Thursday, December 06, 2012

Noon-Time Fun!

I received this really cute paper pieced ornament in my mail and I want to pass it on to you!  Oh – I am itching to get out the Christmas scraps and whip up some mug rugs or something with this very cute block!  Click HERE for the pattern!

Be sure to SAVE the file as a pdf – and then click to re-open it on your computer. If you print just from the screen it might not turn out the right size. It should give you a 4” finished block! Perfect for a mug-rug!

I only have a minute to pass this on to you in amongst the craziness that is on over here.

Today in the midst of doing book orders – I attempted to print another sheet of netstamps from stamps.com and my printer wouldn’t print – and somewhere in the ethernet I lost $61.75.  AUUUGHHH! (*&#@$(*&!  I have to fill out forms to prove that I didn’t print? What?  I have the sheet that wouldn’t print, with a serial number on it, and I have proof that it didn’t print on THAT page ---good grief.

And I’m heading out to dinner this afternoon and I am no where near ready --- I’ve showered and THAT’S IT!

Back to the grind – have a great afternoon!


  1. Isn't that always the way trouble works ?Hope your day gets better though as you enjoy your dinner and time with love ones .... thanks so much Bonnie for taking some of your "getting ready time" and sharing . I've saved & printed now I'm going to check out my Christmas scraps .Beth

  2. O Bonnie, thank you for the Ornament pattern. I may just stick these into some of my Christmas cards this year.

    Hope your day gets better.

  3. When this arrived in my email yesterday, it was an instant 'ooh'. Such a cute block. I get a block from Quilt Pro every day in my email. Some are more to my liking than others, but all are nice to have in my library. I found the site last year and was able to go through and download any that I wanted from 2011 too. I am saving the 6x6 ones especially since I am working on a "Farmer's Wife" quilt and will need more than the 111 blocks that are in that book and since they are 6x6 I will have some readily availale to choose from.

  4. that ornament is adorable! i can see lots of uses for something like that...scrapbookers would snap that up for Christmas pages..it would be great as a quilted postcard...even bakers could use the design to decorate party cakes or cookies!
    thanks Bonnie!

  5. Thanks for sharing the ornament. Good for next year.. may try to get some done this year but who knows. Have a wonderful dinner.

  6. I'm sure you've investigated your options but if you have to prove this stuff about the postage, maybe just ordering stamps online from the USPS would be a better option? Of course...then you have to stick the stamps on each book order....that could take a while with multi-stamps required for each one. Just a thought.

    Lori in VA

  7. Sorry you ran into problems with your stamps again. Really appreciate you passing on the ornament. I've been making some cute Christmas tree mug rugs from a tutorial I found. Have a wonderful dinner out!

  8. Hope you get the stamp situation sorted. Sounds really frustrating. I am eargerly awaiting the arrival of three of your books in the uk. I am like a kid waiting for christmas.

  9. Sorry about your stamp problem. I've not had that problem, yet. (knock on wood)
    I L♥VE the Christmas ornament block! Thanks for sharing it and all the other goodies you share with your fans. I'll be making this one a lot this week!

  10. Thanks for the block! I agree, the stress from some silly computer glich is so frustrating.... It always happened to me when I was trying to meet a deadline and then..... the time wasted. Yeesh!
    Enjoy your dinner! Another cold day here in the north - -31C on the thermometer at 6:30 this am. Didn't stop us from travelling an hour further north for quilting though. lol
    Judy in northern Alberta, Canada

  11. Like your new background!


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