Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hello from Florida–And stuff!

Florida_Jan2014 003
I arrived in Sarasota this afternoon, luggage made it ---and I was whisked off to Punta Gorda by happy quilters!

LOOK!  Palm Trees!  My favorite! Open-mouthed smile

It was a long travel day, and not enough sleep last night ---There were issues with google+ and youtube when I started Quilt-Cam last night.  There was a “yes I have read all of the small print and agree to the terms and licenses blah blah blah” form on my laptop screen OVER the camera view when I logged on.

I checked the box to say “yes I have read all of this blabber and agree” --- but there was no button to hit ENTER!

I finally got it working, and it played back last night when I was done, but all day long I’ve been getting emails and messages of “please fix YouTube-- it isn't playing”.

It seems something happened when they archived the video session after we were done last night.

I can’t fix it – it wasn’t my mistake.

Quilt-Cam is not recorded ON TO my computer, it’s live streaming, so there is no video that I can re-upload.

Google and YouTube do things that I have no control over ---so we heave a sigh and throw up our hands and say “Oh well, we will try it again next time!”

But I’m getting leary – because every time I go to set that cam live and start the feed, knowing you are waiting for it, they are always throwing in some new format, different things, moving things around – and I think they just need to get bugs out and quit mucking with stuff before we go elsewhere!

Needless to say – when it’s broken, please contact YOUTUBE – not me.  Because I can’t fix it Smile

Florida_Jan2014 001

This is the lovely room where I am tapping away tonight.

Florida_Jan2014 002

This is the beautiful view outside of my window!

((Yes, it was a bit of a rainy day, but it felt wonderful to me!))

I got a great email from Theresa and I wanted to share with you the link to her blog and story!  It really made me smile.

But first a bit of background:


Theresa writes:

Hello Bonnie,
I know you meet lots of people and may not recall who I am, but I was able to take your workshop (Charlotte's Baskets) last year in Glen Falls, NY.  The year prior to that I attended your workshop (My Blue Heaven) in Wellsboro, PA.  I've attached a photo for you to put a face to my name. :)  I'm the REALLY SHORT one wearing green.
In your spare time (yeah, I hear you laughing), I thought you may enjoy reading a blog post I just wrote today sharing about my experience teaching my 73 year old Dad how to sew for the first time...and the quilt top he made. :)
The link is:  http://quiltandsewforever.blogspot.com/2014/01/teaching-my-daddy-to-sew.html
Go read it!  I guarantee it will make your heart smile – I know it did mine!
Thanks for sharing Theresa!
And with that I think I’ done for the day.  I will likely curl up and pull out the hexies and relax a bit – I don’t have a machine at my disposal this evening, and actually – quiet hand work is just what this girl needs!
Tomorrow is a My Blue Heaven Workshop –and the fun in Florida begins!

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Sherie said...

I LOVE Florida and can't wait to visit again! Rain sounds good to me! Enjoy!

QueenB said...

Enjoy the handpiecing after the long day's travel.
I too dislike the upgrade/updates lets hope youtube get it going right the next time.

Mary Lou Ozburn said...

Sarasota is one of our favorite vacation spots. We love Siesta Beach! Wish I were there when you do your trunk show.

DBrez said...

Hi Bonnie. I watched Monday's quilt cam on YouTube today with no problem. They are not in order by date, just had to poke around a bit to find it.
If you get over to St. Armand's Key try the Spanish restaurant on the circle--hope it is still there! Enjoy the palm trees,

Pat, IN said...

Hi Bonnie! My aunt is active in her guild there--she lives in Punta Gorda and I am in IN. Her name is Carol Davis. Could you give her a hug for mr !?!? Thanks, Patty

She would be so surprised!!!!

queenopearls said...

Welcome to my old home town!! I grew up in Sarasota. Punta Gorda is gorgeous too. Enjoy! Thank you also for the link to Theresa's blog. What a wonderful story and quilt her father made.
Quilters are the awesome!

Eileen Morison said...

Help I was reading one of your posts and there was on the bottom "you might also like" and it showed one of your quilts that was in the July issue of a magazine. It had some flying geese in it. I went to order the magazine because I loved the pattern and got called away and now don't even know which nagazine it was in. Do you know which one I am refering to or is my information too vague?

Karen said...

I can see quilt cam on Google+ It works fine there.

Kim said...

Nice story, I don't know many Dads that would have tried to make a quilt top do you?

Happy Sewing

Eileen Morison said...

I found the pattern. It was in the Quilt Maker but in May /June editions and it was called Wild and Goosey. Thanks

GranChris said...

I know you don't want to hear this now but you can fly straight to Punta Gorda from Greenville/Sparta on Allegient Airlines. I do it all the time. My grandchildren are there.

Janet said...

Hi Bonnie, not sure why so many are complaining about quilt cam - I just watched it from your blog with no problems, while putting the borders on my Celtic solstice top - thanks for a fantastic pattern,

Janet in warm steamy Brisbane Australia

Bev Jenkins said...

Watched quiltcam yesterday in N.Z. without any problems.

Val said...

We are vacationing less than 2 hrs away in Florida, wish I had checked ahead to see your schedule. Would have been wonderful to meet you. You have inspired me to sew and quilt again after a 4 year drought.

Thank you.