Monday, January 06, 2014

iPhone-o-Gram! In flight Entertainment!

Hello Phoenix!

I'm standing at the curb with my luggage waiting for my dad to arrive – uneventful flight, but what a long travel day!

Flying back to Atlanta from Dallas to finally arriving Phoenix is not the best way to go – but at least all my flight stayed south, and I was able to get here – early!

Some students told me that I must watch "Bernie" the movie on my Kindle fire while flying today – hysterical!

Shirley McLain is fabulous-and Matthew McConaigggghghey (can't spell it for the life of me!) is perfect in his role, and of course very easy on the eyes!

And--be sure to catch the quilt co-stars!! I know there were s couple others I missed--but I know you will find them!

Here comes dad!  Gotta run!!


  1. Check out the quilt on the couch behind Shirley!! Figures you'd find a movie with quilts in it!! Are your toes warm yet?

  2. Welcome to the valley! Don't think I have seen that movie, am putting it on my list--love the quilts in it already! Enjoy your family!

  3. Added it to my movie list as well. Thanks Bonnie. Enjoy visiting with your Dad!

  4. Welcome to Arizona!
    How long are you here? Is there any chance at all you could get to Tucson over the weekend of the 17-18-19 for our quilt show? Just for fun....?
    If not I will wait until February to say hello in person!
    -Maria in Tucson

  5. Glad you arrived safely and with no troubles!

    I have noticed quilts in movies and shows more often now that I'm quilting. And my husband just rolled his eyes when I said that one of shots of the NYC new year's eve ball waiting to dropped looked like a GFG quilt!

  6. I've noticed that there seems to be, more often than not, vintage 30s quilts starring in movies that co-star Meg Ryan. I wonder if it is Meg's request or just the kind of movies in which she seems to act that the set designers select these lovelies to help set the tone of her roles' characters.

  7. You picked a great time to visit our sunny valley! Welcome!

  8. enjoy your brother and rest of the family. I will be sewing rows this is a great ride looks great.Thanks
    Paula in La.

  9. Betting you sent the large travel bags home with the hubby and your luggage will fit in Dad's car much better this time! Enjoy your visit! You have earned some time off after that marathon of classes you just finished! Whew-tired me out just thinking of that schedule!

  10. Welcome to Arizona. Enjoy your visit with your family. You definitely took the long way to get from Dallas to Phoenix! Glad you got here safely and a little early.

  11. Wish I was in Arizona. It's 12 below zero here. Only one gray squirrel and a few birds out there at the feeder. We're in the deep-freeze in Minnesota.


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