Saturday, January 25, 2014

Terri’s Hearts Aren’t Crummy!

Terri’s hearts are CRUMBY!!

In all the best ways possible.

Colorful, Whimsical, Magical ---and very very scrappy indeed!

We just finished dinner at retreat, and I am taking a quick break to tackle the mounting email before heading back to my little corner to sew with the ladies ---and this quilt is so so so cute I couldn’t help but share it right away!

Terri writes:


Hi Bonnie
I finally got my Crumby Heart quilt...quilted

I pieced the back too.

I love all "the remains" and scraps.., and LOVE Remains when all else fails.

I found your website when searching for a method to manage my scraps- and discovered your free patterns, tutorials and blog.  I had lots of scraps from a paper pieced project that I couldn't toss.  I had never dreamed of making Crumby fabric. 

But now I'm addicted !

This was my first Bonnie- inspiration.  But I've made many others.  Midnight Flight, Easy Street, Lazy Sunday, Betty's Choice, a biggie Jelly Bean Blast, and I'm almost done with Celtic Solstice.
I hope my pics are a welcome addition to the Crumby Heart file/collection.

Sew Thankful
Terri Lynch 
Terri, this is just the most fun quilt EVER!!

Just think of all the fun and crumby blocks that could come out of the never-ending scrap bins at retreat?!?

AL_Jan2014 181

I don’t think it’s any better yet, but it certainly isn't any worse! LOL!

Everyone is sewing up a storm and I am about to go rejoin the crowd.  

We've got some show and tell going on tonight and the big Fat Quarter drawing is in the line-up too!  These gals really know how to put on a fabulous retreat, and it’s fun to feel just like one of the girls!

Catch ya later!

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  1. Anonymous10:09 PM EST

    Love the crummy hearts. I have so many scraps... I need to find something to do with them. You are giving me ideas...

  2. So who gets to take home all those scraps!

  3. I've been working on my scraps over the weekend while doing other projects. I just never know when to stop. I still have bins of crumbs and scraps and strings. Can't stop now!

  4. i am so inspired...i have been cutting scraps til i have been pooped out...but i have to remember, what has taken 14 years to collect cannot be tamed in a few weeks...

    terri gives me hope!

  5. I could cut my scraps much easier if I was just doing the Stash way. It is nicely folded whereas my scrap bin all needs to be ironed. Slow going for sure. Maybe I should put it in a box and send to a quilty friend... I swear it is Multipling like rabbits. I found some "Blue Clues" fabric today to chop up! Almost too cute to cut. LOL
    Nice to be one of the girls!

  6. That's a really fun quilt. Really funky too. It's got me thinking about my own scraps...


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