Sunday, December 09, 2012

Sunday Show & Share!

My inbox is brimming with quilts you’ve sent me ----I figure it’s time to share them!

This --- because I slept in this morning, it’s 7:47am here already and I don’t have anything else to share off the top of my head, and Quilt-Cam is at 2pm today and the family wants breakfast!

And because – your quilts as so beautiful they must NOT stay hidden in my email!

First up we have Sharon S from New Zealand! 

She writes:

Hello Bonnie,
I've attached a photo of a quilt I've just completed that was inspired by photos from one of the classes you tutored this year.  I don't know the name of the block/quilt pattern or exactly when the photos were posted on your blog.  I do remember that it was this year and the class participants were inspirational, prompting me to make the quilt.    Hope you like the photo
Sharon’s Winston Ways!
Winston Ways was featured in Quiltmaker Magazine’s 100 blocks by 100 designers, vol 3 You can still order a paper or digital copy HERE.  Great Job, Sharon!  I am falling more in love with quilts without borders!
Next up is Judy from PA!
Her story is a heart touching one!  She writes:
Hi Bonnie,  Just wanted to send you this pic of me and my crabapple quilt. 
Because of a muscle disorder I have I need to get infusions 2 days every three weeks to try and slow down the degeneration. I’m at the infusion center about 6 hours each day. I get really cold there.  
I took your crabapple class in Hershey last summer and this is my finished project. I made it sized to use for sitting in the chair.  I backed it with fleece for comfort and warmth and didn’t use any batting.  I tied it with pearl cotton instead of quilting so it is soft comfortable. 
All the patients and nurses are soooo jealous.  My friends tease me that I’m a “Hunter-stalker”(haha) because I such a big fan of yours.
Have a wonderful Christmas!
Judy Lutz in Pa.


Judy and her Crabapple Quilt from Adventures with Leaders & Enders.
Judy I must say that without that quilt, the room would look very --- medical! LOL!  The quilt sure ties in the green of the chair and the green of the tank behind you!  It’s probably the best part of that room – and I hope the treatments are helping so you can continue to quilt yourself silly! :c)
And some photos from Sissel in Norway!
She writes:
Hi Bonnie,
This is my version of the Smith Mountain Morning quilt. I made this for my oldest son who is a musician. I collected musical themed fabrics for years to make a quilt for him, but except for the inner border they all ended up on the back side! I started this quilt after finishing the Orca Bay mystery in February. I had so much fun making it. You really have some great patterns. Interesting to look at and with really good instructions.

Now I am eagerly awaiting clue #3 for the Easy Street mystery. Thank you for taking the time to do these mysteries. They are so fun to follow. I know you have a busy schedule so really appreciate you taking the time.

This is my third mystery. Carolina Christmas is still in bits and pieces, but I am intent on finishing it next year.
Sissel in Oslo, Norway


Sissel’s Smith Mountain Morning from Scraps & Shirttails II


The back – showing several music themed fabrics! 
The back is as fabulous as the front!

Next?  Step Up, Barbara C of Woodbridge, California!


Barbara’s Leader/Ender bowties!  Hand Quilted!! Block pattern found HERE.

Barbara writes:

Hi Bonnie,
I've been wanting to express my gratitude to you for the longest time.  I can't tell you how much you have taught me both in quilting and in life.  I used to have to have all the "latest" fabric in lines and ended up with boring quilts and no money. 
Your appreciation for everything in your life is contagious, and you are so generous with your time and talent.  I hope to take a class from you in person one of these days.
Attached is a photo of my Bow Tie leader and ender project.  I had such fun making it, and I love the vintage look.  I just finished hand quilting it and binding it.  Thank you so much for the inspiration.
Barbara C. Woodbridge, CA

Lovely, lovely quilts ladies!  I’m so happy you shared your photos with me!

This morning I hope to get a binding on the quilt I finished machine quilting yesterday – and be ready to meet you all for Quilt-Cam at 2pm Eastern.  Hope to see you there --- bring a project and sew along!


  1. thanks for sharing, best wishes for Judy, the smith mountain is one of my favorite patterns next to midnight flight. wonderful colors in this one.
    love how easy street is coming along and your video and explanations.....right hand is in a cast but I will be back to quilting sooner or later

  2. What lovely Sunday morning eye candy. Thanks for sharing Bonnie, have a fabulous stitchin day.

  3. Wonderful treat for Sunday morning viewing! You are so inspiring Bonnie...I especially enjoyed Judy's story. I posted a QuiltCam photo on my blog today :) Looking forward to this afternoon!

  4. Those are great quilts along with very personal stories. How special!! Missing you tons! Back Monday night.

  5. All so beautiful !!! Love the idea of the double sided quilt.


  6. I love the posts where you share quilts and stories. They are so inspirational, for quilting and for life. Thanks, everyone, for sharing; and thanks, Bonnie, for being such a great friend for all!

  7. Thanks for sharing other quilty gal pal's quilts and stories!! One can never see toooo many quilts... right!?

  8. Lovely quilts this morning. Thanks for sharing them.

  9. Thankyou for sharing Bonnie. I love to see how your patterns look with different fabrics. The crab apple is one I really want to make when my books arrive.

  10. Good morning! I echo Barbara's sentiments about loving and using what we have already ... I, too, was on that treadmill of having to have the latest ... now I just shop my stash and only go to a quilt shop when absolutely necessary. As my mom said (Depression era childhood) ... "Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without" ... see you at 2!


  11. Bonnie, these are such pretty quilts. I have made several and plan on entering my version of "Mad City Mama" in a scrap quilt contest at our local quilt shop. First prize is $50 to spend at the shop ... it would be so much fun to win, but more fun just to share the idea that you don't have to 'buy' from the store for each quilt 'shopping from the stash' creates beautiful quilts!

  12. Such beautiful quilts! It's really making me want to do a "no borders" quilt for my next project.

  13. Really fantastic quilts Bonnie. Doesn't it feel good to inspire so many quilters?

  14. Anonymous10:07 PM EDT

    Just clicked on this post for fun! Divine intervention. I just finished the top of a quilt for a friend going through chemo, and wondered how to make it soft! Thanks for a great idea to back with fleece!


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