Friday, January 31, 2014

Breakfast with the Boys!

Basking in normalcy over here…..

This is for those who leave comments of “Don’t you ever stop?”  “Do you ever sleep?”  “Can’t you give it a REST!?”

Yes.  Yes I do!  And very well thank you!

Maybe they were feeling like my go go go pace was making them look bad ----but there are times like this 10 days home where it is just nice to be NORMAL.

And I love getting to just play MOM.

Jason and his buddies Alex and Dominic arrived last night, instantly filling the cabin with young ((although still very grown up!)) voices and filling us in on what is going on in their lives.  It’s exciting to be in your late 20s and early 30s.  And I really like Jason’s friends.  He has chosen well!

We chatted while burgers went on the grill – you know men arrive hungry.

We left them down in the family room watching tv when it was bedtime ----

I awoke to the aroma of coffee and man-chatter as they dressed and packed the van for their trip up to Beech Mountain, which has better and longer snowboarding runs than Sugar –and it’s a bit more affordable – these are hard working guys on a budget.

I crawled out of bed, and took my place in the kitchen!

Cabin_Jan2014 113

Sadie patiently waits for any “fall out” from breakfast!

Yes, I admit it..I’m a sneaky photographer, most of the time they don’t even know I’m at it….I love candids!

Cabin_Jan2014 114

Hi guys!!

Eggs on the griddle, smell of bacon in the air!  Gotta feed these guys some decent protein, they are going to need it today!

They will be back for dinner tonight, and then head back down to Columbia, SC after dinner as all have to work tomorrow.  They are out the door and gone…..that’s one job done for the day.

Next up on the agenda is waiting for the gas company to come hook up the gas fireplace insert.  I’ve had emails asking where we found ours, and it is from Northern Tool, click HERE for more info.

Cabin_Jan2014 115

This is the model we chose, and it fits right into the fireplace opening. 

It has a blower fan on it to distribute the heat, and I love how rustic it looks in there, like it was meant to be there.

We are replacing the wood stove down in the basement with the same gas one shown here as well….the mess, the uncontrollable heat due to no thermostat, having to buy wood, or buy pellets….just not user friendly when we are only here part time.  The cabin is already hooked to gas, so it’s a no brainer to switch to these, and yes, they do have temperature control!

I’ll be busy staying out of the workers way as they take care of business.

It will be a good time to be back at the kitchen breakfast bar trimming away on bonus triangles…

Happy FRIDAY!!

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  1. The fireplace insert is going to be awesome. (Wish I had a fireplace.) I had neighbors with a wood stove and the soot on her ceilings had to be scrubbed off and repainted every 2 years. Awful mess with wood. (Plus who wants to be a lumberjack when you could be a QUILTER) ! Enjoy the warmth!

  2. Good morning! Hope the boys have a great day! Wish I had been there for breakfast.....yummy! I'll have Special K instead and get ready for a fabulous day of teaching my church group, rehab and a little "stitch-time" with my bestie. Have a super Friday Bonnie

  3. see ya in about 2 weeks, Bonnie!!! hoep the guys have a nice safe day playing and having fun! hope you get some sewing time in while they are gone!

  4. You'll like the gas heater. You can stand by it and get warm when you're cold...like a wood stove without all the mess!

  5. Those pancakes look so yummy.
    I had a job cooking at a school camp. Twice a week I would make between 180 - 300 pancakes by 8 am.
    I am happy I don't do that any more.
    We also had a gas heater like yours. They are so cosy & no mess.

  6. Anonymous9:57 AM EST

    I have one of them in my dining room and love it. It is so easy to use. You will love it. Trying to get in your class in the fall in Ny. Hope to see you then. I am working on my second cs . Love it and thanks again for all you do for us.

  7. I am so happy you have some days off. You work very hard and are so dedicated to you work you need some playtime. Love the stove insert.

  8. Those pancakes make me hungry! Have a relaxing, warm, and productive day at the cabin.

  9. OK Bonnie,,, did you hang from the ceiling fan or light to get that photo....lol you cabin is so pretty and cozy.... have a great weekend..


  10. Ahh, the hidden benefits of owning the cabin...your kids actually want to come visit! Enjoy.

  11. Playing Mom is the thing I love best! I really miss my kiddos, but it is exciting to watch as they raise theirs. So glad you got a day to "play" mom and be with them! Enjoy your time at your cabin, looks like heaven!

  12. Sewing and quilting is a necessary part of our lives but hanging with the family goes right to the top of the list. Always take advantage of those precious opportunities.

  13. How fun! I miss those days too, but now when my son comes to visit he
    brings his daughter :0)!
    Have fun relaxing and waiting for the boys to return on their way home.

    Happy Sewing

  14. It just hit me square on the head!!!!

    We all think what would it be like to live your schedule, quilt, quilt even more and all that. You have moments between your "Quilted Life" to enjoy family.

    With most of us, it is exactly the opposite.

    Normal is relative!!!! Have a great time at home/cabin with those your have to be away from so many times.


  15. What a great way to spend time with your guys!! Pancakes always hit the spot!!!

    A while back you were looking for a place. Did you give up and decide to keep this wonderful place your at often?

    That fireplace is going to be great! Enjoy!!!!

  16. Looks like you are really enjoying your time at the cabin. You are a very lucky lady. Thanks for sharing some of your time with us!

  17. Enjoy being with your son and his friends. You know you have done a great job rearing your kids when they want to bring home their friends especially when they are actually out of school and working. Rest easy!

  18. Way to catch them in a SNAPSHOT! Sending them off with stick to your ribs breakfast- good choice. The insert will be great. Enjoy your cabin!

  19. Anonymous4:55 PM EST

    Hope they got the fireplaces hooked up and you are getting all toasty by them! I have been sewing all day!! Just finished aprons for my grown girls for Valentines Day..they turned out so cute. They both cook a lot :)! I love when my girls and their hubbies come over...is the best! :) Both my wonderful son-in-law's names is Mike. LOL!
    What do you sew on at the cabin? Vanessa Swedie@tampabay.rr.com

  20. I miss "the guys" and my son at our house when he was in high school and college. The cookie baking and rice krispie treats were always done each week. Enjoy this special time--it goes by too fast! Now my son is 33 yrs. old, married, three wonderful kids and a master's degree behind him. Now I spoil the grandkids! And as for you going like the Energizer Bunny--you GO GIRL! Do all you can while you're younger! I go to as many quilt things as I can now at age 66, because in time, I will be housebound with an ill husband or such, as some of my friends are!


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