Monday, January 27, 2014

Quilt-Cam 1/27/2014

This is April’s kitty, Tiger ---and he NEVER misses Quilt-Cam!

How harshly is he critiquing me?  Only the cat knows…

I’m just hoping that Google+ hangouts cooperate with Youtube tonight and that there are no whammies for me to deal with when I push the button to go live!

I’m happy to be home….and this will be the first time I’ve sat at a sewing machine at HOME in 2 weeks!

I couldn’t even remember which project I was supposed to be working on….but wonder of wonders, the project was still in the box right next to the machine – oh yeah ---THOSE STARS.

QuiltCam 028

THESE Stars!

QuiltCam 027

I’ve pulled out my 1955 Singer 99, a gift from Sheila –it belonged to her Aunt Bradice!

Remember me trying to get her home HERE?

The machine came with the original manual, and a box of accessories!  And to add to the accessories collection…I tried out my new Birthday Toy on her!

QuiltCam 026

This is a vintage Singer Penguin walking foot!

Check out that original price  $3.95?!

They are kind of rare – I was so lucky to find one for my birthday!  They are cute as the dickens in action – take a look!

It’s a shaky little video, steer with one hand, video with the other….but isn’t this great?

The walking foot is now off, the regular foot back on and I am ready to work on my stars….want to sew with me? Click the screen below to start the feed!

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  1. Hooray! I’m able to watch quilt cam live tonight! I’m going to press and trim all the bonus triangles from Celtic Solstice. Yes, I made HST from the chevrons; yes, they are very tiny!! But I love itty bitty pieces and these will be fantastic made into a miniature quilt. Thanks, Bonnie, for all the great things you do for us. I, for one, never plan on whining!!

  2. I just love you Quiltville Bonnie. I can't wait to see any of your updates. It seems like I'm sitting on pins and needles waiting for your updates and Quilt-Cam. I really want to thank you for all you do for us....lol Just keep posting us.

  3. Enjoying QuiltCam while handsewing my Ring Around the Hexies flowers I started yesterday! So happy to catch you live! :)

  4. Hi Bonnie
    Can you move the camera to the left a little? We would have a better shot of the machine and less of the beautiful long arm behind you. (I was a TV director, before I became a quilter) Thanks Paula in Omaha

  5. Hi Bonnie

    Watching from very hot South Australia. Love to catch Quiltcam when I can. I wonder if one day you could demonstrate your Webbing technique on Quiltcam as I just can't seem to get my head the written instructions, and a visual display would be awesome!


  6. Ana in East Texas! Hey Quiltzilla Amiga...sewing on Smith Mountain tri rec blocks and watching Oklahoma BB Bedlam game! Piece on sista!

  7. Hi Bonnie!
    So glad to be joining you from snowy,cold, Michigan! We have been in the house for 3 days now because of extreme weather and tomorrow is another stay at home day. I have been working on my red/white/blue quilt and only have two more sets of blocks to go before starting to put it together. (It has 196 total blocks in it and some of them have more than 14 pieces each!) It reminds me of one of your quilts in # of pieces, but I am loving it!
    Thanks for doing quilt cam tonight and bringing some fresh voices into the house!
    Meg in Michigan

  8. Hi Bonnie! I learned to sew with my mother's 99k. Sadly, that machine was sold 20+ years ago, but I recently bought one and LOVE it! You know, it's been over 30 years since I sat at that machine and I threaded it up as if I have used that machine every day of my life! I named her Mustang Sally! Thanks for doing quilt cam tonight. It's fun to see what you are working on. Kathi in Alabama

  9. Hi Bonnie.. I'm in Campbellton New Brunswick Canada.. I watched some of your quilt cams and just love listening to them while I sew. But as to this quilt cam tonight I am only watching.. I love your quilt cams.. They are soothing to listen to. And addictive. lol Thanks for doing them.
    Gail Martin

  10. Hi Bonnie
    Greetings from Maple Ridge BC Canada. Enjoying Quilt Cam!
    I'm making the Celtic Solstice star blocks. All units from the clues are made, and now ... put it together. Thanks for all you do!
    Bev H.

  11. Coming to you from St. Louis, MO where it's bitter cold - zero degrees - tonight. I'm sewing along with you making some paper-pieced units for a stalled 2012 UFO.

  12. Welcome home Bonnie.Tuning in from cold and snowy Ontario Canada.Sewed today on a Ricky Tim design we did in a guild workshop so tonight watching you and knitting.I will send a pic when it is totally complete.

