Monday, January 27, 2014

Show & Share from Retreat!

AL_Jan2014 111
You know when you get a large group of quilters together for retreat that there is going to be some dang amazing Show & Share!

We were not disappointed--Our socks were blown so high, they have not come down yet!

And OH the inspiration!

Isn’t this colorful quilt fun?  She used the crumb strips that I was sewing on an earlier Quilt-Cam ((Yes, this is still a WIP for me!)) piecing them by color family and sewing them into groups for the center of large stars!  Still a top, there are borders and quilting coming, but FUN FUN FUN!

AL_Jan2014 112

SEVERAL Easy Streets made an appearance!

AL_Jan2014 113

Here’s another!

AL_Jan2014 209

And one more!

Easy Street was LAST year’s mystery and is making an appearance in my next book due out in the next couple of months!  We are down to the wire on getting everything ready for printing..so stay tuned!

AL_Jan2014 064

Diane finished her Pineapple Crazy from String Fling!!  Whhhhooohooooo!

AL_Jan2014 114

Good things come in pairs!
How about a pair of Lazy Sundays?

Lazy Sunday ran through 4 issues of Quiltmaker Magazine last year as a mystery – and will be appearing as a regular pattern in the new book also!

AL_Jan2014 115

Orca Bay came out to Play!
((Pattern found in String Fling!))

AL_Jan2014 117

Hopscotch Butterscotch from Adventures with Leaders & Enders – gone KING SIZE!

AL_Jan2014 120

A gorgeous Scrappy Mountain Majesties from recycled shirts!
Pattern is found under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog--

AL_Jan2014 203

Hand pieced double wedding ring..in the process of being hand quilted!

This quilt was BEAUTIFUL!!

AL_Jan2014 206

Roll Roll Cotton Boll from String Fling was in the house!

AL_Jan2014 208

Donna also brought her Orca Bay from String Fling!

AL_Jan2014 210

Cathedral Stars also by Donna!  Pattern is found under the Free Patterns Tab at the top of the blog ---

The following are quilts brought to my lecture by Susan:

AL_Jan2014 188

Perkiomen Daydreams from Scraps & Shirttails!  WOW!

AL_Jan2014 189

Blue Skies from String Fling!  Susan is one busy scrappy girl!

AL_Jan2014 190

Susan’s Orca Bay from String Fling!

AL_Jan2014 191

Blue Ridge Beauty from Adventures with Leaders & Enders!

Ladies, I appreciate your show and share SO MUCH ---I love seeing them, I love sharing them.  We are bound together by our love of scrap quilts and sew much more!

I know this is short notice, but is anyone interested in Quilt-Cam tonight?

I’m home alone!  The Hubster is up at Quilt Villa, his brother came into town yesterday, and they are puttering around with the 4-wheelers and doing guy stuff.  I may head up there tomorrow night, or Wednesday morning as they also have Sadie with them ---Dave will drive Bruce back to Charlotte to the airport on Wednesday morning and then go to Hickory where he has some meetings for the day, which means SOMEONE has to go to be with Sadie, and that leaves me!

Jason is planning on coming up to the cabin on Thursday with some buddies, going snowboarding at Sugar –so the cabin will be full through the weekend and I’ll be in the midst of that.

If we want Quilt-Cam – it’s gotta be TODAY if we do it at all this week.

9pm, Eastern Time – see you there, bring a project – let’s sew together!

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  1. Susan is quite the quilting machine, isn't she? All gorgeous quilts. See you at QuiltCam tonight!

  2. What fabulous quilts - made by such talented ladies!

  3. All those quilts are so beautiful and so inspiring. I can't imagine what it must feel like to see so many amazing creations from your patterns.

    Woohoo on QuiltCam tonight. Perfect timing for me as I have Quilt Guild meeting tonight and will be ready to roll! Thank you!


  4. My goodness, Susan is a prolific quilter! That must be so much fun to see your patterns come alive with other peoples' scraps and inspiration.

  5. Fantastic show and share!
    Yippee for QUiltCam tonight!

  6. QuiltCam! Yay!! Home from Road to California just in time. Alex was excited to hear that you've mentioned your upcoming taping of The Quilt Show on QuiltCam.

  7. Cool quilts! Sounds like you had an amazing stay at the retreat. Love that you are willing to jump right in and do quilt cam tonight. I'm going to try to tune in.

  8. Anonymous11:08 AM EST

    Those are all beautiful, ladies! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Woo-Hoo!!! Those quilts are awesome, some very busy ladies. Very inspiring!

  10. Definitely ready for Quiltcam. Bring it on!

  11. YAY - Quilt Cam tonight!! If it's too cold in the studio thanks to the Polar Vortex, I'll be on the couch, hand quilting with my headphones on. Can't wait!! Seeing all those beautiful quilts you shared with us is such an inspiration! Thanks!

  12. Those are beautiful quilts! You must have been very pleased. I will be watching QuiltCam tonight as our quilt meeting was cancelled due to extremely cold weather here in Wisconsin and our thermometers have to be set at 60 degrees because of the rupture of the natural gas pipe line in Canada. I will be watching with a quilt wrapped around me.

  13. Awesome. Quilt Cam tonight! Can't wait!
    I'm quilting my Celtic Solstice and I'm almost done.

  14. Woo Hoo and Y.E.S. for Quilt Cam tonight!! Thanks for fitting it in before you head up to the cabin. What a great trip you just arrived home from. I agree, attending a retreat on your birthday is the best way to celebrate. So glad they made it so special for you. Hugs, Allison

  15. Love the photos…and I'm game for quilt-cam!

  16. I'm there for QuiltCam! Hubby is on afternoons so I can actually sit at the computer and relax while finishing up some handquilting!

  17. Liz from Louisiana1:19 AM EST

    I went back & watched the QuiltCam about your string blocks. I wonder why you start in the middle of the paper strip? I have only done a few strips on adding machine paper from my limited crumbs (relatively new quilter)but I started from one end. Thanks for all of your quilting knowledge that you share!

  18. Bon, it must bring you such joy to see all the quilts accomplished from your workshops. I'm always impressed with what gets competed!

  19. I've been collecting my crumb and string pieces into quart-size freezer bags. Think I'll change them over to gallon sized bags. But that first quilt shown is what I've been thinking I'd do once my crumbs and/or strings filled a bag. Start putting them together for use as a block center.


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