Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pati’s Sewing Boxes!

I have really enjoyed the antique sewing boxes and goodies you have sent my way along with their stories!

I received a fun email with some gorgeous photos from Pati who encourages me to share them with you.

This box is made out of an abandoned “coffin top” treadle machine cover!  PRETTY!!

Pati writes:

Bonnie, I am sending you pictures of  treadle sewing machine top covers often referred to as a coffin box. 
My Dad made these into chests with feet and side handles.  One is walnut and the other is oak.  I would love to know what brand they are, but I have not been able to identify them over the internet.  They are great in my sewing studio to store sewing supplies.  Pati from PA


Contents of Walnut box!  Look at the Dachshund fabric and quilt!


Pati’s Oak box!

coffinbox 4

Easy Street Goodies inside!!

Thanks for sharing your treasures, Pati!

While I wouldn’t advocate using a treadle top that had a treadle it belonged to ----I think it’s a great way to preserve a beautiful piece of our sewing heritage.  In fact – I bought one of my own this summer!

kitting 005

I found this at the Vermont Quilt Festival!

kitting 006

While Pati’s is a box….mine has 3 drawers!  It’s fun for little momentos and things, but the drawers are very shallow.  I think 2 drawers would have given the drawers more depth and they would have been more useful.  It’s a beautiful piece of sewing memorabilia and I’m happy to have it here in my studio!

Today is a MYSTERY CLASS with Fabric Fanatics in Plano TX!

Because it is a Mystery, there will not be a class slide show, but we will be sure to get some pics of the girls in action and the fun we are having!

Tomorrow?? Easy Street PART 7!!


  1. Finishing up part 5 and 6 today, so I'll be ready for tomorrow. Beautiful boxes.

  2. All my Easy Street parts are ready and waiting for tomorrow. Since Tuesday is my birthday I plan to spend it just as I want - in my sewing room putting East Street together.
    What a great us for old coffin tops! I have seen a few in antique shops and had no good ideas for them. Next time I will get it and see if my husband who is very good at woodworking will make me a sewing box.
    My son used the base from an old treadle machine, an old six panel door with some lovely paint on it, and a large sheet of glass to make a unique desk for his office. The desk chair is made from a bucket seat from a vintage Mustang that he attached to the roll around base from an old desk chair. It looks way better than it sounds and gives him a really nice home office.

  3. Lovely boxes! DH & I stopped by Fabric Fanatics before Christmas when we were in McKinney visiting family - what a great store. Guess I better leave my 6ft table up for some more cutting tomorrow. Have a wonderful day!

  4. Really beautiful boxes! Thanks so much for sharing. I'm thrilled your DH is with you on this trip. Great support system. I'm caught up with Easy Street and waiting for clue 7!!!

  5. those are really beautiful. I have never seen any of them separate from the treadles b4. What a great idea to make them into somehting else.

  6. Very close to being caught up on Easy Street! I have one of those treadles with a "coffin" top...will keep it all together though. Need to see if I can figure out how to work the darn thing too!

  7. Very pretty boxes and great re-using of a beautiful piece. Have fun in Texas.


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