Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Schlepping IKEA Home!

It rained all afternoon.


I really am waiting for a nice weather day to be able to do some quilt photography outside – I can’t get “full out” photos in my house, my ceilings are low, this is just a small cottage style house.  Outside is NOT cooperating right now--

But it was a good day for wandering around inside IKEA.  And shop.  Boy.  Did I shop!

It’s a good thing I have Shamu.

Not only has my Sienna van been extremely comfortable to drive on long road trips – I would NEVER have been able to pack this much stuff into my old car!

One comfy recliner in a very big box.
2 book cases in 4 very long heavy boxes.
2 desk chairs also in very big heavy boxes.

This was the view over my right shoulder from my driver’s seat:

ikea 027

No. Wiggle. Room!

ikea 031

Along with the boxes above, I bought another IKEA light --- this time a floor standing one for near my chair as I stitch.  This one can also be moved near the treadle to give me a bit more light.

And I bought a couple surge protectors since I can never find a spare one when I need one.

Yes, I like one stop shopping!

I also made ONE MORE stop on my way home….since I was driving back up I-85 anyway – I called my vintage machine repair guy .

And I made a detour!  Look what came home:

ikea 028

Missy the Magic Bus riding SHOTGUN!

ikea 033

Test run!

For those who want to know, I had Gerald Holmes in Arkansas do the paint job for me.  He did a beautiful job.  You can check his website HERE.

The only thing I had trouble with was the timing on my machine -- it was skipping stitches when it arrived home to me, but that is something that can so easily happen in shipping.  My local guy was able to re-time it for me and it is running like a top now.

The scrolled side plate is one of the parts I salvaged from my broken Magenta machine.  I am using the foot pedal from the magenta machine with this machine as well, and the bobbin case as well as some random screws and other bits.  The spirit of my magenta machine lives on!

I’ll be sewing on her for Quilt-Cam tonight!  9pm Eastern --- bring a project and come sew along!


  1. Bonnie..do you buy your machines already painted, or do you have someone who paints them for you. I would love to get mine painted fire engine red:):):)

    1. Sandra, check the paragraph below the picture of the yellow fw. She explains there and provides a link.

  2. Anonymous6:31 PM EST

    You had a GREAT day... see ya tonight.

  3. What a fun shopping day. Got the other "business" taken care of and off to shop! See you tonight.

  4. Yea, my van has looked like like that coming home from Ikea. Smart buying or having a dolly. Have fun driving Missy; she looks great.

  5. Busy day ! Can't wait to see the magic machine in action ... Hopefully tonight ??

  6. OOOOO and I can stay up for quilt cam... doctor's orders, have to stay home tomorrow with bronchitis. So... I guess staying up late is ok since I can sleep in, right???? :)

  7. You mean you don't put your precious cargo in a seat belt. I always buckle up my machines, just in case of a quick stop!!!

  8. WOW! Quite a shopping trip! Missy is so pretty! It reminds me of a yellow daffodil! Happy sewing!

  9. My Sienna is my truck--I tell DH that all the time when he mentions that I probably don't need a van anymore.
    Nice haul--literally!

  10. Looks like you had a great day!

  11. First thing I thought when I saw Missy in the seat of the car is "Where is her seat belt?" Just like sewnsew above, I always put a seat belt on my machine in the car. Not just to protect it but me in the event of an accident....getting hit by a flying object in a car is one of the greatest causes of injury. A sewing machine is a very heavy, dangerous flying object. I was taught this when I bought my machine:)

  12. Looking forward to quiltcam tonight, I could use shamu for a Ikea run, I want to get 2 bookcases and expedit cabinets, don't think they will fit in my oldsmobile, lol

  13. Hi Bonnie..not only was it rainy, but it was downright cold today! I stayed in to finish Easy Street clue 3. I think i have to give IKEA another try. I 've only been once, to the one in Charlotte. I hated navigating that place and it took me 3 hours to put together a little nightbstand. But, you are convincing me to give it another shot!


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