Friday, December 28, 2012

Good Things DO come in the mail!

Today a big box arrived in the mail….and of course the DH was looking at me like “Okay, WHAT did you order NOW?!”

I’ve been so excited about this arrival!

 And it was packed SO WELL I had to dig through layers and layers of bubble wrap to find the contents in the box.

Emails have gone back and forth with the folks at SewingMates about a “class room” sized affordable extension table for use with my featherweights –that would fit other machines too!

The issue with featherweights is that some are long bed, and others – like my Bea ---are short bed.  ((The white ones are all short bed if I remember correctly)) and the other plexiglass table I had for my black long-bed featherweights left a big gap between the edge of the bed and the inside of the table cut-out if I tried to use it with a short bed machine.  I would have to have TWO featherweight tables in different styles to fit my machines.  For this reason I put off buying one for Bea.

I also didn’t like how the paint finish on my featherweights was getting scratched up by having to lift the machine bed from between the Plexiglass areas to change a bobbin.  There was no way to avoid “the rub!” against the hinged areas of the machine bed.  It was a pain to completely remove the machine from the table to access the bobbin area.

Look how SIMPLE this is!  And it won’t take up too much table space for classroom or retreat sewing!

sewingmates 002

Front view!  Perfect!

sewingmates 004

Side view!  Perfect again!  See the convenient carry handle?

This is small enough that I can put it in the bottom of my suitcase with the legs pointing up and pack my stuff around it --- or the legs are easily unscrewed to lay the table completely flat as well.

sewingmates 005

Hand lathed aluminum legs make this table completely height adjustable for any machine!

I am impressed that Sewing-Mate tables are made here in the USA.  It's a family run small business ---the Greers live in Oregon ((I think I made the mistake by saying WASHINGTON on Quilt-Cam earlier, but I was close!)) and each table is hand crafted by them.

If it doesn't say Greer, it's not a Sewing-Mate!

I’m not even sure Barbara has put this on the website yet, but you can drop her an email HERE and find out more info and get yourself on a waiting list.

I am SO excited about my new Feather-Mate table!  I can see myself using this with my other vintage machines as well….

And as always – no affiliation in any way other than a very very happy  satisfied customer!


  1. No doubt you just made their sales for January soar! They'll be very happy, too!

  2. They love you Bonnie. I ordered a table after seeing it here. I was just ordering it for myself but Barbara was worried I needed it for Christmas. I blamed my ordering it on you (enabler). She told me that because of you, their sales traffic has really increased and how much they have appreciated it. Barbara was very nice to interact with.

  3. Lovely! I'm glad you're one of their [unofficial] consultants, and it's great that they're made in the US. I plan on ordering one.

  4. What a wonderful Christmas present! Used to always hate it when a package came and DH was home-he could be soooo unsympathetic about my sewing passion! Now, it is my adopted kids that give me the evil eye whammy when a package comes and it is not for THEM! Oh, well, we will all survive to laugh another day! Enjoy your new table and your trip! Will miss you and Quilt Cam while you are gone, but will have Easy Street to keep me company.

  5. I think her email must be buzzing now, LOL! I just sent her a request for more info! This size is not on their website yet (http://sewingmates.com)

  6. I'm sure this was a nice item to arrive at your door after that last mail fiasco. It's nice of you to work with the Geers to develop a much needed sewing table that works so well with a featherweight. If I am ever lucky enough to get a featherweight for myself, I'll be sure to order an extension table for it from the folks at SewingMates.

  7. Thanks to you, I received a Sew AdjusTable® from Santa. After sewing for over 50 years, I'm now learning to sew WITHOUT the struggle of fabric falling off my machine bed and distorting my seams. Not only is this excellent for piecing but for garment-making too! My newly sewn t-shirts thank you too!

  8. How super is that??? Will it work for modern machines as well? Glad to hear they are a USA company.... we need to keep business in country. Hoping for quilt cam tonight.... I've really enjoyed it while on school break. Hugs!

  9. Bonnie, I admire the fact that you help promote items even when you have no affiliation to them. Happy, satisfied customers (or unhappy customers) are the best way to find out if I will try a product. Thank you!

  10. I would be very careful about packing it in your suitcase. That plexiglass will snap given the right conditions. And considering how man handled your other bag was...this stuff won't stand a chance. I used to have one for my Pfaff 7570 and it snapped in two when I pulled it out of the closet. It never dawned on me that it would break.

  11. Hurray! Life is all about balance isn't it? I'm glad "good" came in the mail today. The Feather-mate table is wonderful!! Thanks for working with them to get this much needed product on the market. I'm off to dash them an e-mail.

  12. I have one of their adjustable tables for my Janome and other machines.....I love it! Now it looks like I need to order the Feather-mate table. And I love the fact that they're made in the USA!!! ....and they're practically neighbors...I'm in WA. Thanks for sharing the good news! Happy New Year to you, your family and all of your readers!

  13. OH I wish you had gotten this ON line B4 Christmas. It sure would have been on my list for Santa! OH yeah my BD is in January.... HUMMMMM

  14. Bea is so cute! (with or without the sewing table.

  15. Thanks for posting this info Bonnie! I have got an address to have a sewing extension sent to in the US. They are snowbirds and have a new home in Yuma! They were more than happy to bring some home to Canada in the spring.Now, I just need to figure out how many I need... lol
    Do you use the SewSteady tables at all? Just wondering as they have a special on until the end of the year.
    Thanks for everything! Have a great time bringing in the new year! Happy and prosperous blessings to you and your family for 2013!
    Judy in Northern Alberta Canada

  16. Bonnie, when you get time can you please elaborate on how you change the bobbin with the table attached? I can't tell from the photos. Is the hinged part of the featherweight bed above the table so that you can still access the bobbin?? I sew almost exclusively on my featherweights and would love one of these. Thanks for sharing. Cathy in Tellico Plains, TN

  17. I just got home from a Christmas trip this week and waiting for me was my new Sewing Mate table! I am so excited to have a chance to try it out! It came a week earlier than expected too!!
    Thanks Bonnie!

  18. Gosh, wish I'd waited to get mine now. That is GREAT for featherweights! Yes, I noticed the scratching when I lifted it... But, wasn't enough worry to make me stop using it.

    Either way, GREAT COMPANY and I will probably order this one as well.

    1. P.S. I guess no quiltcam tonight? I'm sure you are busy, but for some odd reason was thinking you said "MAYBE".

  19. Bonnie, I never think of these types of things as plugs. I think of them as one satisfied customer spreading her satisfaction with what she purchased with others who share her 'hobby'. Thanks! Now off to sharpen my rotary blades with my new rotary sharpener...hee hee.

  20. Singer 301's have either long or short beds.... Only makes a difference if you are putting it in a cabinet.
    Thank you

  21. I plan to order this new Freather Mate too. Barb has put together a very complete info page. I'll be getting one when available. Thanks for letting us know about the new design. Safe travels!

  22. I just sent an email regarding the acrylic table. I was also wondering why there is blue tape on the featherweight bed? seam guide??

  23. Thank you for this great unsolicited review!!


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