Thursday, December 06, 2012

A Word of Warning ---

I tried to contact this quilter about a problem with her link – but her email address was not right in the link either and it bounced back to me.

It’s a scary world we live in – and though I hate it to be so, if I find your link comes up with a warning of malware being on your site – I will delete your link for the safety of all!

Thank you to another reader who gave me the heads up on the infected blogger – I don’t want to be sending everyone to a site that could harm their computer!

The quilter’s name is AJ at iknitnquilt2.blogspot.com – and I have no way to contact her, so AJ --- PLEASE check your site!  Whether you have installed something cute that sparkles or plays music or whatever – SOMETHING you are doing has sent up a bunch of red flags and you need to get it checked out!  It says something like “Content from kmquilts.com, a known malware distributor, has been inserted into this web page.”

Get it REMOVED! 

And let this be a warning to everyone  -- just because an app or something has the word QUILTS in it, does not make it safe!


I’m heading out for a surprise Christmas dinner with some friends who do not KNOW that I am coming!  This will be fun ;c)

Let the holiday silliness begin!


  1. Bonnie you have some fun out there in the real world your cyber friends will be waiting...LOL
    Thanks so much for caring about our computers.
    I am totally impressed that you have about 250 quilters linking up working on your mystery. That has to be a record!

  2. The kmquilts site that the message mentioned is probably a link in her sidebar. It is so easy to pick up soething "contagious" as you say. AJ's blog is probably fine other than that link.

  3. I am definitely a chicken when it comes to opening up sites I don't know well. I am so happy that my internet provider provides me with "free" (lol - like I'm not paying for it in my bill) protection. I need all the help I can get ... thank you for helping keep us safe.

  4. I know AJ, and will get her the message! Thanks, Bonnie.

  5. Enjoy your evening ... my guild had their annual Christmas party last night and it was a BLAST! Food was wonderful, great secret gift exchange, show & tell and exciting conversations with good friends ... PERFECT EVENING! Enjoy yours and looking forward to that clue tomorrow! Linda

  6. Thanks for looking out for all of our computers:) Have a fun evening.

  7. I've really enjoyed looking at everyone's linkies from Monday - I still have a few more left to visit tonight (no, my geese are not quite finished...lol...I should be sewing right now)...another heads up - I found another link whose settings will not let me view her blog - (darn, now I'm REALLY curious to see what she's done..ha) - I didn't make note of that #...just thought I'd throw that out there - it's a shame when you've taken the time to write up your post - that just 'maybe' no one else can take a peek :/

  8. Wow. I feel bad for her. Sure she had no idea and didn't intend to cause problems.

  9. So glad no QuiltCam tonight. I had our Bee Christmas Dinner to go to. It was so fun. I don't want to miss anything. Thanks for the heads up. I am not to up on computers and can use all the help I can get.Know you had a great time tonight.

  10. I just went to her site via Chrome and Fire-Fox and had no warning or problems I have been to her site before. I a have also downloaded her pod-casts without problems in the past.

    I personally am not fond of Chrome. I do not know if it is me or the browser. I do not like the BABYLON search engine that is attached to Chrome; I always use Google. I used my Kapersky anti virus to check out the web page and it was cleared.


    1. Chrome uses google, when I looked up Babylon search engine (as I had never heard of it) Google says it is a virus

  11. It's a shame we even have to deal with creepy malicsious sites, but it does happen. Like most evil, it's few and far between, thank goodness. The internet has provided a happy environment for many people. It's a shame the creeps want to spoil it, because we're just trying to have fun. I'm pretty sure the fun will win.

  12. Hi Bonnie, Quilt Pro had that block as the free block of the day for Dec 5. It can be downloaded directly from them. Go to www.quiltpro.com and look for the free block of the day.

    Michelle F.

  13. She can contact Google, and they'll help. What's happened at Bonnie's website is this. In this tech world, we have the good hackers and the bad hackers. She's had a leach leave a comment at one of her postings with malware code hidden from actual sight. It's done in the same manner as the certain keystrokes you can hit to have a cute smiley of sorts show up.. or that little heart you always see, for instance. Anytime you have anyone leave comments under ' Anonymous ' .... that's a red flag that you should be very careful with. Once you approve their comment... they're embedded. There have been times when I have gone in and simply posted a note about the problem into my feed at Google+. Guess what... Angels appear from nowhere and... Voila! My problem is resolved with a day! The Angels ( the good hackers at Google ) are always watching! ;)

  14. I regularly access AJ's blog and podcast and have never at any time had a message about malware.


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