Wednesday, December 05, 2012

In Lieu of IKEA–An Afternoon with Bobby!

I talked to Jason this morning – he’s down to the last of his schooling, he graduates with his associates degree in a couple weeks.

He needed today to study – he’s got finals coming up.  So our IKEA run is postponed until NEXT week – which is fine for me…I can step around the boxes and tubs of books still in the “other” side of the basement waiting for me to get sturdy shelving in the studio so they can find a new home in here.

A whole day --- wide. stinking. open!

I want to play with Bobby some more!

We had a hoot last night on Quilt Cam remembering our young puppy-loves over Bobby Sherman and how he sang Julie, Julie, Julie – Do ya LOVE ME?!?

And I got to know my new friend!

Dating Brothers is NOT as easy as dating Singers.  ((Wait a minute, that sounds all kinds of WRONG! LOL!))

 I’ve got a serial number here:

vintagemachines 119

But there is no website to check it out on.  I searched – found a comment somewhere that I need to phone a particular number and ask, or send an email with what info I have for more data – it’s just not a user-friendly process.  So suffice it to say that Bobby was born sometime in the 1950s – in Japan.  That much I can tell from his badge here:

vintagemachines 111

The plate below the stitch length dial and reverse lever says:
Of course my family thinks all of these machines make me PSYCHO-MATIC!

Do you remember in the 1950s and 1960s that EVERYTHING ended in –O-Matic?! Slice-o-matic, Dice-o-matic, Chop-o-matic  it was a very O-MATIC era!

vintagemachines 115

See this lever?  That’s the feed-dog-drop-o-matic!

And there is a lovely stylized B_N logo on the machine bed---anyone know what the N stands for? I assume the B stands for ----BOBBY! :cD

vintagemachines 118

It took me until last night to realize that the bed decals spell out BROTHER.  There is not a scratch on this finish!

vintagemachines 112

And gosh…I love the “wings” look on his badge plate!


vintagemachines 116

I think Bobby and I are going to be great friends!

vintagemachines 126

This is where I’ll be spending my afternoon!

Have you checked through all of our participants on Monday’s Link Up?!  Click HERE to view!

We are over 220 mystery quilters as I write this post!  You guys SO ROCK!  Be ready for the next clue to be released on Friday morning, Dec 7th – Pearl Harbor Day.

And due to popular request – I have made a print-o-matic version of the optional ways to do Flying Geese!  Click HERE!  You can also find the link to the other geese methods under the Tips & Techniques tab at the top of the blog.

And yes – we have new wallpaper!  Because –I was updating my Vintage Machines tab –and this is the wallpaper I used to use for that page when it was website hosted –I like the soft grey color!  It goes with our Mystery – and it goes with my love of vintage machines.  Oy! What a lot of machines.

Just call me Collect-O-Matic!


  1. Those wings remind me of my husband's old T-bird!
    Love Bobby! wishing you many years of happy sewing together!

  2. I wonder if the N in the BN on the machine bed stands for Nipon, another name for Japan? Or, maybe the machine's name is Bobby Newman; new man, get it? Anyway, that was just my guess as I was reading the post. I've looked at quite a few of those machines because I love the color. All my machines are black or white or tan. I'd love a green or blue machine...but I'm not collecting, remember? Lane

  3. and the numbers do not stop at 220 cause you arent counting the many sewers who are doing the mystery who do not blog and are still working on the mystery plus the ones who are blogging and have not linked....

  4. My 60's era Pfaff has something they call "StopMatic" which basically means that if you hold the presser foot lever up, the needle jerks up to its highest position. Sort of like a manually controlled needle down, only not.

  5. First thing I noticed was your wallpaper! Love it! And loved all the "o-matics" you came up with. You had me rollin' by the time you got to "collect-o-matic"!! I have really enjoyed watching you on quilt-cam and seeing what machine you will use next. Absolutely LOVE Bobby! What a great find.

  6. Bonnie, I love the flying geese using Companion and Easy Angle.
    I have always hated the geese but using the rulers and doing it your way they have been perfect. My friend Jenny agrees with me also. Thanks so much, I am not afraid of them now.
    Paula in KY

  7. brother nippon maybe since it's made in japan?

  8. Loved, loved, loved Bobby Sherman. And yes I was singing with ya on the Julie, Julie, Julie do ya love me......I still have his 33 LP's in my closet some where. ;) Your "Bobby" is really stunning.

  9. Love the Bobby close-ups! There were so many Bobbies when I was growing up too (about 10 years earlier than you!) -- Bobby Vinton, Bobby Vee, Bobby Rydell and Canada's own Bobby Curtola...Heart Throbs all...Not to mention the Bobby from the Micky Mouse Club who ended up a professional dancer on The Lawrence Welk Show...Mmmm....Love me a man in a tux, dancing...

    "Wings" were everywhere, it would seem -- cars, radios, your sewing machine...And that design on the nose of the machine where the thread goes through that wee loop! WOW! Almost art deco...It would make a great stitching design. May I save the photo and play with that design? Could be quilted, embroidered, applique...

  10. Loved watching you use Bobby last evening! It's such fun to sew along together, almost a mini retreat! What do you use to hold the seam gauge onto the bed of Bobby? I can't tell from looking at the picture.

    1. On quiltcam she mentioned what she uses, maybe a couple of different times: Scotch restickable (i'm almost positive, because i wrote it down & bought some.). There are 6 to a pack. She cuts them in half lengthwise to fit the hotel room key she scores & cuts which becomes the 1/4 " guide. It does remove cleanly. I had to switch to a zipper foot as my Pfaff 1/4" clear foot is WIDER than a quarter inch! It is an older, mechanical machine & has limited needle positions. Hope this helps!

