Friday, December 21, 2012

InkLingo for part 5??

I am giggling over the suggestions that have come in for naming the unit for Part 5 of Easy Street.

I do tend to think of them as “That House Shape” ----but "Squatting Turkeys" is pretty hilarious too…..as is “Fat Bottom Girls” and to keep with the Christmas theme, “8 Geese a Laying –“ :cD

They really aren’t half-snow-balls because there isn’t a space left on the center of each side – the triangles overlap, so it’s like a half square-in-a square. Whatever we want to call them!  Keep coming up with some funny inventive terms. :c)

So when I got Linda’s little note about her tutorial on part 5 using shapes that the inklingo-ers already have in their collections, I want to pass that on to you too --

If you want to see how Linda and Monkey are tackling Part 5 – head on over to the InkLingo blog HERE!

BTW -- if I neglected to say so I guess it is because I thought it was not needed --- these units will measure 3-1/2" X 3-1/2" ((the size of our turquoise base square)) and finish at 3" in the quilt!

I hope you are enjoying your last-friday-before-Christmas!

I’m busy in the scraps, cutting out about 600 or so half square triangles for a project….up to my elbows in half square triangles ----happy as a pig in a mud puddle!

Much love ---


  1. The two people who have most changed my quilting life collaborating. I love it! Thank you, Bonnie! Thank you Linda (and Monkey)!

  2. Happy as a pig in a mud puddle. That is some image. I guess the Duck Dynasty guy was wrong when he quipped that women don't like their butts to be in mud? He didn't know quilters, huh? Finished 50 of the fat bottomed girls/house blocks, whatever we are calling them.

  3. Merry Christmas to you and your family! :) I am out doing grocery shopping before everyone else. Then home to wrap the remaining gifts after supper and then get to work on Step 5.

  4. This was a fun clue! My Sparkling Ice Coconut Pineapple and Pomegranate Blackberry just arrived from Amazon....like overnite!

  5. yep, i noticed that many of our previous units also finish at 3.5 inches. that makes for lots of interesting combinations.

  6. What about "fat bottomed geese"? Merry Christmas Bonnie et al ♫♪♫♫♪

  7. I thought of stars when I first saw them! :-) Fat bottom geese is too funny! Merry Christmas Bonnie!

  8. Well since you think they look like little houses(which they do) and we are kind of on a bird theme. . . "Chicken Coop"
    Pigs in a mud puddle! Made me chuckle too.

  9. Sorry but I now have the Queen song " fat bottomed girls" going through my head.

  10. How about "Up on the housetop" blocks? LOL Mine are finished! I am asking Santa to bring me Clue 6 early! LOL

  11. Ha, Linda had about the same brain wave as I did. I used the Easy Angle triangles I had left over from cutting those geese in step 2 and 4. Only trimmed the second dog ear and of I went!


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