Friday, January 24, 2014

Retreat in the Sleet!

Sleet happens!

There are little icy crystals falling from the sky, but if they have to fall – at least we are all safe inside and sewing away for our retreat weekend with the azalea city quilters of Mobile, Alabama!

There is enough food and snacks in this one building to sustain us through the zombie apocalypse! :-)

There is enough fabric and scraps to keep us busy for at least that long!

We are many – over 60 quilter's strong, and we are gathered into two large rooms – half and one and half and the other.

I am bouncing back-and-forth between both rooms giving demos here, and demos there, and everyone is having a great time :-)

Our class sample is hung in the foyer outside of both rooms where everyone can get a good look. We are celebrating try Rex stars with both Smith Mountain morning, and the guild donation Quilt in red white and blue --take a look!

You will find the pattern for Smith Mountain morning in my book scraps and shirttails II. 

Lunch is about over, and we will be moving on to our next unit shortly :-)

Quilty love from camp Beckwith--

Bonnie and the azalea city girls!


Teresa in Music City said...

Oh what FUN!!!! Wish I was there :)

Judy Clayton said...

Enjoy ladies! The quilts are beautiful!

Janet said...

Food, fabric, and friendship- no worries at all! Have fun.

Anonymous said...

It looks like a fun time!
And how often do they get sleet in Mobile...probably almost never!

Always In Stitches said...

I am so jealous. What fun.

Donna in NW FL said...

Love the quilts! Would love to go to a retreat with Bonnie but I am having a great time at Quilting by the Bay's retreat in Panama City with Pat Wys!

Anonymous said...

Come mi piacerebbe essere lì con voi! Mi sembra che vi divertiate tanto, ma io sono tanto lontana (in Italia). Bonnie quando vieni quì, ti vogliamo anche noi.
Un bacio a tutte Silvana

JaneB said...

Wish I was there! Love the red, white & blue quilt!