  11. HA!~ You sound so happy!~I'm glad. Sounds like you are having a great day. Just what you need and DESERVE. Hey, they had wings on everything back then too! Love the cars and travel trailers with their wings. He is a beauty.

    I like your new doors. Very pretty. I hung the same lights by our door. I liked the look and they were easy to change the bulbs. Your home is beautiful.


  12. I remember the Veg-O-Matic, too. I had fun sewing fg during quiltcam. I loved Bobby Sherman in the TV show "Seattle". The Bluest skies you've even seen are in Seattle.

  13. Anonymous4:01 PM EST

    Gosh what a great looking machine! DRAMA.. I see drama in that one lol

    Bonnie, I have a hint for you with the FW smelly carrier box. Mine was smelly too, in the basement somewhere far too long. Did what i saw my Momma do long ago. Put the carrier box out in the full sun, with lid open. Let it get nice an HOT. Then place a nice pretty STRONG smelling bar of soap in it, close the lid --- and let it stay closed for sometime. When you open it, the smelly scent will be all but gone. I keep the soap bar in mine,for just in case. Hope it works for you.


    1. I need to try that! but we will be having rain for the next 4-5 days. Maybe in May LOL!

  14. Bobby is the coolest!! I love the Art Nouveau style.

  15. Bonnie, you are fantast-o-matic!! This is why I love reading your blog--well one of many reasons. It's kind of like being with my sisters where we get silly. Later when you try to tell someone why you were laughing so hard you were crying, it makes no sense, "Oh, we were adding "o-matic" to the ends of all the words."

    Your blog is inspirat-o-matic. Now to get back to my not so excit-o-matic work....

  16. Bonnie, you are too funny. You made me laugh this afternoon. I am off to Burlington Coat Factory with my daughter to pick out some winter coats for foster children. They are being sponsored for Christmas by the office I retired from in February. I guess I didn't burn any bridges, 'cause I am invited back for the Christmas party next week. Have a nice time sewing.

  17. Shocked! You are seeing another man? BOBBY??? Hee!!! Hugs to you, Bonnie!

  18. Bobby is one cool dude! In my mind, he's wearing a leather jacket over a plain white t-shirt and dark jeans. :)

  19. Bobby is quite handsome! Enjoy your time together!

  20. I love the Art Deco influence on Bobby as well! Art Deco style was from the 30s and 40s.

  21. Anonymous5:55 PM EST

    Where are you finding these awesome machines??? I have been stopping in regularly at 2 of my local Goodwill stores and they don't usually have any sewing machines. I have also been watching craigslist, but people are asking too much for what they are offering. Maybe I just need to keep my eye out a bit longer.
    BTW: Bobby is pretty cool!
    ~June in AZ

  22. I love the new/old wallpaper. it is calming. Bobby is really neat-o-matic!

  23. I didn't realise that Brother was making machines that far back. I think I became aware of them here in Australia in the late 1990s. Bobby is just gorgeous; love the metallic blue and the wings.

  24. Love the new background wallpaper!

  25. Bonnie.....you are hilarious-omatic!

  26. YOu are nuts-o-matic.... LOL

  27. Bonnie, what a wonderful birthday present you will give me on Friday, the next step of Easy Street. And in case you want to know, I was actually born the same day Pearl Harbor was bombed, and my Dad was stationed at Schoffield Barracks in Hawaii, and the planes flew over his head to get to their target. I cannot lie about my age, not that I want to. I am the only one in my family with a famous birth date. LOL

    Warm, quilty, old lady hugs,
    Ele W.

  28. Bonnie you are just fun-o-matic to be around, that's why we like to hang out at your place.

  29. Check out the Brother "Monarch" on NeedleBar Picture Library. It looks just like Bobby, except for the name Monarch instead of Brother and the decals are a bit different.
    Lots of almost the same machines out there, even a pink one, maybe she is Bobbie?

  30. Bonnie your Bobby is fantas-to-matic!! You are so lucky to come across such wonderful old machines in your area. You'd never see anything like that around where I live. I also want to say that I imagine there are at least 300 - Easy Street participants too. I am doing it as are several others I know that haven't linked up yet. I am behind, but when I get a bit further, I will link. Thanks so much for doing this. These colors are my favorite, plus I'm a scrappy quilters and love mysteries. This one has it all!!!

  31. Bonnie, I love your Bobby as much as I loved Bobby Sherman! Funny story which I think reflects your impact on this sewing community...i''ve been keeping en eye on Craigslist for different sewing machines and a Brother was on there for about a month..the day after you showed us Bobby I sent the owner an email and she said she just sold it that morning and was receiving all sorts if interest on it. Lucky purchaser got it for $30!!

  32. I love how the thread take up lever is over to the side instead of on the front. All the old machines I sewed on when I was quite young - I would sometimes lean so close to the machine that the thread take up lever would hit me in the forhead! My son is learning on my newer machine and that lever is housed inside so no more fear of that. Love your old machines! Very fun to be introduced to them all! Cheers! Evelyn

  33. I had a 'Bobby' that had been cut in half, and 'stretched' to a 15" harp, and feeddogs removed. We called him 'Frank', and he spent several years on my quilt frame, doing freemotion. When we moved to a machine with a stitch regulator, Frank moved on to a friend, where he is still stitching.
    I have no idea who stretched Frank. I bought him from a woman who had used him for several years, and neither she, nor the person she got him from, knew how long since Frank had been modified. I suspect Frank has remained busy over much of his life.
    Love your various sites.
    Sharon Wuerschmidt


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