Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tickling the Ivories!

FL_Jan2014 305
There are pianos on the loose in downtown Sarasota!

Brightly colored, artful pianos..just begging for someone to come sit and play in the beautiful open air!

We had some time to wander a bit before dinner on Monday ---class was over at 4pm, and our dinner reservation wasn’t until 5pm –PERFECT afternoon for enjoying down town and being outside.

The pianos are painted by local artists, I think there are 6 of them total, and there is a placcard on each stating who the artist is, and other info:

FL_Jan2014 306

Sarasota Keys Piano Project!

FL_Jan2014 309

Playing a duet!

FL_Jan2014 312

Pianos in all different colors and styles!

This one had a guitar on top, and a message on the bench to explain the artwork:

FL_Jan2014 313

Now some may say these are loud and gaudy, but they made ME smile!  Kind of the same way I design a quilt just because I want to work with those colors – no matter whether they match my house or not.  I don’t quilt for home-dec ---I quilt to explore color combos!  In this case….I wouldn’t paint the piano to match my room, I’d match the room to my piano!

FL_Jan2014 314

I joined the many who have and will sit at this public piano and pick out a tune :c)

FL_Jan2014 310

While walking from one piano to the next – I spotted a very sporty cruiser bike with front basket.  Yes – if I lived here, I’d love to have one of these!  It’s a must-have if you live near the beach!

FL_Jan2014 318

Flowers were blooming above us, and I had to take a photo of these vibrant fuscia colored blooms!

FL_Jan2014 311

But don’t spend so much time looking up that you forget to look down!

I spotted this beautiful tile entry way with gorgeous grecian key border as we were walking toward the next piano.  Must stop and get a photo!  Yep!  That border could work for something, look how it changes direction on the center of the sides so that it turns the corners where it should ---someone planned this out pretty carefully!

FL_Jan2014 315

Another piano – with all different sizes of circles!

Check out what it says on the back:

FL_Jan2014 317

The secret life of a Circle….

But this one is my favorite:

FL_Jan2014 319

Oh yes!  This one I would have in my house!

FL_Jan2014 320

Check out the tropical flowers…love that red trim!

You can find more info on the Sarasota Keys Piano Project HERE.

FL_Jan2014 321

It was soon time to head to where we were going for dinner: Marina Jacks on the water!  This photo was taken from the window where we were seated ---the sun was so beautiful behind the clouds!  I love silouette photos and that is just what I got from our vantage point!

FL_Jan2014 322

And yes it’s another food photo!

This is grilled salmon with a delicious gorgonzola sauce – and the asparagus was just PERFECT!  It was a great way to end the day, to see a bit of Sarasota before heading back to the church for my presentation that night.

So here I am in Mobile,Alabama –retreat doesn’t start until tomorrow, so today is a free day, and some gals have volunteered to take me around sight seeing and antiquing! 

Who knows what trouble we will find ourselves in!  Stay tuned and find out Smile

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!

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  1. Oh, I LOVE the pianos but I must admit one of my first thoughts was that I sure hope someone runs out and covers them or takes them inside when rain is in the forecast!!

  2. Don't you just love those pianos. I wouldn't mind one in my home. Your photos are wonderful and really cheer me up in this wet and windy weather. Can't wait for your next blog.

  3. My town does the piano thing in the Summer -- doesn't really work in the winter! ;-) Here's some of the pianos https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.585769308120807.1073741833.114811105216632&type=3

    Not quite as colorful as Florida!

  4. I love seeing the world though your blog posts. You have a wonderful and amazing life and thank you for not only sharing your quilt life and lessons you have for us but your life. You are a amazing woman!

    Tina aka tee tee

  5. I have an old piano (that sits on my sewing area with fabric on it) and I would LOVE tor someone to do this to it! Breathtaking !

  6. What fun to see the pianos. I always enjoy your pictures. Looks like they are part of the "streetpianos.com" project. Over 1,000 pianos in cities all over the globe.

  7. I have never seen the piano's although that would have been great to see it. I do like Marina Jacks though. The flowers were bougainvillaes. They come in a variety of colors. They bloom mostly year round!!

  8. Beautiful pianos. Love that tiles on the entry way. It could be a quilt by itself.

  9. Looks wonderful in Sarasota, from the fuchsia to the beautiful pianos to the lovely sunset. We have been digging out today from under 17 inches of snow, so these pictures were a welcome distraction.
    Can I say, wish we were there? ;-)

  10. Anonymous9:18 PM EST

    Love the different pianos and so amazing to see them all outside for anyone to play. GREAT.
    Love your posts and hope to do one of your quilts and post it one of these days.
    Karen Beck

  11. A local restaurant had a salmon with a blue cheese sauce and I LOVED it. They no longer serve it :( I've tried to recreate it with little success, I guess I should take a little trip

  12. Those pianos are so interesting. Looks like a lot of fun.


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