Saturday, December 01, 2012

Accuquilt Time!

I’m working in the studio this morning – and while I can’t share the whole project, I can show you bits and parts as a sneak preview!

I needed to do some pieced sashings – about 127 of them.  After doing a few trial samples, I found a chambray stripe in the "Deep Stash" that I really like…..and to add a bit of punch to my quilt design, I decided to add a bit of red to each end of the sashing.

There are times when scrap quilting, and needing so much variety that it isn’t always the best way to get what I want by cutting everything with the Accuquilt Studio –but when I need a whole lot of one thing, or something, as with these sashings-- that it comes in really handy!

After thinking about how to build the most variety, in the easiest way possible – I knew what I needed to do. 

I measured my die on the accuquilt, gave myself 1/2” fudge room on top of that measurement and set to cutting.  I cut my sashing fabric with my rotary cutter the length I needed so that I could have the stripe running the length of the sashing.  And then I cut those width-of-fabric strips to the width I needed to feed through the Accuquilt Studio with as little waste as possible. ((You know I am a stickler about waste!))

I grabbed my red strips from my pre-cut strip drawer and began to sew them chain-piecing-style to either end of my sashing fabric.  These will be fed through the Accquilt Studio like this:

accuquilt 005

Starting to load up!

The “white” lines you see are actually lines I drew with a silver sharpie and a ruler to give me straight placement guides for cross-cutting.  I stacked my piles 4 layers high and overlapped them, giving me 8 layers where they overlap.  I could have gone with more layering, but this was good enough.  I don’t want to risk distortion.

accuquilt 006

Fill that tray!

That red strip at the very bottom – that is the LAST of that in my stash, I believe – it had gold metallic turkeys on it – so happy to see it go..BYE BYE!!  And yes, I’m trimming those threads before quilt assembly!  Some fabric just ravels like the dickens, doesn't it?  HATE THAT.

accuquilt 007

Crankin’ it through!

Here I took a break from turning that handle ---but they are feeding through just fine and dandy.  Something about playing with this non-electric-powered machine reminds me of the play-dough fun factory I had as a kid…or maybe a pasta maker ---weeeeee!

accuquilt 008

All cut and ready to go!

The bit of trimmings at the bottom end are the margin I lifted up to show you just how little waste there is.  It’s almost nothing, certainly not even sew-able!  This is because I cut my fabric first in widths to fit the tray.

accuquilt 010

Barely nothing left at the “other” side of the tray either!

accuquilt 009

Can you even TELL that fabric used to be turkeys?  Nope!

accuquilt 011

I’m ready to sash this quilt!

Looks like I’ll spend the rest of the afternoon laying out the quilt and starting the top assembly.  I love this part!  I love seeing the rows come together, and the feeling of pressing those rows and joining them to each other, how the quilt looks with all the seam allowances taken up so you see things in “finished size.” 

You know, Christmas is coming – and you could always ask Santa for an Accuquilt of your own!  I don’t use it for much more than strips –I’ve got other methods that work best with my Scrap User’s System, but to get this done in a hurry ---it’s become one of my favorite additions to my sewing studio.

Have a great afternoon, everyone!


  1. I never would have figured this out on my own :0) thanks for that tip. I love cutting HST with my accuquilt and also tumblers....it sure used up those scraps fast!
    Love the colors you are using here too...turkey...what turkey??!

    Happy Sewing :0)

  2. love my "GO". I like it because of the half square triangles, I cut many and use a L&E, cuts quick and accurate for me. Making a pastel and white pinwheel. Maybe a baby quilt!
    Ramona from Maine

  3. I love my Accuquilt! I don't use it often, but when I need it, I'm so happy I have it!

  4. I am almost ashamed to admit that I got one a long time ago and have never used it ... I think I am "intimidated" by it ... but ... after seeing your demonstration in this post I might just whip that fella out and give it a try. Looks easy-peasy ... you just need to be organized! Linda

  5. I've got those raspberries! I have them in my piano key border i am putting on my SANDY quilt! Just finished the borders, now to assemble the top and sandwich...hoping to quilt it next weekend, then get it in the mail. Hopefully it will be keeping someone warm by Christmas! I am sneaking in mystery work early in the mornin before work...having fun!

  6. wow that sure takes a lot of time from the cutting out of your project!! Woo Hoo!1

  7. This is brilliant! I have cross-cut with my accucut strip cutters but have not been able to figure out how to keep things lined up.

  8. I have the Baby Go and bought it for HSTs. I can do these easily enough with a rotary cutter and my Easy Angle ruler thanks to you, but when I'm tired and or have odd-shaped pieces, it's just plain fun to crank them through. :-)

  9. Still can't make up my mind whether to purchase one or not? JoAnn's had them on sale the weekend after Thanksgiving and I talked myself out of it. Maybe they will go on sale again between now and Christmas. I am afraid I would not use it enough to justify the cost.

  10. I have a Sizzix like the Studio and it is amazing! I'm loving learning how to use it, and really appreciate you showing how you mark for crosscuts!

  11. I have a Studio cutter also, and can't imagine not having it. It makes quilting so much easier.

  12. I used my Accuquilt go strip die for Clue 1 strips and for Clue 2 strips. So fast! I like your use for crosscut Sashing. Thanks Bonnie!

    1. Susan, you can use your Go! for the geese also. Use the 3" finished quarter square triangle for the large triangle and the 1.5" finished half square triangle for the small triangles. Works great and there is no trimming whatsoever!

  13. I picked up a the Studio cutter this summer and love it! Cut a bunch of charm squares and piced several baby blankets. I've got the 2" strip die on my Christmas wish list.

  14. Wow that is a slick machine, have never saw one working.

  15. I have the studio cutter and have thought why get the strip cut dies OK you answered that! You so darn smart girlfriend!

  16. I love my Go Baby. I bought it for the circles but its so awesome for squares too! It really is my new latest love! I may have to move up to the big accuquilt machine someday. And what a slick idea Bonnie! Sashing! Who what of thought?!

  17. Dear Santa, this blonde can't cut and I've been SOO good :-) well define *good*?

  18. My friend, Jude, and I cut the flying geese pieces for our Easy Street quilts on her new toy - an Accuquilt Go. They just flew out! I like you idea of marking with a silver sharpie.
    Regards from cold and frosty England.

  19. I've had my Accuquilt Go for two years and LOVE LOVE it. Never sorry I purchased it. My advise is look for a good price online. You don't have to pay $300 for it. Try e-bay too.

  20. I have an Accuquilt and have never used it because I thought it would waste to much fabric. I had never though of using it like this! Wow! Thanks for showing me this way to use it also.
    hulseybg at gmail dot com


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