Friday, January 24, 2014

Let the Retreat Begin!

AL_Jan2014 078
64 Quilters are descending on Camp Beckwith!

This is a photo of our lodgings….there are several “hotel” type rooms in each building, and I slept quite comfortably last night!

But boy is it cold ---22 f this morning!  Bbrrrrrrr!

Each of the lodges has a community room with couches and chairs for lounging and hand stitching too, if you didn’t want to be in the main big room with your machine.

AL_Jan2014 079

Of course a bed is never complete without your OWN quilt on it!

 AL_Jan2014 081

Last night we drove to a place that had great sea food ---Big Daddy’s Grill on Fish River ---isn’t this a pretty photo from the dock?  It looks warm, but it was getting chilly ---I love photos with water reflections.

AL_Jan2014 082

It was a festive place, and the food was very very good!

AL_Jan2014 083

I love eating local when I am out of town….you can’t get much more “LOCAL” than this!

AL_Jan2014 084

It was a GREAT birthday – thanks for the fun, everyone!

It’s time to head over for breakfast and get the day started – there are two sewing rooms, with 32 students each – I’ll need my running shoes today!

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  1. What a shame about the chill. Looks a great place though, I love being by water. Quilts on the beds look fabulous. Enjoy.

  2. You KNOW you're going to be well fed when each table has a roll of paper towels instead of wimpy napkins!!

  3. You are going to run that supper off today!
    Have fun!

  4. I am so mad at myself. I spend the winter in Gulf Shores, AL. I knew you were teaching down here, but I thought you were going to be in Mobile, so I didn't try to get in your class. I don't like driving in Mobile. But, now that I see you are at Camp Beckwith, I could drive there easily. RATS! Lesson learned. One of these days, I will find a place to take a class with you.

  5. I'm a little bit fare away to take this classes, but it sure would have been fun. Enjoy :-D

  6. Anonymous6:31 PM EST

    We visited my aunt in Mobile 4 years ago and my cousin's father-in-lkaw drove us down to Big Daddy's for a wonderful fish dinner. It's nice eating gulf fish in comparison to Pacific Ocean fish. Wish I could have joined you. (I'm out in Oregon) Malah P. at stitchin@alyrica.net

  7. 22f...that was our high today in WI.

  8. Anonymous2:52 AM EST

    Buon compleanno Bonnie! Che tu sia sempre così felice.
    Silvana Italia


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