Thursday, January 09, 2014

Hot off the Ebook Presses by Quiltmaker!


Quiltmaker has a whole library of ebook!  They  contain free patterns for all sorts of great quilts. You can access them by subscribing to the free Quiltmaker e-newsletter called Quilty News. Take a look at my recent e-book cover!

Click the link to sign up for Quilty News: http://www.quiltmaker.com/newsletters/index.html  and you will have access to this free e-book and many more in the Quiltmaker Magazine e-book library!
I’m really excited that they have pulled 6 of my most popular Addicted to Scraps column blocks and combined them in this volume for easy access.

Which reminds me…I have the cover quilt in the works and I need to pull it back out and get back working on it!

I’m sitting on the plane as I type this, wedged into the narrowest exit row seat I could be shoe-horned into.

I am NOT that big of a lady –but this seat is making me feel like one….I don’t know HOW they would get a man to fit here.  SERIOUSLY.  It’s one of those with solid arms, the audio control is embedded in my hip ---but no matter what I am happy to be on a flight and headed home.

The hexies are at hand.  My kindle fire is loaded with things to watch while I stitch ---

Catch you later, everyone!

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  1. I downloaded this ebook yesterday, yay! But it says vol. 2....how did I miss vol. 1 and is it still available?

  2. Just think about my legs being there!

  3. I saw on the news the other day how they are squeezing more seats in planes by making the seats smaller. Guess you got one of those. Sorry to hear, they looked really cramped.

  4. Vol 1 was baby quilts, each volume is a different topic.

  5. I just downloaded the eBook.
    Wonderful. But I have a complaint-
    I just can't keep up with all your ideas and patterns!
    Thanks for all the inspiration!


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