Thursday, December 13, 2012

15 Minutes of Play Winners!

Last night we all drew our winners and sent them over to Victoria at Bumblebeans for the big announcement –—We wanted to be sure there were no duplicate winners, and that we could reach everyone by email!

So without further ado, I present you the winners of Victoria’s new book 15 Minutes of Play:

A note from Victoria:

Hello Players! So many great comments on all the blog posts, THANK YOU for PLAYING along!
Below are the WINNERS (of a copy of my book) from each of the Fabulous Blogs who helped spread the Quilty love...

(All Winners have been contacted, please email me your Mailing addresses. ;-)
(Winners names follow the blog on which they were drawn!)
Nov 26: Victoria Findlay Wolfe
Beth P.
Nov 27:
Bonnie Hunter
Nov 28: Handmade by
Allison C.
Nov 29:
Pat Sloan
Valerie S.
Nov 30:
Fat Quarter Shop
Dec 1st: Karen Griska
Leona A.
Dec 2nd:
Angela Walters
Kelly C.
Dec 3rd:
Generation Q
Dec 4th:
Tonya Ricucci
Paula B.
Dec 5th:
Michele Foster
Sandy R.
Dec.6th:  Scott Hansen
Gene B
Dec 7th: Amy Ellis
Sue E.
Dec 8th: Rachael daisy
Vicki M.
Dec 9th: Jackie Kunkel
Mark K.
Dec. 10th: C & T Publishing
Carolyn H.
The lucky winner from MY drawing was PEG!  YAY!  Her comment was so sweet.  She wrote:

I too like Victoria got my love of sewing from my Grandmother which then expanded to quilting when I had my babies. I am now passing the torch to my Granddaughter who is 8 years old and in the process of making her 1st quilt which is scrappy. I would like to win your book for her.
Congrats, Peg!

On the home front – look where I am on Moth in a Window!

mothinawindow 027

Oops!  Still missing one!

I need a Tshirt that says “One block short of a whole quilt!!”  :cD  It’s okay, I’ll get it done today! 

This one I’m STILL not sure how I’ll set it.  And from this point it may remain a mystery--as what I do to it may not be what you think I’ll do to it, and it will be a surprise when it shows up in a book down the road.

You know, it’s really great to be able to snap a photo of the quilt and look at it on the screen, because I see some areas where I want to move some colors around…..hmmmm -----

Things to keep in mind:

TODAY is the last day to link up on Monday’s Mystery Link-Up!  Click HERE to view the more than 231 Link Participants!  WOW!  You guys are doing SO great.  The Link-Up closes at 11:59pm tonight, Eastern time.

Tomorrow, of course --- is PART 4!!  Are you ready? :cD

Tomorrow night ---I think I can squeeze in a Quilt-Cam at 9pm Eastern Time!


  1. Congratz to all the winners! ....[jealous a bit...] B-)

  2. Anonymous8:59 AM EST

    LUCKY PEG! I will just borrow her copy lol.

    "One block short of a quilt" has been published on your blog site --- bet donuts YOU OWN THIS SAYING NOW. And I am asking if I can use it to a few gifts to friends.....!

    LOVE Moth in the Window! Set side to side without sashiing is gorgeous... ok, another Bonnie quilt goes on my list to make;)

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  3. Congrats to all the lucky winners! And enjoy your new book! Happy reading and planning!

    Moths in the window is wonderful. Yes, no sashing needed! Another quilt on my to-do list. If I live to be 500, I'll never finish all I'd love to make!

    Am looking, very eagerly, forward to clue #4 for EASY STREET!

  4. amazing what you do with scraps, girl....

  5. I really like them side by side...it looks great!

  6. I LOVE your moth in a window so far! I lots of shirting scraps and pieces. Maybe I need to make one of these.

  7. Bonnie - Love your Moth in the Window blocks - I also love to take pictures of my quilts when I lay them out. I save the picture and ust it to be sure that I sew the blocks together in the right order. Can't wait to see what you decide to do to finish this quilt. Faith

  8. I LOVE this block and it is so great in the shirts.
    I know I missed the mag it is in--you say it may go into a book? Wonderful!

  9. Anonymous11:20 AM EST

    I ordered her book 2 weeks ago and love it-a great compliment to your patterns. Almost done with part 3-got behind as I was out of town last week. Enjoying this years more than last years mostly due to your easy angle lesson-everything is coming out great!

  10. I love the "one block short" quote! You could start a whole new craze with that one. Jennifer

  11. Your layout is beautiful! It's fun knowing I've seen you sew many of them. I'm having fun & learning lots during Quiltcam & doing Easy St. My 1st mystery quilt. The flying geese & shaded 4 patch have been a challenge but I am sticking to it. Like Thomas Edison I'm learning from my failures how to succeed!

  12. Or...One row long! Put the extras on the back!

  13. You still have that fabric in the bottom of the box, you mentioned having to make it into a block last night on Quilt Cam. Yep, I'm ready as I'll ever be. Being sick, I've had way too much 'home' time.
    Thanks for quitcam. My Skype on the computer doesn't like it and I had to re-boot twice, but I caught a little of it last night.

  14. love the blocks! you should fill that 'reserved' space with the 'One Block Short of A Quilt' ledgend printed on a piece of muslin.

  15. Congratulations to all the lucky winners of Victoria's book! Love Moths in the Window! Set side to side without sashing is gorgeous. I've only made one Moths in the Window block, but this is another Bonnie quilt that goes on my To Do List. I too am looking forward to clue #4 for East Street!

  16. I think you can set them without sashing -- but be deliberate about the orientation of the moths (which can face left or face right). Maybe: skinny inner border, then light-dark-light nine patches that echo the corners of the moth blocks, then a skinny outer border.

  17. Thank you so very much!!! My grandaughter Gabby and I will enjoy using the 15 Minutes to Play book to maybe make her next quilt. Thank you again.

  18. Your blocks are so pretty! I have all 5 of mine on my design wall and enjoy looking at them, and they are so addicting to make. I'm already thinking of ways to set them, even though I have lots more to make.

  19. Anonymous11:08 PM EST

    Love the Moth layout. Your pic clinches it for me - no sashings or borders when I get my blocks done. Bring on Clue 4 for the Mystery - I'm doing two quilts and I'm ready!

  20. I love the way the Moth in the Window has turned out. No sashing needed in my book. Am I ready for Part 4 of Easy Street -- why not since I'm behind a little it won't really matter how far behind I am -- ha ha I'm still going to do them and get it finished!!!

  21. All I can say is WOW. This quilt is so my piece of cake!

  22. The quilt is beautiful. Can I find the instruction anywhere??
    Greeting Guilitta from Germany


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