilt guild meeting tonight and come home to Quilt Cam! Does it get any better than that - I think not :-)


  7. Hmm, time differences make quilt-cam right at dinner time. Maybe another time. Oh, and of course you'll be in Florida this week whereas I don't get there til Jan 30! LOL.

  8. Carol Nye12:08 AM EST

    I was late reading my mail, tonight, so I missed quilt cam...next time, Bonnie!!


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