Saturday, January 04, 2014

Scrumptious Yumminess! Allison’s Warm Avocado Dip!

I’ve had a great time in Texas this week --

Allison is a former email friend who became student and real life friend ---and I hold her dear to my heart!

She is a vintage machine enthusiast, and fabulous long arm quilter, and a SUPER cook with focus on eating right, but eating WELL with yummy things that not only taste good but are truly good for us too!

She spoiled me all week long by loaning me her precious 301 machine ---treating me to delicious STASH licorice tea, sharing baggies of walnuts and sliced apples for energy ---not to mention sending me home with baggies of scraps and strips and vintage machine parts –I love this gal!  She is a heart-sister through and through.

This evening I returned after class to my inbox full of photos of a recipe she had been telling me about.  WARM AVOCADO DIP!

Did you know when avocados go ripe – and you are on the verge of either having to eat them ALL or let them go bad ---that you can FREEZE them and they stay GREEN (not turn brown) when you cook them?  BEAUTIFUL green!

Just to prove it she sent her recipe!

First..when you think you are going to have to freeze the avocados because you can’t eat them fast enough ---slice them in half, remove the skin and the pit, and place the avocado ((Is it a fruit? Or a veggie?!)) into a zip lock freezer bag and freeze.

When dip is desired – here’s Allison’s recipe in her own words  complete with photos:


Gather your ingredients:
Frozen avocado halves, butter, cheese, pesto, chips, ground pepper and sea salt chips.


1 tablespoon butter (mine is cut in half).  Set temp to low and cover for 2-3 minutes.


Flip over and scrape or break up with fork.


Add cheese and recover.  Once melted, mix together and put I to a pretty bowl.


Top with more shredded smoked cheddar, a dollop of pesto and grind your black pepper.  My chips were from the dregs of the bag so just sprinkled them to one side. 

Scoop a little dip with my spoon and roll in the chips and gobble down its warm yumminess!

Thank you Allison!  I am going to try this.  I buy the avocados at Sams with 6 in a bag or so – and sometimes it’s tough to get the last three gone without them all getting too ripe at once.  Nice to know I can freeze them – and I love the sound of warm dip instead of always cold guacamole!  The pesto sounds like it would be a good combo too ---and WARM!!!

Tomorrow is my last class in McKinney.  It’s a 2pm to 5pm session – so guess who gets to sleep in?

I tell you what, I have eaten 21 meals OUT in the past 7 days and I am ready to be home and back to normal.  I also need to get back on my walking regimen!  That’s one thing about traveling to quilting venues – they treat you right and never let you go hungry!

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  1. It doesn't get better than that...if you have to be away from home :0)

    Happy sewing and safe travels

  2. I love avocados and buy them by the dozen. Once they are ripe they can be placed in the fridge and will last up to two weeks. I do this all the time and very seldom have one turn brown on me.

  3. This is so timely as I have 3 or avocados in the fridge. I was actually thinking of sticking them in the freezer - I've made guacamole and have some in there now - so I'm going to go put them in the freezer now. thanks for sharing.

  4. Great to know about the avocados! I will try this dip, sounds delish and healthy. Thanks for sharing, I wish I was in one of your classes. Come closer to home...I will be a student in one of your classes one day.

    Darlene in SC

  5. well now--I grocery shop on Sunday mornings and this is gonna be on my list now just to try before I forget or lose recipe--thanks for that--I didnt know they could be frozen...just goes to show you, you're are never too old to learn new things...I really like hearing of great recipes...

  6. Isn't Allison the best! Getting to know her generous spirit when I lived in Plano was a blessing. I have good memories of her and still have a pot of her aloe vera growing.

  7. Looks like a great dip. So I had to go to Wikipedia. The avocado is a fruit. It said that botanically, the avocado is a berry with one seed. it is in the same flowering plant family as cinnamon, camphor and bay laurel. Now isn't that more than you really wanted to know?

  8. Hi Donna!! So sweet of you to say such nice things. Miss you and the quilting group very much. So glad to know you still have an aloe! I'll be thinning them again in the Spring and sharing another batch. Thanks Paula-Marie, I like knowing the avocado is a fruit. Just the right amount of information in my book.
    Have a great Sunday, Allison in Plano


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