Saturday, December 29, 2012

iPhone-o-gram! Plum Tuckered in Plano!

We arrived in Dallas about 6:30 PM –

All the luggage made it too!

While I ran off with Janet and made a pit stop at fabric fanatics to check out the new shop classroom space – the hubster picked up a rental car and met us later back at the hotel.

A quick run to the spaghetti factory for dinner – and back to the hotel with bellies full and bodies exhausted. Travel just wears me out!

Did you know that class sample quilts are also great to sleep under?

Pfeffernusse, seen covering my feet, is our Monday class!! Sunday and Tuesday class quilt not shown---it's a mystery!

Night night, everyone!


  1. I always sleep under the quilt that I bring to hand quilt while traveling. Makes the hotel room seem more like home. Plus, I'm always cold in hotel rooms!

  2. Pfeffernusse looks so cozy!! It's on my short list to do--have the book, so no excuse not to! Have fun.

    1. Just curious, tried googling Pfeffernusse but can't find a close up of it. Would you mind sharing the name of the book? Beth

  3. So glad ya'll made it to Big D. A big Texas welcome to both of you. I can't wait for the Mystery on Tuesday and the chance to meet you! Hope you get some rest and enjoy your stay.

  4. Anonymous12:39 AM EST

    Bonnie only anotherler could understand sleeping under your own qult at a MOTEL ;)

    2014 --- yes 2014 - I see you will be at Pigeon Forge quiltdest!!!! Tell you what, if I have to camp out in a cave to get to your class I will be there, Lord willing!!!!Wonder by then what we will be working on. And what yuor newest book(s) will be between bow and then.

    Yesterday a clerk at our LQS was chatting with us all, as she cut my 1/2 yds cuts of fabric. She was telling everyone how I was a HUNTER-ite!!!And everyone KNEW what she meant. Your fame is spreading, and for good reason.

    Enjoy the wide open skies of Texas. Sleep tight.
    Smiles, JulieinTN

  5. Anonymous1:56 AM EST

    I LOVE that quilt!

  6. Mr. Quiltville got to go with you???? How nice. Are the mystery classes something that is going to show up in the new book? What a great way to introduce them. Have fun!!!

  7. Oh my goodness! I always thought I was just weird - taking my qip and then sleeping under it at hotels! Now I realize it is just the quilter in me! That quilt is beautiful!

  8. so now i don't feel so weird, for i have done the same thing for a long time...we must be kindred souls!! i love that quilt...please tell us which book you put it in!

  9. Ooohhh that quilt is on my to make list. I have to finish some ufo's finished first though

  10. I love to take a quilt to sleep under while I travel. I'm traveling now with my Christmas mix tape quilt. And it makes a night in a hotel more cosy.

  11. See you on Thursday night for "lecture". Then Friday and Saturday for class!

  12. Oh yes! You probably need the extra quilt in north Texas right now. It's been cold and we had snow on Christmas day. Supposed to rain here tonight and tomorrow - I'm north about of McKinney about 50 miles. Thanks for bringing the rain with you. We're under drought conditions.


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