Monday, January 06, 2014

Boxy Stars Day in McKinney!

McKinney_TX2014 063
Here I sit at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport waiting to board a flight
It’s COLD here.  And I know it is colder elsewhere, but cold is cold is cold when you have to stay inside and windy cold is the worst ever!

The Dallas airport is kind of crazy in that there is a security check point at each section ---usually right at the top of doors leading from the outside in, and the cold air comes up escalators freezing everything in its path.

I swear if it is 17 degrees outside, it’s 17 degrees inside where you are removing your coat and your shoes to go through security!

We’ve been here almost two hours and my feet are STILL cold.

Today is one of those weird days – how often does it come to pass that you have breakfast in Dallas, Lunch in Atlanta, and dinner in Phoenix?!  This is that day!

I’m hoping that all flights are a go.  All of my flights are southern flights – the one to Atlanta just bounces back and forth between Dallas and Atlanta as its only route, so there is no Northern issue there.  The flight to Phoenix is also south – so as long as crew is not coming in from Chicago or somewhere snow-bound and gridlocked, we should be okay!

So here’s crossed fingers for safe flights, plenty of hexie time and no extreme travel delays.

Our class yesterday was a fun half day ---

Block quarters were quickly assembed and turned into stars as we sewed our way through the afternoon.

Click the image below if you can’t view the slide show on your mobile device.  You’ll be taken directly to the photo album for viewing.

Boxy Stars, McKinney TX 2014

Dad DVR'd Downton Abbey so we can watch it together tonight at his house.  I'm looking forward to a couple of days spending time with Dad, my brother Mark and his family -- and thawing out my feet in warmer AZ temps!

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  1. Hi Bonnie ... its a beautiful day here in Phoenix so I'm sure you will thaw out quickly. Hugs to you, your Dad and especially Mark. I brought some of my CS blocks to work and got so many oohs and aahs. Thank you so very much for doing this for us and with us. *Lori* aka Quilty Gal in Mesa, AZ

  2. Safe travels Bonnie. Share lots of hugs with your dad and mark and you will get warm :)
    It's cold here in TN... 7deg this morning with a wind chill of -17! Yikes! Poor Toby barely wants to go out to take care of business this moring. It's supposed to be cold again tomorrow then up to 40 on Wed!! Looking forward to the heat wave!

  3. Crossing my fingers all flights work out and that you get some great family time in here in Arizona! I watched Downton Abbey last night and it did not disapoint!

  4. I understand the airport thing. We were on one of the last flights out of Philly Thurs night. Darn lucky, too, 'cause it hasn't gotten any better.

  5. Love this pattern. In enjoy optical illusion quilts. Some of the blocks sure do that to my eyes, how about ya'll?

    Weather here is going down to 1 degree tonight here in East TN ... somewhat cold ;)

    Smiles, waving with gloves on

  6. you will LOVE the Downton Abbey Two hour Premiere! Lots of stuff twists and turns... Have a great time with your family! I had to make the Boxy Stars and use up my 2'5" leftover strips. Between putting CS block parts together too.

  7. Bonnie, I hope you enjoy lots of lovely sunny, warm weather while in AZ, because it's surely cold back home. We'll bottom out the thermometer tonight in VA, and the outlook isn't much better for tomorrow.
    I made a pot of chicken and dumplings, some BBQ, and some Mexican Chicken soup to tide us over during the cold weather. tomorrow i'll be huddled under 2 quilts putting the bindings on while keeping warm and thinking of sunny AZ. have fun!


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