Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Give-Away Update, and Treadling!

Remember the 15 Minutes of Play blog hop day HERE?

Hopefully you were able to hit all the other bloggers who participated over the past several days --- Did you remember that our drawing is TOMORROW?!

Here is the list of bloggers just in case you missed any. 

Nov: 26: "Victoria Findlay Wolfe", http://www.15minutesplay.com/
Nov 27: "Bonnie K Hunter", http://quiltville.blogspot.com/
Nov 28: "Alissa Haight Carlton, http://www.handmadebyalissa.com/
Nov 29:  "Pat Sloan", http://patsloan.typepad.com/
Nov 30: "Kimberly," http://fatquartershop.blogspot.com/
Dec 1st: "Karen Griska", http://selvageblog.blogspot.com/
Dec 2nd: "Angela Walters", http://www.quiltingismytherapy.com/
Dec 3rd:  Generation Q, http://generationqmagazine.com/
Dec 4th: "Tonya Ricucci", http://www.lazygalquilting.blogspot.com/
Dec 5th: "Michele Foster",http://quiltinggallery.com/blog-posts/
Dec 6th: "Scott Hansen",http://bluenickelstudios.com/
Dec 7th:"Amy Ellis", http://amyscreativeside.com/blog/
Dec 8th: "Rachaeldaisy",http://bluemountaindaisy.blogspot.com/
Dec 9th:"Jackie Kunkel", http://cvquiltworks.blogspot.com/
Dec. 10th: http://www.ctpubblog.com/

US winners receive a hard copy of the book
International winners receive a Electronic copy of the book, direct from C&T.
You may comment on each of the blogs until Dec 12th, 6 pm.
Make sure we can reach you by email!

Go and leave your comments now – and good luck to the lucky winners!  This is a fabulous book!

My day has been blissfully quiet, and not all that busy.  I started the morning out doing some of this:

vintagemachines 168

Yes, I am graduating from just doing string piecing to trying to keep a consistent 1/4” seam and piece half-square triangles!

I got as far as this:

vintagemachines 169

((Yes, It’s time for the vacuum again!))

And then I went to town to order new glasses.  After much deliberation I ordered two pair – one for every day use, and one pair specifically for sitting and working at the computer.  I’ve been feeling a lot of eye strain lately, mostly when I stare at a back lit computer screen.  We’ve even changed the resolution a bit – giving my screen a bit more of a grey cast to cut down on some of the glare – it’s helping, but I think the computer glasses will help a lot more.

And because DH was in Hickory today and I was going to be on my own for dinner I did a bit of this:

vintagemachines 172

Welcome to Moes!
Chicken Quesadilla with black beans, onion and jalapenos.  MMM!

This evening it is back to this:

vintagemachines 173

((Still haven’t vacuumed!))

I received a great email from Dawn including a link for helping to date and find info on your vintage sewing machines.  A great read!  Click HERE!

There will not be Quilt-Cam tonight – but how about tomorrow night at 9pm Eastern?  Look for me then!


  1. Oh yummy dinner, now I'm gonna have a craving for it too!
    I love Victoria's book, great inspiration! I'll be watching her doggies for her while she is in Africa and I do hope I catch some of her creativity and productivity....maybe by just sitting in her sewing studio with her book :0)! Heah you never know :0)

    Happy Sewing, enjoy your relaxing evening listen to your music and sewing away

  2. I've been working on Sisters Choice. I already have the 9 patches from 1999, ya I know, that is a long time. These were my doctor visit pieces. Aka, part of my chemo quilt. Anyway, I have used some of them to make the Sisters Choice. About to sew the rows together. And then to figure it what I am going to do with all the HST from using the flippy method. Then to convert it to Brothers Choice with the rest.. ;-).

  3. We are having Tex-mex tonight too. Threw together cheese enchiladas for the kids (I am on a diet!). Treadle-ing always equaled peacefulness.

  4. I just love seeing your machines, even at only "15 minutes of play" at a time! B-)

  5. Was so looking forward to Quiltcam! :-( Love the machine... I got my eye on one...Will know more this weekend. Maybe I will have a new addition!!

  6. Can't wait! Gonna be kinda close here to make it back on time(not whining just stating). I get to be a proud mama at 7 tomorrow night! It's the Christmas program night for our 2nd grader, gonna be a good night all around.

  7. Boy did I ever have a deja vu moment...the pile bedind the machine takes me back to one of the first times I read your blog...that pile of patches behind your machine (reds) hooked me immediately. And to think I have spoken to you, hugged you and broken bread with you. Bonnie I love you so very much.
    XOXOXO Subee
    with tears in her eyes for some unknown reason

  8. FYI, the ISMACS web site has many manuals from old sewing machines that are available as free downloads. I would certainly check there first before paying for an old manual, which might have been downloaded from ISMACS for free in the first place!

  9. Anonymous9:23 PM EST

    Love the fact that you use your old machines

  10. I bought glasses for the computer and liked them so much I convinced my DH to buy a pair. They make a big difference.

  11. Bonnie, is your machine threaded with the thread coming off the spool counter-clockwise or clockwise? Does it matter with these old machines? I have a very old treadle (1890's I believe) but I've never put the new belt on or sewn with it. It has the "bullet" bobbin.

  12. Wow that is so cool to see you working away on a treadle machine.

  13. Awww, I have to work and will miss you on quilt cam! Have to catch you next time! Love your Red Eye Machine! I think it's one of my favorites of the old treadles!

  14. Love Victoria and what she has done for quilting -- and her humanitarian efforts. Great role model for all of us!


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