Monday, December 10, 2012

Gifties in the Mail!

This is a shout-out thank you to Darcy Hansen!

I’ve tried to contact her – there was no email address on her card, and I checked my contacts by typing in her name, and no email address comes up for her in my address book ---

I was so excited to receive your package, Darcy – Thank You!

At first I was flabbergasted – I had no idea what the goodies in the leather pouch were ---My first guess was an ink pen with a refill!  COOL!


studio 079

Okay, this STILL looks weird!  ((but pretty!))  WHAT IS IT?!

When all else fails, stop and read the NOTE!

And catch the words SEAM RIPPER!! OH!

studio 080

The light bulb eventually turns on --- it’s a multi tool set!

One big HONKING seam ripper end.  One regular seam ripper end.  And a bonus “poke your eye out” stiletto-awl!

studio 081

Just LOOK at this bad boy!

There’s no stopping me from ripping ANY seam now!

According to Darcy’s note – these are available from The Psychedelic Frog on Etsy.  He’s got some really cool stuff, and there is a notice on his site that items are 15% off right now.  Got a quilty friend who needs a stocking stuffer?  Perfect!

Thanks again, Darcy!  This made my day!

Merry Christmas!


  1. Bonnie,

    FYI, we actually have someone here in NC doing that as well. Patrick Ryberg in Mineral Springs, NC. I saw him recently at a craft show and really appreciated his work. We did not buy tools for sewing but did get some beautiful hand made pens and more.

  2. What a great gift...and beautiful as well. Congrats on your new tools.
    Faye in Maine

  3. I got something similar at the store where I bought my Bernina sewing computer. But I think mine just has a seam ripper. I now will investigate to see if I missed something! There were all sorts of pretty colors to choose from! That's a very nice gift!

  4. Hi Bonnie! It is Darcy, I'm glad you love them like I do! Merry Christmas!

    And it is darcy_hansen@hotmail.com

  5. Hi Bonnie! It is Darcy, I'm glad you love them like I do! Merry Christmas!

    And it is darcy_hansen@hotmail.com

  6. Aren't you both incredible?!?!??! Darcy giving you such a lovely gift and then, you telling everyone about the Seam Ripper People's Etsy shop!!!

    I just went there - I mean, if Bonnie Hunter recommends something, it's gotta be good, right?

    Well, they've apologized and said that they didn't expect such a great demand and they're all sold out but .... and I'm imagining this part... they are frantically scrambling to make more! *VBG*

    I will probably pre-order my seam ripper tomorrow.... I truly need a new one. :-)

    Thanks for being you, Bonnie!!!

    Rosa Robichaud
    Saint John, New Brunswick

  7. WOW! That's a cool shop!
    Have to order something, but after all shopping already has been done, it has to wait for after Xmas 8^}
    I know my son will love the dragons, and so many more of the family will jump out for their goodies! Just have to fill the treasure box to the brims.
    In an hour or so I will be cutting strips for ES, together with a friend (infected her with the B.K.H. virus!)
    From a cold and very sunny Amsterdam,
    Love, Irene

  8. LOL!!! I love the way you describe things!! You're way too funny :) Love the seam ripper and I would so poke my eye out too! Will have to check out the site!

  9. I received this tool also and love it. Mine just has a seam ripper at each end.


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