Saturday, December 15, 2012

Buried in Books!

This is my new “Mama-Bear-Chair!  Oh gosh, I wish I could stop cleaning and sorting and culling out to just curl up in this chair, put my feet up and BIND SOMETHING!

But that will have to wait – bins of books lie on the floor, and I want them on to the shelves I’ve waited so long for.

The replacing of the books in the studio is moving along ---but taking its time as I thumb through each one and decide which to move on to a new home with someone else, or which ones to keep.


In amongst the mess I found my first ever magazine article:  Doll World, February 1995--

studio 087

I was so excited over my first ever magazine article – this is when we were living in Burley, Idaho:

studio 085

Yes, those were the cutesy country doll days!
((And don’t laugh at that hair do!))

studio 086

This excerpt makes me smile!
“I even taught a few beginning quilt classes at our local fabric store.”

Another treasure was unearthed!  I love OLD books on sewing:

studio 100

Fabrics & Dress, 1937.

Before placing it on the shelf, I thumbed through the pages to find:

studio 101

HA!  Why didn’t I remember this book when I was first trying to treadle?

And as it turns out, I am backwards--- My right foot is at the upper right, and my left at the lower left ----and it feels weird if I try it any other way.  I guess I’m left-footed?

Back to the mess ---it will feel soooo good to have these book cases taken care of, the bins and boxes emptied and some stuff cleared out to give me more creative breathing room ---


  1. Bonnie, in that magazine article, is that a picture of you in the upper left? Zoom it for us if so!
    Andrea in Canada

    1. I was able to enlarge her pictured, but a bit blurred. Doesn't look like Bonnie. Are you sure that is you Bonnie? vbg

  2. Awesome! I love old pictures and I'd love to see a close-up of yours! ☺

  3. I owned some of those patterns back in my craft sale days!! I loved making that stuff back then, but when I called it quits I didn't miss it at all. Weird, huh??

  4. I'm left footed too. I'm right handed, but when I treadle my right foot is in the upper right of the treadle and my left foot is in the lower left of the treadle. Who know there was a standard what to do it? I just always treadled the way that felt most comfortable to me.

  5. Hi Bonnie! Can you show you Grandmother's quilt during quilt cam tomorrow! Enjoy your day!

  6. Me too! Your new Mama-Bear-Chair looks absolutely wonderful. I don't blame you for wanting to curl up in it right away! I didn't realize that Ikea sold furniture like that. Hubby doesn't want to go to the Ikea store here in the Denver metro area. I might need to talk him into it. Your studio area is really looking great! Enjoy!

  7. Bonnie, this is getting a bit too familiar! I collect old sewing books too. Only have a few, but I keep looking. If you ever want to find new homes for any of yours, let me know!

  8. Enjoyed seeing your old books! I treadle with the right foot forward also, I think it's because of my automatic driving posture...right foot forward on the pedal. Looking forward to the next QuiltCam!

  9. I learned to treadle with my right foot higher than my left too. Maybe the article got it wrong. LOL

  10. How fun!!! So are you telling us you were a dollmaker BEFORE you were a quilter??? If so...do you ever still make dolls? I miss them...before I quilted that's all I ever did...dolls and bears...I really need to make time to play with my dolly's again! LOL

  11. I love love love your chair! Can I ask the name of it or how much it was? It looks so comfy and inviting!!

    And I would NEVER say anything about the hair style...I had several that I wouldn't claim now even if someone found a picture of me with it! LOL

  12. Your chair looks really comfy! I can see why you want to just curl up in it. I hope you get to do so soon!

  13. Hello Bonnie,

    All the best people are left-footers.


  14. Can we get a close-up scan of that doo please?????? :)

  15. I second that...I want to see the picture better. I tried blowing up the page but the resolution just went fuzzy.
    The chair looks very comfy. My recliner is a wider model with low padded arms. I do not like high armed chairs...too confining. And if I want to sit Indian style there is plenty of room.
    XOXOXO Subee

  16. I think the article must have been written backwards, because it is natural to have the right foot forward, just like driving a car. Now when I sew on a normal machine, I do stitch with my left foot so it won't aggravate my right leg.

  17. Love the 'do, Bonnie! Who knew -- short and...curled??!

    Also love the chair and the fireplace (I live in a small mobile home -- no place for either!)...

    Do you still do some doll stuff?

  18. I treadle backwards of your book too!

  19. Your new quilting cave is looking great - I've been eyeing up many of my books and magazines trying to decide what to keep and what to move to other homes as I "fine tune" my current quilting area!

  20. I didn't know you were a dollmaker, Bonnie! I used to be a dollmaker/designer, too, and sold my patterns through Dollmaker's Journey and other online doll stores.
    I love your quilting cave and have enjoyed watching the process. Good job!


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