Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Sale-A-Bration!

***NOTE!! *** Both of these machines have SOLD!

Merry Christmas to the buyers!

I know it’s Christmas Eve ---

But the guys ran to Best Buy to go get a new router/modem, and while they were gone I did something I’ve needed to do for a long time.

Yes, THEY are out shopping on Christmas Eve.  I am NOT!

I listed a couple of my sewing machines on Etsy.


Janome Hello Kitty Machine!
New at Target: $119.00
New from Me (Unused) $79.00


Pfaff Tiptronic 6230
I just paid $79.00 to have this serviced so it is ready to roll!
Comes with the built in even feed Pfaff is famous for.
Has needle up/down and many different stitches.
Sale Price: $349.00

Click HERE to visit my Etsy store for more details.

I need to make a bit of room on the machine shelves!

Merry Christmas!


Faye said...

The Hello Kitty is the same machine I gave my Grand daughter for her 6th birthday this year. She loves it because it is "just like Grammy's". Yes I have one too!!
Merry Christmas Bonnie, enjoy your family.
Faye in Maine

Sandra B said...

Oh wow, that Hello Kitty is such a cute machine! My mother-in-law had a Tiptronic many years ago and did a lot of dressmaking on it. I have a Pfaff 7550 creative, but I don't use the 'creative' part of it - just the quilting and dressmaking. I also have a Janome, pink ribbon edition I bought after my diagnosis but I haven't even used it yet! Seeing you use all your machines on Quiltcam has made me want to use my Janome and the Japanese handcrank too.

Carolyn Sullivan said...

DA-- late for that! I love my Paff 2144. I think it is getting old though it was acting up yesterday, after I turned it off and let it sit for a few, it worked fine....

leesa jhon said...

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