Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Good Things Come in Putty-Beige!

FL_Jan2014 051
Before heading to Florida, I emailed “The Powers That Be” in each of the guilds I am visiting to see if they perhaps had someone with a loaner machine they would lend me for use during my stay.

This morning when I was picked up at the hotel for my ride to the workshop, they let me know that yes – indeed!  There was someone in class who was happy to loan me a featherweight.

Not seeing the machine ---but resting assured that it was in the trunk of the car, and would be going home to the hotel with me, I just assumed….I mean, I thought…wouldn’t you?  That it was a black one.

Maybe a fancy scrolled faceplate.  Maybe a sleek striated face plate…maybe a well loved one showing a lot of wear, perhaps one with a story that it had been passed from grandmother to mother to granddaughter as the years have passed….

When I finally pulled up in front of the hotel for unloading, up went the trunk…and out came…


I squealed all the way to the elevator.

I wore a Cheshire Cat grin as I unlocked my door, and brought my bundle inside to set it gently on top of the desk --

FL_Jan2014 052

I opened the lid, and said “Hello, Good Lookin!”

FL_Jan2014 053

The light from the lamp casts a yellowish glow, but this is one of the elusive tan featherweights that are “just a bit” hard to come by!

Unless you happen to be the lucky owner – who just in passing overheard a conversation of someone wanting to sell their featherweight because they “just didn’t use it enough and it is taking up space”. 

This little beauty found its new home for $75.00!!!

I never find good deals like that --- not on Featherweights anyway ---

((Oh wait, yes I did!  There was the $40.00 beater machine that my niece Melissa found and I sent off to be painted School Bus!  Click HERE for the before photos, and HERE for AFTER!))

But I have NEVER NEVER not EVER sewn on an original putty beige 1950s sweetheart like this and I am ready to hop out of my work duds and into my comfy jammies, turn the TV on and start sewing away!

FL_Jan2014 055

I’m going to do some paper piecing!

The white melamine tray was stolen from under the coffee maker and re-purposed to hold my scraps!

I’ve got my aluminum travel tea mug and my plug in water heater coil, a stash of yummy tea with me ---it’s going to be a perfect evening!

And I’ll have the privilege of sewing happily away for the next two evenings.

Here’s to wishing YOU some piece-ful time tonight as well!

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  1. HOw beautiful! The perfect evening... enjoy!

  2. Hello Beautiful is so right. Great looking and a fun machine to use tonight.

  3. Ooh what a beautiful girl! Lucky you. What a find too. I dream of a cream colored one. Maybe someday......

  4. I didn't know featherweights came in tan. It is a beauty!

  5. She's a beauty! Enjoy your time with her. I've seen two beige featherweights recently up for auction on shopgoodwill.com. Now I see you have one to use...hmmm, maybe a subliminal message.

  6. I am so jealous.By the way, I was introduced to the water heater coils when I was a student in Germany so many, many years ago. German name: Tauchsieder. This is what I called it for years because I didn't know the English word. They were hard to find here, too. Hapyy sewing!

  7. I am lucky enough to have two of these in my collection. I love both of them and sew on them often, bring them to retreats all the time.

  8. Somehow I managed to acquire 2 tan Featherweights..they are so cool! Bonnie, did I misread this, did you buy this one or is it a loaner? happy piecing!!

  9. I have one of those and keep it in Indiana to use when I am up there (from TX) 2 or 3 times a year for retreats. Sews like a dream. Same case. SIL picked it up at an auction...how lucky was that. we are having a parade of FEATHERWEIGHTS at our guild next month. Should be fun. Enjoy your two days with that baby.

  10. Stitchgirl788:32 PM EST

    Oooh. Lucky you! I just love Featherweights!

  11. beauty! enjoy the stitching, as have others I'm sure.

  12. Just checked Kijiji here in Calgary - there are 3-4 featherweights for sale 1948-1950 vintage and all are priced at $500. HA!

  13. I can see your smile from Canada!
    Linda C.

  14. Thank you Myrna, I didn't know about shopgoodwill, just checked it out. Terrific. Bonnie, you have the most terrific followers. Have fun in Florida. Indiana is cold.

  15. What a beautiful machine. I so hope to own one some day

  16. Enjoy your time with that sweet machine. $75 is a real deal! What block are you making with paper-piecing this time?

  17. Bonnie I just love your post. I saw this yesterday on my news feed but didn't have time to read it until this morning. You are my morning coffee buddy. I enjoy all you do. Thanks for the stories, the beautiful history of machines, and of course all the quilting inspirations you share. Wendy

  18. For some strange reason this reminds me of the "mother of the groom" advice I received when my middle son's wedding was in the planning stages: The mother of the groom just needs to keep quiet and wear beige.

  19. I have one of these beige featherweights that my sister gave me because she doesn't use it any more. I hate to say that I've never used it. I need to take it in & have it cleaned & adjusted. If you come to Grand Island, NE in 2018, I will have it ready for you to use.

  20. Anonymous1:09 PM EST

    Oh yes, I have one too. It was gifted to my by a treasurer friend. She pieces beautifully but hasn't been out to a class in years. Maybe it's time.
    Thank you for keeping all of us in your life. I love it.

  21. What a little tan cutie! Does she have "tan" lines? LOL, couldn't resist since you are in Florida after all! Sew glad you had a piece-ful evening. Happy teaching, Allison in Plano


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