Monday, December 03, 2012

Mystery Monday Link-Up, Part 2!

Click HERE for Printer Friendly short version of flying geese tutorial!

I hope you’ve had a great weekend working on your flying geese units from Part 2.

Flying geese are one of those things that some struggle with, and there are MANY different ways to do them.

If you are not happy with your Easy Angle and Companion Angle geese ---here are some other methods to try. 

First up….rectangles and squares:

Start with your main goose fabric cut into 2” X 3.5” rectangles.

Mark a diagonal line on two 2” squares.  Place a square with right sides together against the goose rectangle.  Stitch on the diagonal, press to see if it matches the edges of your rectangle, and if it does – trim.  Depending on the thickness of the fabric or the thread you are sewing with, you might find you get better results sewing just NEXT to the line with the needle kissing the line on the side you are cutting off… I sometimes use this method because it works with the sizes of rectangles, squares and strips I already have on hand.

The next method is popular, but I find it a bit awkward and time consuming because these are sizes of squares that I do NOT keep on hand so I am starting from scratch to cut them from Fat Quarters or Yardage.

No Waste method of Flying Geese:

nowastegeese1  nowastegeese2

The values here are reversed --- Your large square will be your purple, and your small squares will be your black-on-whites.

Start with one 4-1/4” square of goose fabric and four 2-3/8” squares of background for the wing triangles.  Draw a diagonal line on all 4 of the 2-3/8” squares.

Following the diagram place two squares with right sides together on top of the goose fabric square as shown.  Sew 1/4” on either side of the diagonal lines and cut apart.  Press as shown.

Match remaining squares in the bottom corner of the goose units and sew  1/4” on either side of these diagonal lines. Cut between the seams.  Press.  Remove all dog ears.

I find with this method that I have to be a bit scant on my seam allowance for the size to be right.

Whichever method you choose, I hope you are still sticking with us!  There is lots more fun to be had!

Let’s link up--  We had way over 200 last week – let’s see how you are doing this week!

Here’s a repeat of what you need to know to participate in the linky:

You don’t need a blog to participate in the mystery – but you DO need a blog if you want to share a blog post about your progress with me here.  You can’t link to picasa, flickr groups or to facebook.  Those of you who have linked with me before know that I do have some rules:

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You can link ANY progress of ANY step on any of the Link-Ups.  For instance, if we are on a Link-UP for part 4 – and you are just on part 1, you can still link that.  Just SHARE where you are!
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Have at it, Peeps!  I’m anxious to see what you’ve been up to!


  1. Good Morning Bonnie:
    Enjoying Easy Street and all the pictures. Just tried to print this page, the printer friendly version is previewing all jumbled, even after trying to save. There was no problem with other pages. Any suggestions?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Thanks again, Bonnie for the video. The two ruler method is now my preferred method for making flying geese. The only scraps I had left were the ends of the strips and the little triangles at the seams edge. Saves so much time!

  4. Thank you Bonnie for the tuts on geese methods. I'm using the rulters but might try one of these two just to see how they turn out for me. Had fun with the rulters and they make pretty quick work of the goose parts. Loving this mystery.

  5. Done, procrastinated a bit as I didn't get as many as I thought I would done. But I had a lot of interruptions.. Cats, b/f and a trip to the local quilt shop.. :D

  6. I like the traditional "Hunter method". :)
    But, I can see how some might be not use to it and want to do it the other way. I think if they were to TRAIN themselves to use these rulers, which is what I think it requires, they'd love it. It's a fast thing once you get use to it and I love not having to draw a line. Love how the little points are cut off too.
    Anyway, sounds like you had some "HELP!" call outs. Hope they stick with it. Loving it here!

    1. I totally agree with Sandra!
      I HATE-HATE squaring up. These rulers (and patience) make it so much easier for me.

    2. Wow - so many purple (or otherwise) geese in one place! I am laffin" cause you said you were not going to give "us" the measurements to make our geese not using the two rulers, and yet - - - here they are. Bonnie, you just can't help being helpful. Cheers, and be sure to go outside and enjoy that nice weather.

  7. No linky for me yet..... Bernina is in the shop for a spa treatment. I want him ready for Christmas break! Love looking at everyone's accomplishments!

  8. What a great linkup - I love seeing all the different colors and people beginning to guess how they will go together!

  9. Bonnie, I've quilted for years, but I've learned more great methods from your mystery quilts than all the years before! I made 2 Orca Bay quilts! Wonder if I'll make 2 of Easy Street? Love the colors ~ helps me use up the stash. Thanks for all you do.

  10. I think I linked but the link-up is gone! What happened?

    Thanks for letting us participate in this mystery quilt. I love being a guinea pig!
    Nancy from joy for grace

  11. The same thing keeps happening to me! Last week my link didn't show up for over 4 hours and I kept re-submitting it thinking I had done something wrong, but I kept getting the message my link was already included in the collection. Finally about 4 hours later my link along w/a whole slew of others - well over a hundred, showed up. This week, I submitted my link prior to lunch (CST) and my link is STILL not showing up. I've tried re-submitting it and once again, I keep receiving the message that my link is already included in the collection, but it's STILL not showing up. We've been on link 107 since noon, I'm wondering if there's some kind of problem w/linked-in...time will tell...

    Wonder how many other links are not showing up along with ours?

    Well, time to get back to trimming my dog ears of my flying geese units, only 100+ to go ;-)

    1. Well, just tried another browser and ALL the links showed up including mine! Apparently, my Google Chrome browser is not wanting to display all the links because it still only shows up to 107 links...interesting, to say the least. I'll do some more checking into this.

  12. Anonymous12:50 PM EST

    Thank you, Bonnie! I really like this mystery a lot! I hope to get step 2 done this week.

  13. Thank you for the instructions for No Fail flying geese. I wanted to print that section of your post so I would have it for future reference, but it won't post and I have tried several things. Could you put it in a Printer Format for us. I appreciate all the little extras you have provided along with the mystery quilt instructions. I haven't started the myster quilt yet but hope to after Christmas.

  14. Love LOVE seeing how cute everyone arranged their geese :-) I went to look at one because they look like Pumpkin pie to me, but couldn't comment on your blog (who ever you are) because you make people give their email instead of using the Google ID ?

    Anyway the Arrangements in the photo's are so Cute! Strips cut I will catch up today/tonight. I'm new so have NO methods for making these, got the 2 rulers that Bonnie uses so I'll try that first. Have a great weekend everyone

  15. Anonymous10:28 AM EST

    I am so excited to be sharing this adventure with everyone! I am all caught up and ready for step 3!


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