Friday, December 28, 2012

Leaving On A Jet Plane….

A text conversation with a friend has had me singing this all day ---John Denver, we miss you!

It’s nearly 9pm here.  I thought I might have time to do Quilt-Cam tonight – but I’m still in the midst of kitting up a project that needs to travel with me – one that has a close deadline.

I haven’t packed my suitcase, but laundry is running ---Texas and Arizona are not going to be much warmer than North Carolina in the coming 2 weeks that I am planning on being gone!

I need to pack my busy bag of handwork because I’ll have plane and airport time.

I have to pack the trunk show of quilts and make room for the class sample quilts for the 4 groups I’ll be teaching on this trip.

Needless to say – Quilt-Cam is just not going to happen!

I do have some good news though:

The demolished machine issue has been resolved with a full refund.  Gentler calmer conversation with the seller and with Paypal has resulted in my favor.  Therefore I have deleted the original ranting post.  Case solved.

I also have some BAD NEWS ----I’m stuck with the boat anchor machine because the seller doesn’t want it back. LOL!!

Oh, and I guess I get to keep the free bath towel it was wrapped in too – ;c)

I’m not sure what will happen with this machine.  I honestly think it has a bent shaft because I can turn it a bit and then it stops….gets really really hard to power through, and then you can turn it a bit again.  I need to get it to my machine guy when I get back from TX & AZ and see if HE thinks it’s totalled. 

If we are able to fix it -- I will probably at least re-imburse the shipping cost to the seller.

Dang, I really wanted this machine to work!

I guess it will make a nice door stop for a while?

Have a great evening, everyone ---and we will catch Quilt-Cam when I return Mid-January!


  1. Well, you didn't get the machine you were hoping for, but it does restore a bit of faith in humanity to know that a refund was given right away. I applaud your intentions of refunding the shipping costs if you can get the thing working at some point. It's always best to take the high road. Have safe travels and catch you in the new year!

  2. I am very happy there is a resolution.
    I do think it is a pretty color.
    Hope it works when your guy looks at it.
    Safe trip to my part of the world. Texas that is. I am Central. Have fun with your classes.

  3. So it's good news, pending news. :) I'm glad for the outcome.
    FYI I just picked up (locally) a 1950 Singer 221 which is now in the shop for inspection, tune up and so on. You were my inspiration to go for it. Thank you!
    Have a wonderful, fun, delight-full trip.
    ~Christina in Cleveland

  4. We are excited here in Plano. I came up from Waco to come to the mystery class. There are 5 in my group and we can't wait til Sunday. Travel safely and I hope you don't encounter any incidents on your way. See you soon
    A friend from our Sulphur Springs days

  5. I had a similar thing happen to me with an e-bay seller. He packed it very well. I had a hard time getting it out of the box. I set it on the table and looked it over for a while. I knew something was wrong, just not what was wrong. I finally realized that the bobbin winder was gone!I went back and looked at the picture on the computer and you could clearly see the bobbin winder in the picture. I contacted the seller after I went through all og the packaging and totally emptied the box, no sign of the bobbin winder. He maintained that it must have been broken in shipping. I was born in the night, just not last night. I calmly told him that could not be so as there was nothing on the wrapping or the box to show that it had cone off in the box. I finlly had to contact e-bay and after a few days, they setteled in my favoe. I had paid the shipping to get it here ane would get my money back for the machine after I paid to have it shipped back. I told them that I could send it to the city dump much cheaper and kept it. I gave it to a young woman who bought a rewinder as she really wanted to learn to sew. so glad that todays package wad much better.

  6. Have a safe journey Bonnie. We will miss you and it's been fun having your home for a while and I've enjoyed Quilt Cam so much! Working on my Easy Street while you busy teaching. Take care and have a Happy New Year! So glad it all worked out with the refund on the machine, and maybe it can be repaired---It's sure a neat looking sewing machine!

  7. Ebay is supposed to be changing their policies on return shipping when its seller error. A buyer should never have to pay to return a broken or badly described items. An another note I bought a lovely antique Singer 29-4 from Ebay for hubby for christmas. It needs some cleaning but he is very happy with it!

  8. Can't wait to see you Sunday. I am still cutting the fabrics for Sunday and Monday. Nothing like waiting till the last minute.

    Glad you got it worked out. That is a pretty color. Hope it's fixable.

  9. Can't wait for your class Monday. So looking forward to meeting you and making a fun quilt. See you at pfefferneuse (sp) in Plano. Martha Lindberg

  10. I might get to crash a guild with a few other Phoenix folks and see you while you are here in sunny Arizona. I sure hope so...safe travels!

  11. Dang I should plan better. My mom lives in Phoenix, and I really need to go visit her..... Oh well
    As for Ebay, I have bought several Fetherweights through Ebay, and only 1 was slightly damaged in shipping. it was cheaper to repalce the part that was damaged. All of the featherweights I have bought were in the condition stated.
    Your politelness and RIGHTness of the situation made it work out. AND you have a new doorstop!
    Hummm maybe I'll check your calendar see if i can still go....

  12. I have two on my high shelf that are decorative only...I can't bear to let them go...

  13. I'm glad there was a resolution to the issue - and not surprised that he didn't want the machine back! And, by the way, I didn't consider your post a rant - you wrote about what happened to you, you didn't call out the seller by name, and you expressed reasonable frustration about how your merchandise was treated. It seemed that those who commented on your post were much more angry about it than you were - you were hurt but not mean. I have to hope that this exposure to the expectations of the quilting world will persuade the seller to be more careful next time.

  14. talking about old sewing machines.... i checked the serial number on my old treadle machine.... found out it is build in 1902.....wow.... i do not use it, to scared to break anything and i am sure there are machines that are way older than mine but uhm i just love this one... it has an old handcarved wooden chest around it and is very heavy to lift.... i had wisched your newest addition would be in perfect sewing condition! have fun the next comming weeks, wish i could have been there!
    hugs from the Netherlands

  15. If you are looking for something to do with this machine, why not create a Quilting Garden in the Spring. The machine could be the centerpiece of a small garden with flowers surrounding. The flowers could be arranged in one of your favorite blocks and favorite colors. Additions to this Idea could be a "spool" bird bath using an old wooden cable spool. The possibilities are endless. If you didn't want to use flowers, you could always go with veggies.

  16. glad that things were settled in your favor! i admire your perseverance in wanting to fix the machine so that it works, but if i were in your place i'm afraid that the machine would be tossed out as a rotten lemon.
    Not surprized that the seller didn't want it back either!


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