Monday, January 20, 2014

Boxy Stars in the Afternoon!

FL_Jan2014 251
Very relaxed, chain piecing away, laughing and chatting and making new friends!

Class ran from 1 to 6 ---because the church was being used on Sunday morning for church services ((understandable!)) and we went afterwards when the building was available.

We still had as much time to sew in an afternoon class as we would have in a full day class if we had broken for lunch ---we just sewed straight on through until it was time to pack up.

I KNOW there was a lot of cutting to do ahead of time, but I kept hearing stories of how “entire” quilts were coming out of untamed scrap boxes and the fabric never seemed to go down….EXACTLY!!

The variety of fabrics was inspiring ---the colors, textures, values and genres….

FL_Jan2014 234

When students have their own vision and change the value placement..look what happens!

FL_Jan2014 246

When quilters decide to take block quarters and change them further – I get excited about their choices!

FL_Jan2014 252

And Regan, this one is for you!!

I am so happy to see Suzanne from Maine every chance I can get..what a fun sweet gal she is to be around, and she came to my classes both in Punta Gorda and in Sarasota!

FL_Jan2014 219

We were wowed by Shirley’s gorgeous Pineapple Blossom for show & tell--

And we spent the entire afternoon just sewing our brains out and having a great time.

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If you are new here, you will find the free pattern for Boxy Stars under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog.  Dig into the scraps and start sewing!

And here we are already to Monday.  It's my double-duty day with a full day Virginia Bound workshop this morning, followed by a presentation to the Friendship Knot Quilters Guild this evening.

Tomorrow -- on to Mobile, Alabama!

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  1. I love the Boxy Stars pattern. That is the pattern I chose for 3 young daughters to learn to sew and to make a quilt for their mother (target-date: Mother's Day). Lots of straight sewing, very little seam matching, and plenty of color selecting. I also set up another machine without a seam guide for them to more easily sew the diagonal line on the corners. They are highly motivated. We are having so much fun! Thanks for the free pattern.

  2. Love the Boxy Stars. By the way I did some research on those birds you had in your picture. Looks like an American Avocet.

  3. I have fallen in love with the Boxy Star pattern. I have the blocks done, getting ready to add sashing. Then I thought I'd make it bigger, heaven knows I have the strips! I think the ladies that come to QBee day would love to make this one too!
    Thank You Bonnie!

  4. Boxy Stars is such a great pattern - looks complicated, goes together so easily! Nice work, quilters!

    Bonnie - your new sample quilt looks so bright and fun and cheerful. I enjoyed reading the posts as you were making it, watching it come together. Lovely!

  5. You people have too much fun! Love your work and will look you up if I amever in Florida...I'm in Was!

  6. Suzanne IS the nicest, sweetest gal ever! And she's so much fun to sew with! In the slideshow, I see her fun block in front of her beautiful featherweight! Bonnie....you've definitely created some vintage machine fiends out there!!! One of these days, I'm hoping to spend some time and learn my treadle! :o)


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