Monday, December 10, 2012

A little Inklingo for Easy Street Part 3!

I just got an email from my friend Linda Franz --- the girl never sleeps!

I guess I understand how that is – we women of a certain age, you know? IF I can get to sleep at a decent hour,  I can’t STAY asleep for the whole night and am up too early.  Or – if I go to bed too late, I’m up at a normal time and didn’t get enough hours of sleep….Auugh!

Anyway…Linda and Monkey have been busy keeping Inklingo lovers busy with ways to use their Inklingo shape collections to do the Easy Street mystery the Inklingo way!

Click HERE to see how monkey helps share how to do Part 3 ---it looks so easy and cool!

And if that doesn’t convince you to try Inklingo – click HERE to visit the Inklingo way of doing part 2 flying geese!

You can find out more about Inklingo by clicking this badge below:

What have I been up to today?

shamu 002

Shamu’s Spa Day!

It’s a gloomy wet rainy windy day out here in North Central North Carolina today.  I had an appointment for a 30,000 mile maintenance on my van ---and when they told me it would “take longer than normal” I was all set to settle in with a binding and enjoy how ever long it would take ---

shamu 003

All to myself!

There are two waiting areas – one in the service department where the smell of car tires is overwhelming and the press of humanity uncomfortable.  I choose instead to come to the show room waiting area --- Blissfully ALONE!

shamu 004

Flat screen all for me!

The carpeted area makes it easier to sit and bind with a quilt draping over my lap to the floor.  And – I walked right in and grabbed control of the REMOTE!  Bye bye, sports channels, Bye Bye Fox & CNN – Bye bye Weather channel!  I turned right to FX where “27 Dresses” had just begun at 9am!  PERFECT!

The only down side?  They finished my service too early!  I didn’t get to stay for the end of the movie – I only got about 3/4 the way down one side of the quilt binding.  NO FAIR!  When I want it to take longer – I’m out of there in a flash.

This afternoon I am hoping to get some treadle time after book orders go to the Post Office which will re-open after lunch at 1pm.

As for Quilt Cam –right now it’s looking like Wednesday night will be best for me this week.  I need to take a couple evenings off and do other things.

Have a great afternoon everyone!


  1. Just LOVE the way you take over that empty showroom waiting area - didn't you spread a whole quilt out there last time? They probably know you as "the quilty lady"! The change to Weds night for Quiltcam is good for me, as I usually have be up early on Weds, and your 9pm Tues is 2am Weds here!

  2. It also looks like that waiting room is heavy in Easy Street colors!

  3. Jane I was thinking the same thing. Just throw a chunk of lime and teal in and there you have it. Daughter and grandson working hard on Christmas tree decorating. I am hiding in my sewing room starching fabric. Louie is attached at the hip when I am in here, makes it hard to starch and iron.

    Have a great day!
    Aileen from FL

  4. OH, I wish I could have been there! LOL!


  5. I would love to use Inklingo but I have a MacBook Air which doesn't have a cd drive. I've tried e-mailing the company but they don't reply.

    1. You don't need a CD drive to use the downloadable Inklingo collections. Linda is absolutely top drawer at replying to inquiries. Makes me wonder if your e-mail to the company went astray, which can happen.

  6. Hi Bonnie,
    Next time I take our car for a service I will show you a photo of our service waiting area. Its pretty impressive.......large squishy lounge/settee, coffee table and large screen tv. They also have a cappachino machine to make you a coffee!

    I'm more than happy to wait for the car to be serviced! In fact I volunteer every time! I can sit and stitch in peace and comfort!

    Bonus is son no 3 is the workshop manager at the dealership next door so he comes and has coffee with his mum as well!

    Cheers, Maree

    (Who should be writing up 'procedures' for work but is procrastinating! Nice way to do it! Have been blog surfing on the Easy Street Link Up)

  7. I agree. Why do these places think that we all want to listen to CNN? My Dad always timed his oil changes for when The Price is Right was on!

  8. I love that you took over the showroom waiting area -- the least they could have done, though, is make sure the car service didn't finish until the movie was over! ;-)

  9. I'm known at the sewing lady, the poor souls at the car dealership don't know there's a difference between quilting and sewing.

  10. Oh Bonnie how lucky you are to have touched the remote... LOL I'm going to ask for my own remote for Christmas.


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