Sunday, January 12, 2014

Of Sunny Walks and Scrappy Stars ---

Cabin_Jan2014 058
This is my little pile of 20 blocks made while up at the cabin for the past couple of days…20 is a good number!

I’ve now got them pinned in two sets of 10 to add to the other stack of blocks I finished over Christmas – which inadvertently got left back at the house. Ahhhhh the trials of having two sewing areas – some stuff always gets left at the other place!

I don’t even remember how many I was shooting for, or how many I have already done. 

But just to let you know that I am keeping myself a bit BALANCED in my endeavor to FINISH…I broke away from the sewing machine and hit the road with Sadie…she LOVES it up here!

Her nose goes crazy the moment we turn off the main road and begin our way up the mountain.

Window down – HEAD OUT!

Cabin_Jan2014 045

Sadie says, “Let’s GO, Mama!  Hike Faster!!”

Cabin_Jan2014 050

Things were peaceful by the pond….

I find it amazing that the pond was completely frozen over on Wednesday when DH was up here for the shed installation during the great “Polar Vortex of 2014” – and just a few days later – it’s thawed out again!

I love the pines ---down home, everything is hard woods so there is no green in our naked trees during the winter months.  The lovely greens of the pines, the moss, the lichen up here---helps me hold on til spring!

Cabin_Jan2014 051

We walked by a burbling creek –glistening in the dappled sunlight.

 Cabin_Jan2014 054

Crossed under “low clearance” trees on a hiking trail ---

Cabin_Jan2014 055

And went until the trail ended!

Cabin_Jan2014 048

We even took a break to ride 4 wheelers!!

The beauty of nature ---what could be better?

Okay, more time up here could be better, but  I’m glad we got a couple days up here.  It’s time to pack the pick up with everything that needs to go home and head back down the mountain  ---With the way my schedule is running, it will be February before I’m able to be back –

I’ll be counting down the days!

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  1. Anonymous5:45 PM EST

    We had a cabin in Big Bear, Ca. I used to go up during the Holidays and summer for a week or two at a time. What heaven. Hiked, sewed, read! It was a wonderful retreat. Hated to sell it.

    Karen J.

  2. I love it when we get to roam around in the woods. We may go 100 miles and never leave the county. Looks like you had a lot of fun.

  3. Bonnie, do you have a plan for the stars or do you just start sewing?? Loved your post this am on "one word".

  4. I know exactly what you mean by counting down the days. I would be too! It's such a lovely time up there. It's wonderful that you found that beautiful place. I don't remember seeing the pond before. Thanks for taking us along!

  5. February isn't really that far off-just a couple of weeks! I only know that for a fact because old Father Time is ticking on towards my birthday-no matter how I try to ignore him! How old depends on the day and the day and night before-how I feel is more important to me than numbers-would make a lousy accountant! Plus, if you are home, maybe we can have quilt cam????? Pleeeeeazze?

  6. We live in our cabin full time now. When we go off mountain to the flatlands I only want to githome. It's quiet, it's dark at nite, it's contentment personified. They won't even have to take me out in a pine box, this is home now, this is where we will stay.

  7. We live on 5 wooded acres in the country. I love it too until disaster strikes like last night. We let the dogs out before bed and they got skunked. Thankfully it was 65 degrees here in OK today which helped with airing out the ode a skunk.

  8. Oh Bonnie, isn't it great to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, the green and not only on trees, but moss, etc and the running water?? I live all of that and like you, there is not enough time for it very much! Hope y'all had a great time while you are at your second home!!

  9. Anonymous9:21 PM EST

    Bonnie, you are one lucky lady! Your cabin is beautiful and thank you for taking us along on your walk.
    It is beautiful up there. The scenery is just amazing.

    Pat Barnes

  10. Looks like a little piece of heaven :0)

    Happy Sewing

  11. Oh how jealous I am. We have snow snow snow. So during the winter months we hibernate. Oh but I o get quilting done.

  12. Oh how jealous I am. We have snow snow snow. So during the winter months we hibernate. Oh but I o get quilting done.

  13. So weird to see an unfrozen pond! It got up to 40 degrees here in Mpls, but still plenty of snow and temps on their way back down. Good to see you enjoying your great weather and relaxing. Balance is good!

  14. Bonnie, not sure you have ever heard the Tom T Hall song about the old man who tells him the best things in life are old dogs, children and watermelon wine! Leave out the wine if you like, and add family and friends.

    Seeing Sadie, reminded me of our sweet dog Lib. She is so very old, our 'children' and family and friends. Remember ALWAYS take time to take-time,, for what us really important.

    SO happy you have the cabin as a nice rural retreat. ENJOY!

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  15. I have had the pleasure of doing Your mystery, and hoping to finish this week. I am so Grateful for what you share With us. We also did some forest playing this weekend, and I topped it With swimming in the river. Magic With the snow on the ground. Being With you in the mystery is one of my high life quality essences. Big hug from Desiree, Norway!

  16. So happy you and your family have this cabin! You work so hard and full speed. ...you NEED this!♡ God Bless and enjoy!

  17. I love seeing your mountain retreat, and know exactly how you feel about it. It's the beach that call me. We have a summer place on Cape Cod and I am counting the days till the water can be turned on and I can go there. There is always something different to see while walking the beach or the scrub pine woods, it brings peace and contentment to this old soul.

  18. I can make you feel better about forgetting your blocks at home--I have only one sewing space (which is in a state of flux right now) and I have managed to misplace the blocks to a king-sized quilt. I'm piecing the last dozen or so and when I went to add them to the others, I couldn't find them.

    I love your posts from the cabin. You are a lucky woman.

  19. Thank you for sharing your BALANCE with us Bonnie! Such pretty sights to see on your walk up the Mountain with Sadie. Great to see you on the four wheeler too!! February's reward of cabin time will come when your work is done. Thank you for working! Quilt Cam tonight too! Woo Hoo and Yee Haw all the way from Texas! Keep sippin your tea. Hugs, Allison in Plano

  20. Anonymous2:01 PM EST

    Hello Bonnie, I have been getting your Quips for a little while, I have seen you on Facebook and I had a chance to look over some of your projects, I love stars.... And I just wanted to say Thank You for letting me see your projects and reading your thoughts and ideas. I am an avid recycler, all my quilts are made from 2nd hand stores, tag sales, yard sales, Freecycle or given to me be people who know I use up clothing etc. to make quilts. I will be reading your next Quip and look forward to seeing you on facebook....


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