Sunday, December 02, 2012

iPhone-o-Gram! Hurry hurry!

This is me – running errands and got held up! I'm running a tiny bit behind, but I'm on my way home right now.

Quilt cam may happen a bit after 2 PM – as I'm trying not to break any speed limits to get there!

See you soon! :-)


  1. the main thing is BE SAFE!

  2. Yes getting home in one piece is definitely the key to quilt cam lol

    Lori in VA

  3. SLOW DOWN!! We will wait for you .......

  4. Drive Safely, we can wait for you

  5. No problem, Bonnie, take your time! I've been looking at Shirley Albertson Owens' blog where she shows over 30 of your completed designs that she has made. Wow! They are all so beautiful, thank you for making them available to us to make.

  6. Hi Bonnie,
    Cutting Strips, watching you, listening to Vikings(GO!)/Packers game and my husband walked in and thinks I'm nuts. lol Lovin' Easy Street, on track and so thankful that you do this for us! Warm here also!

    Deb in MN

  7. Wow I went out to the DR's and then got my pills and came home and you are still sewing!

  8. Anonymous8:02 PM EST

    while you were out running around the Syndey quilt guild was posting pics from this month's meeting. They tend to post 4-5 posts to catch everyone and everyone's FOOD. Well this month post three is

    and there are the bonnie mystries!!!!


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