  13. Hi bonnie I was getting ready to shut thing down in here for the night when I realized you were on I thought oh yeah now I can sew some more with friends. I'm finishing up step 5 tonight of your celtic mystery

  14. I figured out how to get sound on my Downstairs computer so I could watch tonight. I'm loading a Quilt on my NEW to me Longarm 18" machine that arrived last Friday. Gotta just go for it and quilt something- no excuses now! Happy to see you on QuiltCam Tonight. My next quilt on will be my Celtic Solstice. I might order the same panto you used on yours.

  15. Hi, Bonnie. Love seeing Quilt Cam tonight. It is the first time I have seen you live! Yeah! Love it!

  16. Hi from hot hot hot Strathfieldsaye Victoria Australia.

    Watching you webcam with air condition running on maximun....



  17. Bonnie, not sewing because I'm in bed already, but can you please tell us about your clear sewing table? Does it fit all your machines? Thanks.
    Carol grant

  18. You will find the perfect outfit for the show, we would watch you in a gunny sack, but I hope you find something better than that, smile!

  19. Bonnie, you'll look great no matter what you where because you are a beautiful person inside where it really matters.

  20. I'm watching you live for a change, and I'm working on wonky stars too. But these will be for a rainbow quilt so my background squares are neutral and today my stars are blue.


  21. Bonnie, while you were in Ireland , which quilt shops did you visit?? Thanks, Elizabeth

  22. Bonnie, it is so much fun watching you looking through your scraps and finding the piece you will sew on next. I love getting my fingers into scraps and feeling the different fabrics.


  23. Hi Bonnie, thanks for doing QuiltCam tonight. I am here in the frozen Upper Peninsula of Michigan working on my CS step 2, chevrons. I'm slow, but steady. lol Looking forward to meeting you in Sept. at Sault Sainte Marie, MI with the Keeping The Piece Quilt Guild.

  24. Hi Bonnie!! Happy belated birthday!!! Quilt cam is the perfect way to end my birthday today!!! To cold and snowy out for sewing on the LA Nie!! Sewing on binding to my Celtic solstice!!

  25. HI Bonnie. Its so weird hearing about a cold front when I am experiencing extreme heat. I'm sitting in my sewing room to escape the warm weather here in Australia. What a lovely way to spend my afternoon.

  26. Hi Bonnie from frozen St. Catharines Ontario. I'm working on CS, still going chevrons but inbetween 10s I'm doing strips for a Strip Twist. But re: solids, my solid project is block #700 from 100 Blocks Vol7. Thanks for the great patterns, I get so much done with your instructions.

  27. Hi Bonnie,
    I have noticed your scissors during QC times and have been curious about your Kai scissors. What size and type are they .. Blunt or sharp point? I want to order some. Thanks, Cathy

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Hi bonnie another indiana quilter here. I'm so excited I just finished step 5 of the celtic. Can start putting g my blocks together

  30. Thanks to your post about the Word of the Year, Finish, I have finished one project each week so far, and I'm working on my fourth tonight. I'm using Celtic Solstice as my leaders and enders until it starts screaming "Finish Me"!

  31. I just got home from Mobile and ran in here to see if you were still on and you are!
    I had a wonderful time at retreat, thanks for the fun, laughs, great music and memories.
    Diane- Florida
    Pineapple Crazy Lady

  32. Here in Oregon. Working on my chevrons andstill have the last step. Enjoying and getting good practice on percison. Thank you.

  33. Hi Bonnie,

    Just wondering if your books are available in places like Chapters or do we have to order directly from you?

    Thanks! From Shrewsbury Ontario Canada

    1. Oops!! Sorry. I just checked my emails and your answer was there. Thanks!

  34. Should be working on my red & white quilt -- its a guild block of the month. I'm using lots of each colour and its coming along nicely. Need the next section done for next weeks meeting. Stitched a few of the pieced triangle blocks for Celtic Soltice instead and laid out a couple of blocks. It will be fun to be able to sew them together.

  35. Anonymous10:28 PM EST

    Enjoyed quilt cam for my first time tonight. I love following you on facebook and also in Quiltmaker magazine!

  36. Bonnie,
    I bought the 99k for 23.99. I haven't tried it yet as I had eye surgery and can't see just yet. I have to get a manual before I start. Glad you pulled it out tonight.

  37. Oops! I missed quit cam and I was quilting!

    And you are lucky to find the little Penguin walking foot!
    I've owned two of them... I bought one many years ago for $25 and found one in with my Featherweight from a local auction a few years ago
    I couldn't justify keeping/using walking feet that are worth more $$ than the machines I'd use them on. lol Sold both on eBay. They are like gold on there!

    Thank you for quilt cam!

    Happy Sewing!


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